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S01E12 1


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[学习本文需要基础词汇量:4,000 ]
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Here's the problem with teleportation.

Lay it on me.

Assuming a device could be invented

Which would identify the quantum state of matter

Of an individual in one location

And transmit that pattern to a distant location for reassembly,

You would not have actually transported the individual.

You would have destroyed him in one location

And recreated him in another.

How about that.

Personally, I would never use a transporter,

Because the original sheldon would have to be

Disintegrated in order to create a new sheldon.

Would the new sheldon be in any way

An improvement on the old sheldon?

No, he would be exactly the same.

That is a problem.

So you see it too.

Dr. hofstadter.

Dr. cooper.

Dr. gablehauser. dr. gablehauser.

Gentlemen, I'd like you to meet dennis kim.

Dennis is a highly sought-after doctoral candidate,

And we're hopingto have him do his graduate work here.

Graduate work. very impressive.

And he's only 15 years old.

Not bad-- i, myself, started graduate school at 14.

Well, I lost a year while my family

Was tunneling out of north korea.

Advantage Kim.

I thought maybe you boys

Could show dennis around.

Let him see why we're

The best physics research facility in the country.

I already know you're not.

You don't have an open science grid computer

Or a free electron laser, and the string theory research

Being done here is nothing but a dead end.

Excuse me, that is my research,

And it is by no means a dead end.

Well, obviously you don't see it yet,

But trust me, you will.

Dennis, we've discussed this.

We're in the process of updating our equipment,

And we welcome your input on our research goals,

And we've agreed to look the other way if you want

To use up to 20% of the grant money you attract

To smuggle your grandfather out of pyongyang.

We want him here, boys.

Make it happen.

Yes, sir.

You can count on us.

We're on it.

What the hell do you mean, "dead end"?

I mean, the whole landscape of false vacuums

In string theory could be as large as ten

To the five hundredth power.

In addition-- ooh, look, chocolate milk.

I sense a disturbance in the force.

A bad feeling I have about this.


So, dennis, how long have you been in america?

A year and a half.

No kidding.

You speak english really well.

So do you.

Except for your tendency to end

Sentences with prepositions.

What are you talking about?


He's not wrong.

All right...

And this is my office.

Is this part of the tour?

Nope. good-bye.

Come on, sheldon, we've hardly shown him anything.

All right.

This is my desk.

These are my books; this is my door.

Please close it behind you. good-bye.

Looks like you're doing work

In quantum loop corrections.

Keen observation.


You see where you went wrong, don't you?



Get him out.

Come on, dennis.

I'll show you the recreation center.

They've got nautilus equipment.

Do I look like I lift weights?

Not heavy ones.

It's startling to me you haven't considered

A lorentz invariant or field theory approach.

You think I haven't considered it?

You really think I haven't considered it?

Have you considered it?

Get him out, leonard.

Come on, dennis.

I'll show you the radiation lab.

Wow, you won the stevenson award?


In fact, I am the youngest person ever to win it.

Really? how old?

Fourteen and a half.

Hm, you were the youngest person ever to win it.

It's like looking into an obnoxious

Little mirror, isn't it?

This is really delicious, isn't it?

Still can't talk to me unless you're drunk, huh?

Oh, sweetie, you are so damaged.

Hey, I'm damaged, too.

How about a hug for howie?

Sure. raj, hug howard.

Something you'd like to share?


doctoral [ˈdɒktərəl] n. 博士论文 adj. 博士的;博士学位的;有博士学位的 { :7920}

smuggle [ˈsmʌgl] vt. 走私;偷运 vi. 走私,私运;偷带 {cet6 ky toefl ielts gre :8668}

stevenson ['sti:vnsn] n. 史蒂文森(姓氏) { :9062}

Hm [hm] abbr. 百米(hectometer) { :9404}

nope [nəʊp] adv. 不是,没有;不 { :9734}

disintegrated [dɪsˈɪntɪˌgreɪtid] vt. 使分解;使碎裂;使崩溃;使衰变 vi. 瓦解;碎裂;衰变 { :10387}

sweetie [ˈswi:ti] n. 爱人,情人;甜的糕饼糖果 { :11067}

obnoxious [əbˈnɒkʃəs] adj. 讨厌的;可憎的;不愉快的 {ielts gre :13843}

hundredth [ˈhʌndrədθ] n. 第一百,第一百个;百分之一 adj. 第一百的;一百分之一的 { :15209}

duality [dju:ˈæləti] n. 二元性;[物] 二象性 { :16188}

transporter [trænˈspɔ:tə(r)] n. 运输机;输送者 { :17373}

invariant [ɪnˈveəriənt] n. [数] 不变量;[计] 不变式 adj. 不变的 { :26080}

prepositions [prepə'zɪʃnz] n. [语] 介词;系词(preposition的复数) { :26713}

nautilus [ˈnɔ:tɪləs] n. 鹦鹉螺;鹦鹉螺号 { :26809}

Howie [ˈhaui] n. 豪伊 (Howard 的异体)(m.) { :28636}

Pyongyang ['pjɔŋ'jæŋ] n. 平壤(朝鲜民主主义人民共和国首都) { :30667}

tunneling ['tʌnlɪŋ] n. 隧道效应;开挖隧道 v. 挖隧道(tunnel的现在分词) { :31036}

reassembly [rɪ'əsemblɪ] n. 重新聚集;重新组装;再装配 { :36853}

dennis [ˈdenis] n. 丹尼斯(男子名) { :4412}

good-bye ['gʊd'baɪ] n. 告辞 int. 再见

hopingto [ ] [网络] 以便更

Lorentz [ ] 洛伦兹

recreated [ˈrekri:ˌeɪtid] v. 再创造( recreate的过去式和过去分词 ); 再现; 消遣; 娱乐

sought-after ['sɔ:tɑ:ftə] adj. 受欢迎的,很吃香的

teleportation [ˌtelɪpɔ:'teɪʃn] n. 心灵传动;远距传动

chocolate milk [ˈtʃɔkəlit milk] un. 巧克力奶 [网络] 巧克力牛奶;朱古力奶;热巧克力牛奶

doctoral candidate [ ] [网络] 博士候选人;博士生;博士研究生

excuse me [ ] un. 请原谅;对不起 [网络] 劳驾;打扰一下;打扰了

free electron [fri: iˈlektrɔn] n. 自由电子 [网络] 游离电子;年轻艺术天地

free electron laser [fri: iˈlektrɔn ˈleizə] [网络] 自由电子激光器;自由电子雷射;自由电子雷射器

grid computer [ ] [网络] 网格计算机;网格信息;网格电脑

Lorentz invariant [ ] [网络] 洛伦兹不变量;被称为一洛伦兹不变量;被称为一劳仑兹不变量

North Korea [ ] n. 【国】朝鲜;北朝鲜;朝鲜民主主义人民共和国;位于亚洲东部 [网络] 韩国;C-朝鲜;朝鲜共和国

quantum state [ˈkwɔntəm steit] un. 量子状态;量子态 [网络] 相位因子

recreation center [ˌrekriˈeiʃn ˈsentə] un. 旅游中心 [网络] 娱乐中心;康乐中心;休闲中心

tendency to [ ] [网络] 趋向;趋势;倾向

very impressive [ˈveri imˈpresiv] [网络] 令人印象深刻;印象非常深刻;令人印象非常深刻的

come on

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