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S01E10 3


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[学习本文需要基础词汇量:6,000 ]
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Wow, look at you, all ready for your showcase.

You look great. thanks.

I just wanted to come by and wish you guys luck

With your... symposium.

Well, thank you.

You know, I got to tell you, a lot of friends

Would let their friend go alone,

But that's not who you are.

You are the kind of guy who stands by a friend

When... when he has a symposium to go to.

I don't know what to say.

It's okay, leonard.

Oh, okay, all right, good.

Oh, boy, group hug. uh-uh.


So, what's up?

Well, penny is on her way to perform

In a one-night showcase production of rent,

Which we are unable to attend, because we're going

To a symposium on molecular positronium

Given by dr. emil farmanfarmian.

Wait a minute-- farmanfarmian is speaking

And you're bogarting the symposium?

Howard, I'm sorr... we-we...

No, no, you're quark-blocking us.

I don't know what to say.

Howard, listen... no, it's okay.

It's your millennium falcon.

You and chewbacca do whatever you want to do.

Me and princess leia here

Will find some other way to spend the evening.

Howard, wait. wai...

Sheldon, I think we should tell them.

Okay, sure.

I don't see a problem with that.

There's no symposium.

Leonard lied to me. isn't that right, leonard?

I don't know what to say!

It's okay; I do.

Look, leonard is helping sheldon through a family crisis.

He made up the whole story about the symposium

With dr. farman... farmian...

Good for you.

...because he didn't want sheldon to be embarrassed.

And there is nothing to be embarrassed about, okay?

Every family in america has a relative

Holed up in a garage somewhere huffing paint thinner.

No, I'm lost, too.

I think she skipped a step.

No, look.

Sheldon's cousin leo escaped rehab,

And he's in a motel 8 in long beach.

The whole family's going out for an intervention.

Leonard is driving sheldon down there

To help him through this, because he's such a good man.

Oh, another hug? thank you.

All right, you guys, good luck.

Thanks, penny.

Oh-- break a leg.

Break a leg.

So, road trip to long beach.

No. we're not going to long beach.

Why not?

Because sheldon doesn't have

A drug-addicted cousin leopold.

Oh, too bad.

I've always wanted to go to long beach.

It's a very nice community.

The queen mary is docked there.

Once the largest ocean liner in the world,

It's now a hotel and restaurant,

Where they host a surprisingly gripping

Murder mystery dinner.

Sounds fun. I'm game.


No, no, no.

Leonard gets nauseous unless he sits in front,

And even then, it's iffy.

Wait, are we... really going to long beach?!


Leonard? leonard?

Let it go, sheldon.

The murderer was the first mate

Whether it makes sense to you or not.

No, that's the least of our worries.

I've been doing some research on addiction--

Both the biochemical and behavioral aspects--

And I think there's a problem

With the current version of our lie.

What are you talking about?

It's fine-- she bought it; it's over.

Sadly, it's not.

Substance abuse is a lifelong struggle,

But beyond that, I have realized that the leo I described

Would not have agreed to go to rehab.

Why not?

Because leo's a middle child.

There is no leo!

How can you say that?

You didn't read the bio, did you?

He's not just a middle child,

He is the quintessential middle child--

From a broken home, to boot.

Psychologically speaking, the attention he gets by rebelling,

Even to the point of self-destruction,

Is more emotionally valuable than the help he would get at rehab.

I've got a solution.

Great. what is it?

Get out!


I've hesitated to point this out,

But I must now remind you that we

Are in our current predicament because of your initial

And totally inadequate deceit.

I'm just trying to clean up after your mess.

We'll talk in the morning.


Who are you?

I am sheldon's cousin leo.

Sheldon does not have a cousin leo.

Au contraire.

I'm 26 years old.

I'm originally from... denton, texas,


showcase [ˈʃəʊkeɪs] n. 陈列橱,[家具] 陈列柜;显示优点的东西 vt. 使展现;在玻璃橱窗陈列 { :7291}

liner [ˈlaɪnə(r)] n. 班轮,班机;衬垫;画线者 {cet4 cet6 ky ielts :7501}

psychologically [ˌsaɪkə'lɒdʒɪklɪ] adv. 心理上地;心理学地 { :9081}

predicament [prɪˈdɪkəmənt] n. 窘况,困境;状态 {gre :9468}

rehab [ˈri:hæb] n. 修复(等于rehabilitation) vt. 修复(等于rehabilitate) { :9976}

falcon [ˈfɔ:lkən] n. [鸟] 猎鹰;[鸟] 隼 n. (Falcon)人名;(法、意、西、葡、罗、瑞典)法尔孔;(英)福尔肯 {toefl gre :10291}

biochemical [ˌbaɪəʊ'kemɪkl] adj. 生物化学的 { :10822}

leopold [ˈli:əpəuld] n. 利奥波德(m.) { :10911}

symposium [sɪmˈpəʊziəm] n. 讨论会,座谈会;专题论文集;酒宴,宴会 {cet6 ky ielts gre :11312}

quintessential [ˌkwɪntɪ'senʃl] adj. 精髓的,精萃的 { :12212}

deceit [dɪˈsi:t] n. 欺骗;谎言;欺诈手段 {cet4 cet6 ky toefl gre :14500}

huffing [hʌfɪŋ] vt. 把…吹胀;激怒;蔑视 vi. 吹气;发怒;恫吓 n. 发怒 n. (Huff)人名;(匈)胡夫;(英)赫夫 { :14754}

bio ['bi:əʊ] n. 个人简历,小传 n. (Bio)人名;(法、意、葡、土、刚(金)、塞拉)比奥 { :17047}

AU [әu] abbr. 任意单位(Arbitrary Unit);运算器(Arithmetical Unit);原子单位(Atom Unit) n. (Au)人名;(日)逢(姓);(柬)欧;(德)奥 { :19403}

nauseous [ˈnɔ:ziəs] adj. 令人作呕的;厌恶的 { :20064}

iffy [ˈɪfi] n. (Iffy)人名;(匈、英)伊菲 adj. 未确定的;富于偶然性的;可疑的 { :21912}

denton ['dentәn] n. 丹顿(姓氏) { :22852}

emil [ei'mi:l] [男子名] 埃米尔来源于日耳曼语,含义是“勤奋的,工作”(industrious,work) { :27382}

bogarting [ ] un. 鲍嘉(Humphrey,1899-1957,美国著名电影演员,以演硬汉著称) [网络] 博加特;鲍嘉特;鲍嘉装

chewbacca [ ] n. 丘百卡

contraire [ ] [网络] 康莱尔

drug-addicted [ ] adj. 吸毒成瘾的

Farman [ ] [人名] [英格兰人姓氏] 法曼来源于古诺斯语人名,含义是“走+人”(to go+man); [人名] [英格兰人姓氏] 法曼职业名称,商贩,来源于中世纪英语,含义是同1

leia [ ] [医][=luminescent-enzyme immunoassay]发光酶免疫测定

one-night [ ] 一夜之间(歌曲名)

positronium [pɒzɪ'trəʊnɪəm] n. 电子偶素,正电子素

self-destruction [ˌselfdɪˈstrʌkʃən] n. 自毁; 灯蛾扑火

sorr [ ] [网络] 特别行动计划与资源中心;怒之铁拳;对不起

uh-uh [ˈʌ ʌ] int. 哼

wai [ ] abbr. 真是个白痴(What An Idiot) n. (Wai)人名;(日)和井(姓);(巴布)瓦伊;(缅)韦

au contraire [əukɔŋ'trεər] [网络] 正相反;反之

first mate [fə:st meit] n. (商船的)大副 [网络] 上坐第二把交椅的大副;枫味;初恋情人

good luck [ɡud lʌk] na. 幸运 [网络] 祝你好运;祝好运;好运气

group hug [ ] [网络] 集体拥抱;拥抱一下;团体鼓舞

Leo I [ ] un. 利奥一世(Saint,400—461,罗马教皇,在位期间440—461) [网络] 教皇利奥一世;里奥一世;教皇利欧一世

murder mystery [ ] [网络] 神秘谋杀;神秘谋杀案;谋杀之谜

ocean liner [ ] na. 远洋定期客轮 [网络] 远洋班轮;外洋轮船;定期远洋船

substance abuse [ˈsʌbstəns əˈbju:s] na. (对烟,酒,毒品等的)难戒除的瘾 [网络] 物质滥用;药物滥用;滥用药物

to boot [tu: bu:t] na. 加之 [网络] 而且;并且;除此之外

i don't know what to say
it's okay

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