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S01E15 4


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[学习本文需要基础词汇量:4,000 ]
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I have an alternate proposal. go on.

You donate eggs.

We will place them in cryogenic storage.

I will find an appropriate sperm donor for your eggs,

Have them fertilized and implanted in you.

That way, everybody wins.


Missy can date whoever she wants.

Look, we have to settle this.

I agree.

Sheldon's sister is hiding at penny's because

We've all been hitting on her at the same time.

She's not hiding.

She needed privacy to call her grandmother who's apparently very sick.

Oh, and then I believe she has to wash her hair.

Oh, you poor, deluded bastard.

Don't start with me, dude.

You want to go again? let's go.

Sit down. okay.

If we're going to fight over missy, let's do it the right way.

The honorable way.

Take that!

You want some more?

And he's down!

1 2 3
One, two, three...

Come on, come on! get up!

Stay down, bitch!

9 10
...nine, ten.

Yeah! natural selection at work.

I weep for humanity.

Excuse me while I go tell missy the good news.

Hey, leonard. oh, hi, penny.

How's it going?

Listen, that guy mike that you were dating, is that still going on?

Uh, pretty much. why?

Nothing, just catching up.

By the way, may I speak to missy, please?

Of course.

Hi, leonard. what's up?

Well, since you're leaving tomorrow,

I was wondering if you'd like to go to dinner with me.

That's so sweet.

But no thanks.

Oh. do you have other plans or...?

No. oh.

All right, uh...

Enjoy the rest of your evening.

Thanks. see ya.

Um, here's something we didn't anticipate.

What do you want, howard?

I'm fine. thanks for asking.

I've come to call on missy.


Hi, howard.

The amazing howard.

Do you like magic?

Not really. no.

Then you are in for a treat.

Behold, an ordinary cane.




Thank you.

I apprec...



Oh, honey.

Is your medication wearing off?

Well, hi, cutie pie.

I was hoping you'd show up.

We had a dog who made a noise like that.

Had to put him down.

Any news you want me to pass along to mom?

She might be interested to know that I have refocused my research

From bosonic string theory to heterotic string theory.

Yeah, I'll just tell her you say "hey."

Okay, well, it was pleasant seeing you,

Other than that business with my testicles.

Come on, shelly.

I want you to know I'm very proud of you.


Yep, I'm always bragging to my friends about my brother,

The rocket scientist.

You tell people I'm a rocket scientist?

Well, yeah.

I'm a theoretical physicist.

What's the difference?

What's the difference?!

Good-bye, shelly.

My god!

Why don't you just tell them that

I'm a toll-taker at the golden gate bridge?!

Rocket scientist. how humiliating.


honorable ['ɒnərəbl] adj. 光荣的;可敬的;高贵的 {ky :7084}

um [ʌm, əm] n. (Um)人名;(柬)温;(阿拉伯)乌姆 int. 嗯(表示迟疑) { :7325}

alternate [ɔ:lˈtɜ:nət] n. 替换物 adj. 交替的;轮流的 vt. 使交替;使轮流 vi. 交替;轮流 {cet6 ky toefl ielts gre :7396}

bragging [b'ræɡɪŋ] n. 吹牛 v. 夸耀(brag的ing形式) vi. 夸口 { :8048}

dude [du:d] n. 男人,小伙子 n. (Dude)人名;(德、塞)杜德 n. (非正式)花花公子;纨绔子弟 { :8373}

humiliating [hju:'mɪlɪeɪtɪŋ] adj. 丢脸的;羞辱性的 v. 使蒙耻(humiliate的ing形式) { :9338}

behold [bɪˈhəʊld] vt. 看;注视;把...视为 vi. 看 int. 瞧;看呀 {gre :10497}

fertilized ['fɜ:rtɪlaɪzd] adj. 已受精的 { :13459}

testicles ['testɪkəlz] n. [解剖] 睾丸(testicle的复数) { :15754}

deluded [dɪˈlu:did] v. 欺骗;使失望(delude的过去分词) adj. 轻信的;受蒙骗的 { :17446}

cryogenic [ˌkraɪəˈdʒenɪk] adj. 冷冻的(副词cryogenically);低温学的;低温实验法的 {gre :24188}

cutie [ˈkju:ti] n. 漂亮的女孩,讨人喜欢的女人 { :25566}

missy [ˈmɪsi] n. 小姐;少女,小姑娘 n. (Missy)人名;(英)米西 { :25863}

refocused [ ] (refocuse 的过去时) v. 再次聚焦 { :36405}

shelly ['ʃelɪ] n. (Shelly)人名;(英)谢利,谢莉(女名);(英)谢利;(阿拉伯)谢利 adj. 多壳的;有壳的,壳一般的 { :42485}

APPREC [ ] Appreciate 估价

bosonic [ ] [网络] 弦论是波色;玻色

good-bye ['gʊd'baɪ] n. 告辞 int. 再见

heterotic [ ] [医] 杂种优势的

cryogenic storage [ ] un. 低温存储器;低温液储存器 [网络] 深冷储存;低温贮藏;冷冻储藏

cutie pie [ ] [网络] 可爱蛋糕;一种手枪式剂量率仪;甜心派

excuse me [ ] un. 请原谅;对不起 [网络] 劳驾;打扰一下;打扰了

implant in [ ] 向…注入(或灌输)

like magic [laik ˈmædʒik] na. 不可思议地快;立刻 [网络] 变人魔术;魔法一般;象魔术一样

rocket scientist [ˈrɔkit ˈsaiəntist] na. 火箭专家;(能承担高难度工作的)能人 [网络] 火箭科学家;行家;股市分析高手

sperm donor [ ] [网络] 捐献精子的人;精子捐献者;捐献精子者

the honorable [ ] [网络] 阁下

weep for [wi:p fɔ:] [网络] 为…而哭泣;流泪;为……哭泣

come on

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