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S01E14 1


████    重点词汇
████    难点词汇
████    生僻词
████    词组 & 惯用语

[学习本文需要基础词汇量:4,000 ]
[本次分析采用基础词汇量:7,000 ]

This sandwich is an unmitigated disaster.

I asked for turkey and roast beef

With lettuce and swiss on whole wheat.

What did they give you?

Turkey and roast beef

With swiss and lettuce on whole wheat.

It's the right ingredients, but in the wrong order.

In a proper sandwich,

The cheese is adjacent to the bread

To create a moisture barrier against the lettuce.

They might as well have dragged this thing through a car wash.

I don't believe it.

I know. it's basic culinary science.

Some guy is auctioning off a miniature time machine prop

From the original film, and no one is bidding on it.

A time machine from the movie the time machine?

No. a time machine from sophie's choice.

Boy, sophie could have used a time machine in that movie.

Did you see it? it's rough.

Oh, that's cool.

It's only $800?

Yeah. and that's my bid.

You bid $800?

It was a spur-of-the-moment thing.

I figured it would go for thousands,

And I just wanted to be a part of it.

There's only 30 seconds left in the auction.

Do you have $800?

Not to blow on a miniature time machine.

Well, don't worry. the way these things work

Is people wait until the last second to bid,

And then they swoop in and get it. it's called sniping.

15 seconds.

Come on, snipers.

10 9 8...
Ten, nine, eight...

Where are your snipers?

Five... snipe.

Four... snipe.

Three... snipe!

Two... snipe!



You are the proud owner of a miniature time machine!

You lucky duck.

I wonder why no one else bid.

This is a classic piece of sci-fi movie memorabilia.

Yeah, I know! I still can't afford it.

Why don't we share it?

We'll each put in 200 bucks, and we'll

Take turns having it in our house.

A time-share time machine.

I'm in. sheldon?

Need you ask?

I still don't understand why no one else bid.

I understand why no one else bid.


Did the listing actually say "miniature"?

I just assumed.

Who sells a full-size time machine for $800?

In a venn diagram, that would be an individual located

Within the intersection of the sets "no longer want my time machine"

And "need $800."

It's actually a tremendous bargain.

Even with shipping, it works out

To less than four dollars a pound.

Cocktail shrimp are $12.50.

How are we going to get it upstairs?

If we take the dish off,

It might fit in the elevator.

Yes, but the elevator has been broken for two years.

I've been meaning to ask you.

Do you think we should make a call about that?

Not necessary.

I have a master's in engineering.

I remotely repair satellites on a regular basis.

I troubleshoot space shuttle payloads.

When the mars rover started pulling to the left, I performed

A front-end alignment from 62 million miles away.

No. that baby's broken.

Come on, guys! push!

If I push any harder,

I'm going to give birth to my colon.

I can't feel my fingers. hurry up!

It's the same amount of work

No matter how fast you go.

Basic physics.

Sheldon? yeah?

If my fingers ever work again,

I've got a job for the middle one.

Oh. hey, guys.

Oh. hi, penny.

Take a break, guys.

What are you doing?

We're just, you know, moving something upstairs.

What is it?

Just... you know. time machine.

Yeah. okay. neat. but I really got to get to work.

Just give us a few minutes. I don't have a few minutes.

I'm running really late.

Then, I have a simple solution.

Go up to the roof. hop over to the next building.

There's a small gap--

Don't look down if you're subject to vertigo--

And use their stairwell.

You're joking, right?

Oh, I never joke when it comes to vertigo.

Damn. okay, I'll just take the roof.

Hey, if you wait for us to set up the time machine,


Mars [mɑ:z] n. 战神;[天] 火星 {cet6 :7631}

roast [rəʊst] n. 烤肉;烘烤 adj. 烘烤的;烤过的 vt. 烤,焙;烘,烘烤;暴露于某种热力下以得温暖 vi. 烤;烘 {gk cet4 cet6 ky toefl ielts :7679}

congratulations [kənˌgrætjʊ'leɪʃənz] n. 祝贺;恭喜;贺词(congratulation的复数形式) { :7729}

culinary [ˈkʌlɪnəri] adj. 厨房的;烹调用的 {toefl gre :7754}

alignment [əˈlaɪnmənt] n. 队列,成直线;校准;结盟 {cet6 toefl :7898}

snipers ['snaipəz] n. 狙击手( sniper的名词复数 ) { :8073}

remotely [rɪˈməʊtli] adv. 遥远地;偏僻地;(程度)极微地,极轻地 { :9579}

swoop [swu:p] n. 猛扑;俯冲;突然袭击 vt. 攫取;抓起 vi. 猛扑;突然袭击;突然下降;飞扑 { :9667}

memorabilia [ˌmemərəˈbɪliə] n. 大事记;值得纪念的事物 { :10676}

stairwell [ˈsteəwel] n. 楼梯井 { :10951}

vertigo [ˈvɜ:tɪgəʊ] n. 晕头转向,[临床] 眩晕 {toefl gre :14232}

payloads ['peɪləʊdz] n. 有效载荷( payload的名词复数 ); (航天器、卫星的)装备; (车辆等的)装载货物; (炸弹、导弹的)爆炸力 { :14356}

annihilation [əˌnaɪə'leɪʃn] n. 灭绝;消灭 { :15799}

sniping [snaɪpɪŋ] n. 狙击 v. 伏击( snipe的现在分词 ); 狙击(未参战的敌人等); 诽谤; 中伤 { :17505}

snipe [snaɪp] n. 狙击;[鸟] 鹬;香烟屁股;被开玩笑的人物 vi. 狙击;[军] 伏击;抨击;猎鸟;诽谤 vt. 狙击 { :17505}

unmitigated [ʌnˈmɪtɪgeɪtɪd] adj. 全然的;严厉的;未缓和的 {gre :21845}

troubleshoot ['trʌblʃu:t] vt. 寻找故障;故障排解 vi. 充当故障检修员 { :23752}

Venn [ven] diagram(s)(数)(用圆表示集与集之间关系的)维恩图 { :42296}

bid [bɪd] n. 出价;叫牌;努力争取 vi. 投标;吩咐 vt. 投标;出价;表示;吩咐 n. (Bid)人名;(俄)比德 {gk cet6 ky ielts gre :2359}

front-end [frʌnt end] adj. 前端的

full-size [ˈfulˈsaiz] adj. 全尺寸的;动物完全长大的;全身的;与原物一样大小的

nerdvana [ ] [网络] 电脑狂人

sci-fi [ˈsaɪ faɪ] n. 科幻小说(等于science fiction)

spur-of-the-moment ['spɜ:rəvðə'məʊmənt] adj. 不加思索的;一时冲动的;立刻的

time-share ['taɪmʃ'eər] n. 分时;时间共享 vt. 分时使用 vi. 分时

adjacent to [əˈdʒeisənt tu:] prep. 接近 [网络] 与…毗连的;邻近;邻近的

auction off [ˈɔ:kʃən ɔf] v. 拍卖 [网络] 拍卖掉

bid on [ ] na. 承包(某工程等的)投标;抬价 [网络] 投标承包;承包…的投标;出价

cocktail shrimp [ ] 鸡尾酒虾仁

hop over [ ] [网络] 跳跃印刷

hop over to [ ] 度过

hurry up [ˈhʌri ʌp] na. 催促;赶快 [网络] 快点;赶紧;匆匆完成

hurry up! ['hʌriʌp] na. 催促;赶快 [网络] 快点;赶紧;匆匆完成

lucky duck [ ] [网络] 幸运的鸭子;幸运脏鸭餐;幸运的小鸭

Mars Rover [ ] [网络] 火星漫游者;火星探测器;火星漫游车

moisture barrier [ ] un. 防潮层;防潮房 [网络] 防潮衬层;防湿层;防水透气层

roast beef [rəust bi:f] na. 烤牛肉 [网络] 烧牛肉;烤牛排;原味烧牛肉

space shuttle [speis ˈʃʌtl] n. 航天飞机 [网络] 太空梭;太空穿梭机;太空飞船 {toefl :0}

swoop in [ ] [网络] 趁虚而入;乘虚而入;突然进入

to bid [ ] [网络] 叫牌;出价;申报

unmitigated disaster [ ] [网络] 为缓解的灾难;不折不扣的灾难;一场无法缓和的大灾难

Venn diagram [ ] n. 文氏图(将集表示为相交的圆,以显示不同集之间的共同性质) [网络] 维恩图;范氏图;温氏图

whole wheat [ ] adj. 同“wholemeal” [网络] 全麦;全麦面包;麸皮面包

zk/中考 gk/中考 ky/考研 cet4/四级 cet6/六级 ielts/雅思 toefl/托福 gre/GRE
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