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S01E17 2


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[学习本文需要基础词汇量:5,000 ]
[本次分析采用基础词汇量:7,000 ]

And then he just goes and has to humiliate me

By writing about me on his blog so the entire world can read it.

I tell you, it's not all that easy to find.

Really? my friends at work found it, my sister found it.

Judging by my email, a number of prisoners

At the michigan state penitentiary found it.

What exactly did this guy write?

Not that I need to know the details of your sex life. I just thought...

Never mind.

No, you know what?

You might as well read it. everybody else has. go ahead.

Oh, god, I just feel so betrayed and embarrassed!

I just want to crawl into a hole and die!

Okay. well, you know, this isn't that bad.

It just paints the picture

Of a very affectionate woman,

Who's open to expressing her affection

In non-traditional locales.

Oh, god!

Elevators, parks,

Movie theaters.

Out of curiosity,

Is this "subway" the transportation system

Or subway the sandwich shop?

Sandwich shop.

Doesn't that violate the health code?

No, at the sub shop we were only making out.

But my point is that

You have absolutely no reason to be embarrassed.

Really? do you think I overreacted?

- maybe a little. - because I do that. I do overreact.

Maybe I should call mike and apologize.

That would be under-reacting.

He did break the implied confidentiality of the bedroom.

And in your case, the elevator, parks and fast food franchise.

You're right. I should just say "i am done with him."

Yes, you should. go ahead, say it.

But I never gave the man a chance to explain.

What is there to explain?

It's all right here.

The betrayal!

No, you were right the first time.

This is a man who loves me, but in his own stupid way,

Which is trying to sw w people how he feels.

I'm pretty sure I never said that.

No, you did better than that.

You helped me see it on my own.

Oh, good for me.

Where are you going?

I'm going over to mike's.

Leonard, thank you so much.

Oh, sure.

Huh, maybe I am her gay friend.

Howard, I'm going to nd d another mandarin lesson.

I obviously didn't make

My point with those people.

For god's sake, sheldon,

If you don't like the ngngerine chicken,

Don't order the tangerine chicken.

I like tangerine chicken,

I'm just not getting tangerine chicken.

Can we please change the subject?


Ll us again how you screwed up

And got penny back together witherer old boyfriend.

Just roll the dice.

"enslaved by warlocks.

Stay here until you roll two, four or six."

She was mad at him!

She was done with him!

E e relationship was broken beyond repair,

And I walked over there, and I fixed it.

Boy, that story gets better every time you hear ..

Actually, I thought the first two renditions

Were far more compelling.

Previously, I felt sympathy for the leonard character,

Now I just find him to be whiny and annoying.

Eat your tangerine chicken.

I'd love to, but I don' have tangerine chicken.

Thank you so much for your stupid advice!


You managed to screw up the screw-up.

I'm back.

I'm sorry I yelled at you.

It's not your fault.

What happened?

Well, I went over to mike's to make up with him.

Yeah. no, I know that part.

But he had already moved on.

Already? that was quick.

That's what I said to the woman

Who had her legs wrapped around his neck!

Oh, penny, I am so sorry.

How could he do that?!

Well, you know, you did throw an 80-gig ipod...

Yeah, no, how could he do that?

I swear to god I am done with guys like that.

You know, macho with the perfect body and the hair and the money.

Yeah, that must get old quick.

You know, just once

I would like to go out with someone

Who is nice and honest and who actually cares about me.


confidentiality [ˌkɒnfɪˌdenʃiˈæləti] n. 机密,[计] 机密性 { :7229}

betrayal [bɪˈtreɪəl] n. 背叛;辜负;暴露 { :7284}

annoying [əˈnɔɪɪŋ] v. 骚扰(annoy的ing形式) adj. 讨厌的;恼人的 {toefl :7731}

blog [blɒg] n. 博客;部落格;网络日志 { :7748}

sub [sʌb] n. 潜水艇;地铁;替补队员 vi. 代替 { :9196}

humiliate [hju:ˈmɪlieɪt] vt. 羞辱;使…丢脸;耻辱 {ky toefl ielts gre :9338}

locales [ləʊˈkælz] n. 场所(locale的复数);现场 { :9800}

renditions [renˈdɪʃənz] n. 演唱,表演( rendition的名词复数 ) { :10446}

macho [ˈmætʃəʊ] adj. 大男子气概的 n. 强壮男子;大丈夫 n. (Macho)人名;(西)马乔;(捷)马霍 { :10772}

affectionate [əˈfekʃənət] adj. 深情的; adj. 充满爱的; {toefl :11434}

ipod [aɪ'pɒd] n. 苹果公司音乐播放器 { :11675}

mandarin [ˈmændərɪn] n. (中国)普通话;国语;官话;满清官吏;柑橘 adj. 紧身马褂的 { :11837}

overreacted [ˌəʊvəri:ˈæktid] v. 反应过火( overreact的过去式和过去分词 ) { :14284}

overreact [ˌəʊvəriˈækt] vi. 反应过度;反作用过强 { :14284}

enslaved [enˈsleɪvd] n. 奴役(死亡金属乐队) { :14755}

Michigan ['miʃigәn] n. 密歇根;美国密歇根州 { :16072}

penitentiary [ˌpenɪˈtenʃəri] n. 监狱;教养所;宗教裁判所 adj. 应处监禁的;监禁的;忏悔的(等于penitential) { :17346}

tangerine [ˌtændʒəˈri:n] n. 橘子 { :19431}

SW [ ] abbr. 海水(Sea Water);盐水(Salt Water);西南(southwest) { :21241}

whiny ['waɪnɪ] adj. 烦躁的;爱抱怨的;常发牢骚的 { :25923}

ND [ ] abbr. 国债(National Debt);国防(National Defence);核装置(Nuclear Device) { :30132}

warlocks [ ] (warlock 的复数) n.术士, 魔术师 { :37657}

email ['i:meɪl] n. 电子信函 vt. 给…发电子邮件 n. (Email)人名;(法)埃马伊 {zk ielts :0}

non-traditional [,nɒntrə'dɪʃənəl] a. 不符合传统的, 非传统的

screw-up [ˈskru:ˌʌp] n. 一团糟;混乱的状况;犯错误的人

witherer [ ] [网络] 没有人

beyond repair [ ] na. 无法修理(的) [网络] 无法补救;无法修复;无法医复

crawl into [ ] [网络] 爬进

feel sympathy for [ ] v. 对…表同情 [网络] 向某人表达同情;同情某人;向某人表示同情

for God's sake [ ] na. 看在上帝面上 [网络] 看在上帝的份上;看在上帝的面上;看在上帝份上,拜托

i swear [ ] [网络] 我发誓;我宣誓;誓言

mad at [ ] [口语]因某事而发怒,极为愤怒的,对…生气,为…恼火

michigan state [ ] [网络] 美国密歇根州立;密歇根州大;密西根州大

out of curiosity [aut ɔv ˌkjuəriˈɔsiti] na. 在好奇心驱使下 [网络] 出于好奇;出于好奇心;不要好奇

roll the dice [ ] [网络] 掷骰子;丢骰子;滚筛子

sandwich shop [ ] na. 小吃店 [网络] 三明治店;三明治小店;美味三明治小店

screw up [skru: ʌp] na. 拧紧;钉上;卷成螺丝状;扭歪(嘴,脸等) [网络] 弄糟;搞砸;搞砸了

swear to [ ] na. “swear”的变体 [网络] 断言;发誓;保证某事

swear to god [ ] [网络] 对天发誓;我发誓;向我发誓

sympathy for [ ] [网络] 对……的同情;对…同情;对…表示同情

the dice [ ] [网络] 骰子;双正方形

to screw up [ ] [网络] 摆乌龙;做错事情了

transportation system [ˌtrænspɔ:ˈteiʃən ˈsistəm] un. 运输系统 [网络] 交通系统;交通运输系统;交通规范系统

wrap around [ræp əˈraund] un. 捆卷 [网络] 回绕;缠绕形式;缠绕方式

yell at [ ] [网络] 对…吼叫;你给我小心一点;对别人大叫

you know

zk/中考 gk/中考 ky/考研 cet4/四级 cet6/六级 ielts/雅思 toefl/托福 gre/GRE
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