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S01E15 2


████    重点词汇
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████    生僻词
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[学习本文需要基础词汇量:6,000 ]
[本次分析采用基础词汇量:7,000 ]

Is that what that was?

I just assumed that the second grade

Curriculum had rendered you quizzical.

Hey, leonard, you left your underwear in the dryer downstairs.

Those are not mine.


They have your little name label in them.

Yeah... no, I do... i...

I use those, uh, just to polish up my spearfishing equipment.

I spearfish.

When I'm not crossbow hunting, I spearfish.

Uh, penny, this is sheldon's twin sister, missy.

Missy, this is our neighbor penny. don't look that much alike.

Can I get a hallelujah?

Fraternal twins come from two separate eggs.

They are no more alike than any other siblings.


Hey, guess what.

I've been accepted as a test subject for a

New miracle drug to overcome pathological shyness.

Oh, good for you, raj.

Yes, I'm very hopeful. hello, missy.

They mentioned there may be side effects.

So, missy, have you ever met a man from the exotic subcontinent of india?

Well, there's dr. patel at our church.

Ah, yes, patel-- good man.

Do you like motorcycles?

'cause I ride a hog.

A hog?

You have a two-cylinder scooter with a basket in the front.

You still have to wear a helmet.

Have you ever heard of the kama sutra?

The sex book.

The indian sex book.

In other words, if you "wonder, wonder who wrote the book of love,

" it was us.

So, sheldon's sister is pretty cute, huh?

I wasn't staring.

I didn't say you were. I just said she was cute.

Oh, eh... maybe, if you like women who are tall...

And perfect.

Sheldon, why are you ignoring your sister?

I'm not ignoring my sister. I'm ignoring all of you.

I brought snacks!

Oh, my, gherkins and...

Onion dip. it's onion dip.

We don't entertain much.


Do you enjoy pajamas?

I guess.

Yeah, we indians invented them.

You're welcome.

Yeah, well, my people invented circumcision.

You're welcome.

Missy, I'm gonna go get my nails done.

Do you want to come?

God, yes. thanks.

You're welcome.

Bye, guys. bye, missy.

Bye, missy, see you. good-bye, leonard.

Oh, yeah, no, uh, bye, penny.

Okay, you two have to back off.

Why should I back off? you back off, dude.

Excuse me, this is my apartment, and she's my roommate's sister.

So what? you've already got penny!

How do I have penny?

In what universe do I have penny?

So I can have penny?

Hell, no!

Excuse me. can I interject something?

I'm ordering pizza online.

Is everyone okay with pepperoni?

Sheldon, can I talk to you in private?

I guess.

Don't worry. I was going to order you cheese-less.

Thank you. it's okay.

Lactose intolerance is nothing to be embarrassed about.

I'm a fancy indian man.

We invented pajamas.

Hey, look at me. I don't have a foreskin.


Are you aware that your sister is an incredibly attractive woman?

She certainly has the symmetry and low

Body fat that western culture deems desirable.

It's noteworthy, at other points in history,

Heavier women were the standard for

Beauty because their girth suggested affluence.

That's fascinating, but...

I didn't say it was fascinating. I said it was noteworthy.

All right... noted.

But my point is that koothrappali and wolowitz,

They're hitting on your sister.

Oh, it's...

Oh, okay.

You know, I don't want to criticize your rhetorical style,

But we'd be a lot further along in this

Conversation if you'd begun with that thought.

That's great, but my...

What I'm saying is that we took quite an Unnecessary detour

from what I now understand to be your thesis.


You have to do something about it.


Because she's your sister.

I don't understand.

Yes, we shared a uterus for nine months,

But since then we've pretty much gone our own separate ways.

Okay, uh, consider this...


rhetorical [rɪˈtɒrɪkl] adj. 修辞的;修辞学的;夸张的 { :7493}

hog [hɒg] n. 猪,象猪般的人;贪婪者 vt. 使拱起 vi. 拱起 n. (Hog)人名;(法)奥格 { :7852}

dude [du:d] n. 男人,小伙子 n. (Dude)人名;(德、塞)杜德 n. (非正式)花花公子;纨绔子弟 { :8373}

pajamas [pə'dʒɑ:məz] n. 睡衣;宽长裤 { :8984}

noteworthy [ˈnəʊtwɜ:ði] adj. 值得注意的;显著的 {ky :9460}

dryer ['draɪə(r)] n. 烘干机;[助剂] 干燥剂 n. (Dryer)人名;(英)德赖尔 { :9605}

intolerance [ɪn'tɒlərəns] n. (尤指对别人的意见)不宽容;偏狭 { :10250}

detour [ˈdi:tʊə(r)] n. 绕道;便道 vt. 使…绕道而行 vi. 绕道;迂回 n. (Detour)人名;(法)德图尔 {gre :12159}

uterus [ˈju:tərəs] n. [解剖] 子宫 { :12381}

pathological [ˌpæθəˈlɒdʒɪkl] adj. 病理学的;病态的;由疾病引起的(等于pathologic) {gre :12430}

scooter [ˈsku:tə(r)] n. 小轮摩托车;速可达;单脚滑行车;小孩滑板车 {gre :13066}

Patel [ ] [人名] 帕特尔 { :13265}

affluence ['æflʊəns] n. 富裕;丰富;流入;汇聚 {cet6 toefl gre :14390}

interject [ˌɪntəˈdʒekt] vt. 突然插入;插嘴 { :14440}

fraternal [frəˈtɜ:nl] adj. 兄弟般的;友好的 {toefl gre :14687}

shyness ['ʃaɪnɪs] n. 羞怯 {toefl :14749}

girth [gɜ:θ] n. 周长;围长;肚带 n. (Girth)人名;(英)格思;(法、德)吉尔特 vt. 围绕;包围 vi. 围长为 {gre :18049}

circumcision [ˌsɜ:kəmˈsɪʒn] n. 割礼;净心;[外科] 包皮环割术 { :18328}

subcontinent [ˌsʌbˈkɒntɪnənt] n. 次大陆 { :19733}

crossbow [ˈkrɒsbəʊ] n. 弩;石弓 { :20969}

pepperoni [ˌpepəˈrəʊni] n. 意大利辣香肠 { :21444}

quizzical [ˈkwɪzɪkl] adj. 古怪的;引人发笑的;探询的;嘲弄的 { :21571}

hallelujah [ˌhælɪˈlu:jə] n. 赞美上帝的颂歌 int. 哈利路亚 { :22024}

lactose [ˈlæktəʊs] n. [有化] 乳糖 { :22660}

missy [ˈmɪsi] n. 小姐;少女,小姑娘 n. (Missy)人名;(英)米西 { :25863}

foreskin [ˈfɔ:skɪn] n. [解剖] 包皮 { :27739}

sutra [ˈsu:trə] n. 佛经(等于sutta);箴言 { :30534}

gherkins [ˈɡə:kinz] n. 腌食用小黄瓜,嫩黄瓜( gherkin的名词复数 ) { :35064}

spearfish ['spɪəfɪʃ] n. 旗鱼 vi. 用镖捕鱼;用鱼叉捕鱼 { :44799}

kama ['kɑ:mә:, 'kamә] n. 爱神;欲望;卡马河(俄罗斯的河流) { :49965}

gonna [ˈgənə] abbr. (美)将要(等于going to)

good-bye ['gʊd'baɪ] n. 告辞 int. 再见

spearfishing [ ] v. 用鱼叉捕鱼( spearfish的现在分词 )

a basket [ ] [网络] 篮;篮子;一篮子

a helmet [ ] [网络] 头盔;安全帽

a hog [ ] [网络] 把卖掉猪的钱拿来买鞋

excuse me [ ] un. 请原谅;对不起 [网络] 劳驾;打扰一下;打扰了

fraternal twin [frəˈtɜ:nəl twin] 异卵双生

fraternal twins [ ] n. “fraternal twin”的复数 [网络] 异卵双胞胎;异卵双生;异卵双生子

Kama Sutra [ ] [网络] 爱经;印度爱经;卡马经

lactose intolerance [ˈlækˌtos ɪnˈtɑlərəns] un. 不耐乳糖 [网络] 乳糖不耐症;乳糖不耐受;乳糖不耐受症

miracle drug [ ] [网络] 特效药;妙药;疗效神奇的药

polish up [ˈpɔliʃ ʌp] na. 完成;〔口语〕改善;同“polish” [网络] 擦亮;磨光,擦亮;润色

the exotic [ ] [网络] 异域情调;异国情调;奇风异俗

the kama sutra [ ] [网络] 爱经

to criticize [ ] [网络] 批评;谴责;指责

to overcome [ ] [网络] 克服;战胜;攻陷

twin sister [ ] n. 孪生姊妹 [网络] 双胞胎姐妹;孪生姐妹;双胞胎姐姐

you're welcome

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