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S01E14 3


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[学习本文需要基础词汇量:3,000 ]
[本次分析采用基础词汇量:7,000 ]

It only moves in time.

It would be worse than useless in a swamp.

Pathetic! all of you!

Completely pathetic!

My turn.

Leonard, it's 2:00 in the morning.


So it's my turn.

Why did you set it for the day before yesterday?

Because I want to go back and keep myself

From getting a time machine.

You can't. if you were to prevent yourself

From buying it in the past,

You would not have it available in the present

To travel back and stop yourself

From buying it. ergo, you would still have it.

This is a classic rookie time-travel mistake.

Can I go back and prevent you from explaining that to me?

Same paradox.

If you were to travel back in time

And, say, knock me unconscious,

You would not then have the conversation

That irritated you, motivating you

To go back and knock me unconscious.

What if I knocked you unconscious right now?

It won't change the past.

But it'd make the present so much nicer.

Are you upset about something?

What was your first clue?

Well, it was a number of things.

First, the late hour.

Then your demeanor seems very low-energy,

Plus your irritability.

Yes, I'm upset!

I don't usually pick up on those things.

Good for me.

Yeah, good for you.

Oh, wait.

Did you want to talk about what's bothering you?

I don't know. maybe.

Wow. I'm on fire tonight.

Uh... here's the thing.

Girls like penny never end up with guys who own time machines.

I disagree.

Your inability to successfully woo penny

Long predates your acquisition of the time machine.

That failure clearly stands on its own.

Thanks for pointing it out.

In addition, your premise is flawed.

In the original film, rod taylor got yvette mimieux

With that very time machine.

In back to the future, marty mcfly got the opportunity

To hook up with his extremely attractive young mother.

Those are movies.

Of course they're movies.

Were you expecting me to come up with an example

Involving a real-life time machine?

That's absurd.

Come on, guys, push!

If I push any harder,

I'm going to give birth to my colon.

Oh, hey, guys.

Oh. hi, penny.

Take a break, guys!

What are you doing?

Oh, you know, just moving a time machine.

Yeah. okay, neat, but I really gotta get to work, so...

No problem.

Hang on.

But... what about your time machine?

Some things are more important than toys.

I'm scared.

Don't worry, baby. I've got you.

Oh, leonard.

It's still my turn.

What are you doing?

I'm packing up all my collectibles

And taking them down to the comic book store to sell.

Was that really necessary?

If you need money, you can always sell blood.

And semen.

This is not about money.

We brought food!

Lox and bagels, the breakfast of time-travelers.


Does anyone want to buy my share of the time machine?


I don't want it anymore.


Just... personal reasons.

My spidey sense tells me

This has something to do with penny.



irritated [ˈɪrɪteɪtɪd] v. 激怒;使…无效;使…兴奋(irritate的过去分词) adj. 恼怒的,生气的 { :7783}

demeanor [dɪ'mi:nə] n. 风度;举止;行为 { :8554}

woo [wu:] vt. 追求;招致;向…求爱;恳求 vi. 求爱;恳求 {gk gre :8645}

bagels [ˈbeiɡəlz] n. 硬面包圈( bagel的名词复数 ) { :11895}

predates [ˈpri:ˈdeits] v. 提早日期,居先( predate的第三人称单数 ) { :13758}

semen [ˈsi:men] n. 精液;精子 n. (Semen)人名;(罗、土)塞门;(俄)谢苗 { :14940}

irritability [ˌɪrɪtə'bɪlətɪ] n. 过敏性;易怒;兴奋性 { :19072}

collectibles [kəˈlektəbəlz] n. 可收集的,可代收的( collectible的名词复数 ) { :19494}

marty [ˈmɑ:tɪ] n. 马蒂(男子名,Martin的异体) { :25632}

lox [lɒks] n. 液态氧;熏鲑鱼 vt. 为火箭加注重液态氧 { :29337}

ergo [ˈɜ:gəʊ] n. (Ergo)人名;(法)埃尔戈 adv. 因此,所以 { :32955}

gotta [ˈgɒtə] n. (Gotta)人名;(意)戈塔 adv. 必须(等于have got to)

low-energy ['ləʊ'enədʒɪ] 低能耗

mcfly [ ] 小飞侠乐队

real-life [ˈriəlˈlaif] adj. 现实的;实在的

spidey [ ] [网络] 小蜘蛛;皮衣;卖家

time-travel [taim ˈtrævəl] 穿越

time-travelers [ ] [网络] 时间旅行者;时空旅行者;时代的旅客

comic book [ˈkɔmik buk] n. 漫画书 [网络] 连环漫画册;连环画;连环漫画书

hook up [ ] n. 【无线】试验线路;联播电台;联合 [网络] 接洽妥当;连接;上钩拳

hook up with [ ] [网络] 沟通;交流;和…有联系

inability to [ ] [网络] 无能;没有…的能力;不能做

zk/中考 gk/中考 ky/考研 cet4/四级 cet6/六级 ielts/雅思 toefl/托福 gre/GRE
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