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S01E12 4


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[学习本文需要基础词汇量:7,000 ]
[本次分析采用基础词汇量:7,000 ]

Anyone else see the flaw in this plan?

We need a social catalyst.

Like what?

We can't get 15-year-old girls drunk.

Or can we?

No, we can't.

I don't think you mean "we can't."

I think you mean "we shouldn't."

Hey, howard, you're a jew.

If there was another wailing wall

Exactly like the one in jerusalem

But close to taco stands and cheap prescription drugs,

Would you still be able to wail at it?

Okay, it's definitely me.

Okay, we cannot leave this to chance.

Let's pick a girl and figure out

How to get her together with dennis.

Okay, how about that one?

Uh-uh. I know the type.

Cheerleader, student council, goes out with the jocks,

Won't even look at anybody in the gifted program.

And if, after two years of begging,

She does agree to go out with you,

It turns out to be a setup and you're in the backseat

Of your mom's car with your pants off

While the whole football team laughs at y...

Are you crying?

No, I have allergies.

Okay, um, oh, hey, how about her?

Sure, if he wants to spend a couple years

Doing her homework while she drinks herself

Into a stupor with nonfat white russians.

And you're the one holding her head

Out of the toilet while she's puking

And telling you she wishes "more guys were like you."

And then she gets into cornell because you wrote her essay

For her and you drive up to visit her one weekend

And she acts like she doesn't even know you.

Okay, so not her, either.

Oh, hey, how about her?

Oh, interesting, kind of pretty,

A little chubby, so probably low self-esteem.

I think that's our girl.

One of us should go talk to her.

I can't talk to her-- you do it.

I can't just go up and talk to her.

Howard, you talk to her.

I don't know, she'll never go for the kid

Once she gets a peek at this.

You know, if we were in india, this would be simpler.

Five minutes with her dad, 20 goats and a laptop,

And we'd be done.

Well, we're not in india.

All right, why don't we do it your way then?

We'll arrange for this girl

To move in across the hall from dennis

So he can pathetically moon over her for months on end.

Okay, that was uncalled for.

You started it, dude.

Could I have everyone's attention, please?

What a wonderful occasion this is,

And how fortunate that it should happen to fall

On take your daughter to work day.

We're here to welcome

Mr. dennis kim to our little family.

Welcome, dennis kim.

Mr. kim

Was not only the valedictorian at stanford university,

He is also the youngest recipient

Of the prestigious stevenson award.

Youngest till the cyborgs rise up!

And now, without any further ado,

Let me introduce the man of the hour,

Mr. dennis kim.




Would you like to tell us

A little bit about your upcoming research?

No, thanks.

I'm going to the mall with emma.

The kid got a girl.


Did anyone see how he did it?

Don't worry, I've got this.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Honored daughters, while mr. kim,

By virtue of his youth and naivete,

Has fallen prey to the inexplicable need

For human contact, let me step in

And assure you that my research will go on uninterrupted,

And that social relationships will continue to baffle

And repulse me.

Thank you.

He's back.

Yeah, mission accomplished.

Forget the mission.

How did that little yutz get a girl on his own?

I guess times have changed since we were young.

Smart is the new sexy.

Then why do we go home alone every night?

We're still smart.

Maybe we're too smart.

So smart it's off-putting.

Yeah, let's go with that.


Components I built

Are on the international space station and I get a ticket

For launching a model rocket in the park.

I don't know if the ticket was

So much for the launch as it was

For you telling the policewoman,

"you have to frisk me.

I have another rocket in my pants."

Hey, look at that.

It's dennis kim.

Wow, I almost didn't recognize him.

You know, I kind of feel bad about what we did to him.

Yeah, we really ruined his life.

Screw him-- he was weak.


allergies [ˈælədʒi:z] n. 过敏;敏感(allergy的复数);敏感症 { :7220}

um [ʌm, əm] n. (Um)人名;(柬)温;(阿拉伯)乌姆 int. 嗯(表示迟疑) { :7325}

peek [pi:k] n. 偷看;一瞥,看一眼 vi. 窥视,偷看 n. (Peek)人名;(英)皮克 {gre :7431}

catalyst [ˈkætəlɪst] n. [物化] 催化剂;刺激因素 {cet6 toefl ielts gre :7915}

dude [du:d] n. 男人,小伙子 n. (Dude)人名;(德、塞)杜德 n. (非正式)花花公子;纨绔子弟 { :8373}

wailing [weilɪŋ] v. 哭泣(wail的ing形式);哭号 { :8887}

wail [weɪl] n. 哀号;悲叹;恸哭声 vt. 为某人死亡而悲痛;哀悼某人;哀号着说 vi. 哀号;悲叹 n. (Wail)人名;(阿拉伯)瓦伊勒;(英)韦尔 {toefl ielts gre :8887}

stevenson ['sti:vnsn] n. 史蒂文森(姓氏) { :9062}

cheerleader [ˈtʃɪəli:də(r)] n. 拉拉队队员 { :10262}

baffle [ˈbæfl] n. 挡板;困惑 vt. 使…困惑;使…受挫折;用挡板控制 vi. 做徒劳挣扎 {cet6 ielts gre :11102}

backseat [bæk'si:t] n. 后座;次要位置 { :11127}

inexplicable [ˌɪnɪkˈsplɪkəbl] adj. 费解的;无法说明的;不能解释的 {gre :11680}

taco [ˈtækəʊ] n. 墨西哥煎玉米卷;墨西哥人 n. (Taco)人名;(葡)塔科 { :12360}

jocks [ ] n. [体]大学的运动员( jock的名词复数 ); jockey 职业赛马手,(机械)操作员; jockstrap 护身三角绷带 { :12776}

honored ['hɒnɔ:d] adj. 受尊敬的;已承兑或付款的 v. 荣幸(honor的过去分词) { :13385}

chubby [ˈtʃʌbi] adj. 圆胖的,丰满的 {toefl :14040}

uninterrupted [ˌʌnˌɪntəˈrʌptɪd] adj. 不间断的;连续的 { :14320}

stanford ['stænfәd] n. 斯坦福(姓氏,男子名);斯坦福大学(美国一所大学) { :15904}

policewoman [pəˈli:swʊmən] n. 女警察;女警官 { :16690}

naivete [nɑ:'i:vteɪ] n. 天真;质朴;纯真无邪;天真烂漫 { :16782}

puking [pju:kɪŋ] v. 呕吐( puke的现在分词 ) { :18024}

repulse [rɪˈpʌls] n. 拒绝;击退 vt. 拒绝;驱逐;憎恶 {toefl gre :18145}

stupor [ˈstju:pə(r)] n. 昏迷,恍惚;麻木 {gre :19814}

ado [əˈdu:] n. 忙乱,纷扰,麻烦 n. (Ado)人名;(法、俄、德、乌干)阿多;(阿拉伯)阿杜;(英)阿多(教名Adolphus的昵称) { :19993}

pathetically [pə'θetɪklɪ] adv. 可怜地;感伤地;悲哀地;情绪上地 { :20707}

valedictorian [ˌvælɪdɪkˈtɔ:riən] n. 告别演说者;致告别辞者 { :22461}

cornell [kɔ:ˈnel] n. 康奈尔(姓氏) { :22575}

frisk [frɪsk] n. 搜身;快乐;蹦跳;快乐的时刻 n. (Frisk)人名;(瑞典)弗里斯克 vt. 轻摇 vi. 蹦跳;欢跃 {gre :22757}

cyborgs [ˈsaibɔ:ɡz] n. 电子人,半机械人( cyborg的名词复数 ) { :26600}

uncalled ['ʌn'kɔ:ld] adj. 未叫到的,未经请求的,未经邀请的 { :38586}

dennis [ˈdenis] n. 丹尼斯(男子名) { :4412}

-year-old [ ] [网络] -岁

nonfat ['nɒn'fæt] adj. 脱脂的

off-putting [ˈɔ:fˌpʊtɪŋ, ˈɔf-] adj. 令人不愉快的;老是推托的

self-esteem [self ɪ'sti:m] n. 自尊;自负;自大

uh-uh [ˈʌ ʌ] int. 哼

yutz [ ] [网络] 法国;陈谕;于茨

by virtue of [bai ˈvə:tju: ɔv] na. 靠 [网络] 由于;凭借;因

do her homework [ ] vi.做家庭作业,考虑问题

done her homework [ ] vbl.做家庭作业,考虑问题

fall prey [ ] [网络] 成为……的牺牲者;落入

fall prey to [fɔ:l prei tu:] 被困:陷入困境,有遭受迫害、毁灭或侵袭的危险

get a peek at [ ] na. 偷看一下

model rocket [ ] 模型[火]箭

moon over [ ] 由于…而精神恍惚(或出神);(因不满意或迷恋)而对…发愣(或发呆)

peek at [ ] [网络] 偷看;偷窥;窥视

prescription drug [prisˈkripʃən drʌɡ] un. 处方用的药物 [网络] 处方药;处方药物;须医师处方才可买的药品

prescription drugs [ ] un. 处方用的药物 [网络] 处方药;处方药物;处方药品

prey to [ ] 深受…...之害 被…...捕获

Stanford University [ ] n. 斯坦福大学 [网络] 史丹佛大学;美国斯坦福大学;史丹福大学

The Mall [ ] [网络] 林荫大道;林荫路;购物中心

the toilet [ ] [网络] 厕所;卫生间;正规

to wail [ ] [网络] 呼号;嚎啕大哭;哀鸣声

virtue of [ ] [网络] 有…优点

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