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S01E12 3


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[学习本文需要基础词汇量:3,000 ]
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No, I thought of it all by myself.

That can't be a coincidence.

There must be some causal link I'm missing.

Go away!

Curiouser and curiouser.

Is he here?

If he were, I wouldn't be.

Do you know what he did?

He watched me work for ten minutes,

And then started to design a simple piece

Of software that could replace me.

Is that even possible?

As it turns out, yes.

Something's got to be done about him, leonard.

Like what?

He'll never be able to cope with the fact

That some 15-year-old kid is smarter

And more accomplished than he is.

Well, what if something were to happen to this boy

So he was no longer a threat to sheldon?

Then our problem would be solved.

Hang on, are we talking about murdering dennis kim?

I'm not saying no.

We don't have to go that far.

There are other means available.

We can't send him back to north korea.

He knows how to get out.

The only thing we need to do

Is make this kim kid lose his focus.

Won't happen.

He is not interested in anything but physics.

What about biology?

What? you know, biology.

The one thing that can completely derail

A world-class mind.

Howard, he's 15.

Yeah, so?

When I was 15, I met denise palmeri

And my grade point average fell from a 5.0 to a 1.8.

She was sleeping with you?

No, I just wasted a lot of time

Thinking about what it would be like if she did.

Oh, good, you're all here.

Look, I've decided that if the three of you

Drop whatever it is you're working on and join me,

We could lick cold fusion in less than a decade.

12 years, tops.

Go away?

Could it be me?

Oh, hey guys, what's up?

We need a hot 15-year-old asian girl

With a thing for smart guys.


Howard, that's racist.

Any 15-year-old girl will do the trick.

It's possible she may have misunderstood us.

Dr. cooper.

Oh, are we interrupting?

No, no. please come in.

Yeah, I think you'll appreciate this.

This is very exciting.

Oh, what are you working on?

Something remarkable.

Since my prospects for the nobel prize in physics

Have disappeared--

Thank you very much-- I've decided

To refocus my efforts and use my people skills

To win the nobel peace prize.


I'm going to solve the middle east crisis

By building an exact replica of jerusalem

In the middle of the mexican desert.

To what end?

You know, it's like the baseball movie.

"build it and they will come."

Who will come?

The jewish people.

What if they don't come?

We'll make it nice, put out a spread.

Okay, well, um...

Speaking of spreads,

We're having a small welcoming party

This afternoon for mr. kim who's agreed

To join us here at the university.

Of course he has.

The oracle told us

Little neo was the one.

You can see the matrix, can't you?

Okay, well, obviously you're very busy

With your, uh, um...

Come, dennis.

You'll have to excuse dr. cooper.

He's been under a lot of, um...

He's nuts.

I really don't understand

Your objections, professor goldfarb.

Why wouldn't the sonora desert

Make a perfectly good promised land?

Go away.

We could call it nuevo jerusalem.

Please go away.

Said pharaoh to moses.

Why are all these young women here?

It's take your daughter to work day.


I was not aware of that.

Oh, yes. there was a very official e-mail

That was sent to everyone

Whose insurance files indicated

They had daughters between the ages of 14 and 16.

Smooth. thank you.

There's the man of the hour.

Okay, so we now have a socially-awkward genius

In a room full of attractive, age-appropriate women.

All he has to do now is hook up with one of them.

Anyone else see the flaw in this plan?


um [ʌm, əm] n. (Um)人名;(柬)温;(阿拉伯)乌姆 int. 嗯(表示迟疑) { :7325}

Moses ['mәuziz] n. 摩西(《圣经》故事中犹太人古代领袖);立法者;领导者 { :8072}

misunderstood [ˌmɪsʌndəˈstʊd] adj. 被误解的 v. 误解,误会(misunderstand的过去式) { :8287}

replica [ˈreplɪkə] n. 复制品,复制物 {toefl gre :8571}

Nobel ['nәubel] n. 诺贝尔(瑞典化学家及发明家,发明炸药,创设诺贝奖);诺贝尔(姓氏) { :10237}

derail [dɪˈreɪl] n. 脱轨;[铁路] 脱轨器 vt. 使出轨 vi. 出轨 { :10587}

Denise [dəˈni:z, deˈ-] n. 丹尼诗(化妆品品牌) { :12516}

pharaoh ['færәu] n. 法老;暴君 { :16605}

refocus [ˌri:'fəʊkəs] vt. 重调…的焦距 vi. 重调焦距 { :36406}

neo ['ni:əʊ] abbr. 近地轨道(near earth orbit) n. (Neo)人名;(东南亚国家华语)梁 { :38966}

-year-old [ ] [网络] -岁

age-appropriate [ ] 适龄的

curiouser ['kjʊərɪəs] a. 求知欲强的;好问的, 好奇的;好管闲事的;好窥探的

E-MAIL [ˈi:meil] 电子邮件 电子函件

goldfarb [ ] [人名] 戈德法布

nuevo [ ] [地名] [美国] 努埃沃

palmeri [ ] [网络] 雷仙岛秧鸡;帕氏情棘雀;巴氏丝尾脂鲤

sonora [sɔ:'nɔ:rɑ:] n. 索诺拉省(墨西哥北部);索诺拉雷暴

world-class [ˈwɜ:ldˈklæs] n. 世界级 adj. 世界级的

causal link [ ] un. 因果联系 [网络] 因果关系;因果连结;因果环

cold fusion [kəuld ˈfju:ʒən] n. 冷核聚变 [网络] 冷聚变;冷融合;低温核融合

do the trick [du: ðə trik] na. 达到目的 [网络] 达到理想的结果;做成功;获得成功

done the trick [ ] vbl.达到预期目的,获得成功

hook up [ ] n. 【无线】试验线路;联播电台;联合 [网络] 接洽妥当;连接;上钩拳

hook up with [ ] [网络] 沟通;交流;和…有联系

nobel peace prize [ ] [网络] 诺贝尔和平奖;年获得诺贝尔和平奖;荣获诺贝尔和平奖

Nobel prize [nəʊˌbel 'praɪz] n. 诺贝尔奖 [网络] 诺贝尔奖金;诺贝尔奖项;荣获诺贝尔奖

North Korea [ ] n. 【国】朝鲜;北朝鲜;朝鲜民主主义人民共和国;位于亚洲东部 [网络] 韩国;C-朝鲜;朝鲜共和国

the matrix [ ] [网络] 黑客帝国;骇客任务;骇客帝国

the Nobel prize [ ] na. 诺贝尔奖 [网络] 再获诺贝尔奖;获得诺贝尔物理奖

go away

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