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S01E12 2


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████    生僻词
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[学习本文需要基础词汇量:6,000 ]
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Something you'd like to share?

A tale of woe, perhaps?

Fifteen years old.

Dennis Kim's 15 years old, and he's already correcting my work.

Today, I went from being wolfgang amadeus mozart, to...

You know, that other guy.

Antonio salieri?

Oh god, now even you're smarter than me.

You know, sheldon, you don't have

So many friends that you can afford

To start insulting them.

Just eat, sheldon, you'll feel better.

Why waste food?

In texas, when a cow goes dry,

They don't keep feeding it, they just take her out

And shoot her between the eyes.

I'm confused.

Did sheldon stop giving milk?

You can't let this kid get to you.

You always knew that someday someone would come along

Who was younger and smarter.

Yes, but I assumed I would've been dead

Hundreds of years and that there'd be

An asterisk by his name because he'd be a cyborg.

So you've got a little competition.

I really don't see what the big deal is.

Well, of course you don't.

You've never excelled at anything.

I don't understand-- exactly how

Did he get any friends in the first place?

We liked leonard.

Well, what are you gonna do, sheldon, just give up?


It's what a rational person does

When his entire life's work is invalidated

By a postpubescent asian wunderkind.

He ceases his fruitless efforts,

He donates his body to scientific research,

And he waits to die.

You know, I'm confused again.

Is he waiting, or do we get

To shoot him between the eyes?

I've decided you're right.

My career is not over.


But since the arrival of dennis kim

Has rendered my research pointless,

I just have to find something else to focus on.


So I've decided I'm going to collaborate with you.


So what exactly is it you do?

I know you chatter on about it all the time,

But I've never really paid attention.

Okay, well, right now I'm designing an experiment

To study the soft component of cosmic radiation

At sea level, but I really don't need any help.

Oh, sure you do.

Now, see, what's this here in the schematic?

Is that a laser array?

Yes. now, hm...

What happens if you use argon lasers

Instead of helium-neon?

It would blow up.

Are you sure? pretty sure.

"pretty sure" is not very scientific.

Is this how you normally work?

Just hunches and guesses and stuff?

Okay, sheldon, I understand that you're

Going through a bit of a career crisis,

You're searching for some other area

Where you can feel valuable and productive,

But I need to tell you something,

And I want you to listen carefully.

All right.

Go away.

If you're concerned about sharing credit with me,

Your name can go first-- I'm going.

It's a small, brown paper bag, ma!

I'm looking in it right now.

Why would I make that up?

There's no ding dong in it.

How are two ding dongs tomorrow gonna help me today?


This is engineering, huh?

I'll talk to you later.


Where the noble semiskilled laborers

Execute the vision of those who think and dream.

Hello, oompah loompahs of science.

Sheldon, what are you doing here?

I just came by to say hello.

I've been in this lab for three years.

You've never come by to say hello.

Well, up until now, I've had better things to do.

So, what are we making today?

A small payload support structure

For a european science experimental package

That's going up on the next space shuttle.

Really? how does it work?

When this is done, it will be attached

To the payload bay, and the sensor apparatus

Will rest on it.

So it's a shelf.

No, you don't understand-- during acceleration,

It needs to stay perfectly level and provide...

Yeah, okay, it's a shelf.

Now, I notice you're using titanium.

Did you give any consideration to carbon nanotubes?

They're lighter, cheaper, and have twice the tensile strength.


There's a diploma in my office

That says I have a master's in engineering.

And you also have a note from your mother

That says, "i love you, bubula."

But neither of those is a cogent argument

For titanium over nanotubes.

Sheldon? yes?

Go away!

Did leonard tell you to say that?

No, I thought of it all by myself.


excelled [ɪk'seld] v. 优于;超过;超越(excel的过去分词形式);胜过 { :7055}

acceleration [əkˌseləˈreɪʃn] n. 加速,促进;[物] 加速度 {cet4 toefl :7072}

pointless [ˈpɔɪntləs] adj. 无意义的;钝的;不尖的;不得要领的 {ielts :7557}

woe [wəʊ] n. 悲哀,悲痛;灾难 int. 唉(表示痛苦,悲伤或悔恨) n. (Woe)人名;(德)韦 {cet6 gre :8122}

antonio [æn'təʊnɪəʊ] n. 安东尼奥(男名) { :8296}

hunches [hʌntʃiz] n. 预感;大块;肉峰 vt. 耸肩;预感到;弯腰驼背 vi. 隆起;向前移动 { :9261}

Hm [hm] abbr. 百米(hectometer) { :9404}

chatter [ˈtʃætə(r)] n. 唠叨;饶舌;(动物的)啁啾声;潺潺流水声 vt. 喋喋不休地说;使卡嗒卡嗒作声 vi. 唠叨;喋喋不休;(动物等)吱吱叫 {cet6 :10403}

wolfgang [ˈwulfɡæŋ] n. 沃尔夫冈(m.) { :10801}

titanium [tɪˈteɪniəm] n. [化学] 钛(金属元素) { :11235}

fruitless [ˈfru:tləs] adj. 不成功的,徒劳的;不结果实的 {toefl :13696}

invalidated [ɪnˈvælɪˌdeɪtid] v. 使无效(invalidate的过去分词) { :14319}

payload [ˈpeɪləʊd] n. (导弹、火箭等的)有效载荷,有效负荷;收费载重,酬载;(工厂、企业等)工资负担 { :14356}

schematic [ski:ˈmætɪk] n. 原理图;图解视图 adj. 图解的;概要的 {gre :15435}

asterisk [ˈæstərɪsk] n. 星号 vt. 注上星号;用星号标出 {gre :18397}

cogent [ˈkəʊdʒənt] adj. 强有力的;使人信服的 {toefl gre :19762}

nanotubes [ ] (nanotube 的复数) n. 毫微管(富勒烯中的圆柱形分子) { :22427}

tensile [ˈtensaɪl] adj. [力] 拉力的;可伸长的;可拉长的 {cet6 toefl gre :24180}

argon [ˈɑ:gɒn] n. [化学] 氩(18号元素) n. (Argon)人名;(西、土、英)阿尔贡 { :25600}

ding [dɪŋ] n. 钟声 vt. 反复地说给人家听 vi. 响;执拗地讲 n. (Ding)人名;(英、德、缅)丁 { :26493}

cyborg [ˈsaɪbɔ:g] abbr. (部分机能由各种电子或电机装置代替的)半机械人;靠机械装置维持生命的人;受控机体(cybernetic organism) { :26600}

wunderkind [ˈwʊndəkɪnd] n. (德)神童;少年得志者 { :27585}

dongs [dɒŋ] n. 盾(越南货币单位) vt. 打击;敲击 vi. 发出铛铛的钟声 n. (Dong)人名;(中)董 (普通话·威妥玛) { :30108}

dong [dɒŋ] n. 盾(越南货币单位) vt. 打击;敲击 vi. 发出铛铛的钟声 n. (Dong)人名;(中)董 (普通话·威妥玛) { :30108}

Amadeus [a'madiəs] [男子名] 阿马迪厄斯来源于拉丁语,含义是“爱+上帝”(love+God); [电影]莫扎特传 { :36153}

oompah [ˈʊmpɑ:] n. 嗡吧嗡吧的声音 { :42989}

gonna [ˈgənə] abbr. (美)将要(等于going to)

helium-neon [ ] [网络] 氦氖雷射

postpubescent [pəʊstp'ju:besnt] 青春期后的

Salieri [ ] n. (Salieri)人名;(意)萨列里

semiskilled [ˌsemɪ'skɪld] adj. 半熟练的

a cow [ ] [网络] 一头母牛;奶牛;一头奶牛

A laser [ ] A型激光,A形激光

a tale of woe [ ] [网络] 悲情故事;欣恨;悲痛的故事

carbon nanotube [ˈkɑ:bən ˈnænəutju:b] [医]碳纳米管属于纳米材料,由单质C60构成的管状颗粒。

carbon nanotubes [ ] [网络] 奈米碳管;碳纳米管;碳奈米管

chatter on [ ] vi.不停地闲聊,喋喋不休地说

collaborate with [ ] v. 私通 [网络] 勾结;通敌;与敌人合作

cosmic radiation [ ] un. 宇宙辐射;宇宙线辐射;宇宙航行 [网络] 宇宙射线;宇宙幅射;宇宙辐射线

ding dong ['dɪŋ .dɒŋ] n. (钟、铃声)叮当;辩论;争吵 [网络] 叮咚;典型的门铃声音就是;铃儿响

ding dongs [ ] [网络] 丁多斯

excel at [ikˈsel æt] un. 善于;精通 [网络] 擅长于;突出;在某方面很擅长

laser array [ ] 激光阵列

payload bay [ ] n. 货舱 [网络] 有效载重舱;载荷仓;载货舱

rational person [ ] [网络] 理性人;理性的;理智的人

space shuttle [speis ˈʃʌtl] n. 航天飞机 [网络] 太空梭;太空穿梭机;太空飞船 {toefl :0}

tale of woe [ ] [网络] 身世

tensile strength [ˈtensəl streŋθ] na. 抗张强度 [网络] 抗拉强度;拉伸强度;拉伸强力

the noble [ ] [网络] 贵族;贵族酒;高贵者

Wolfgang Amadeus [ ] [网络] 阿玛迪斯;沃夫冈阿玛迪斯;音效

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart [ ] [网络] 莫札特;莫扎特;沃尔夫冈

you know

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