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S01E08 4


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You are the living embodiment of the beautiful princess panchali.

Oh,no kidding.

Who... who is that?

A beloved character from an indian folktale.

Us indian or "come to our casino" indian?

You indian.

The resemblance is remarkable.

I can practically smell the lotus blossoms woven into your ebony hair.


I imagine you smell very nice,too.

I shower twice a day and wash my hands as often as I can.

Really? So do I.

But you're a dentist. He's nuts.

Don't be insulting,rajesh.

So,sheldon,tell me more about this princess you say I look like.

It was said that the gods fashioned her eyes out of the stars

and that roses were ashamed to bloom in the presence of her ruby lips.


Back off,sheldon.


If you do not stop hitting on my lady,

you will feel the full extent of my wrath.

I'm not hitting on her.

And I am not your lady.

And you have no wrath.

You are my lady.

Our parents said so.

We are,for all intents and purposes,100% hooked up.

Okay,let's get something straight here.

The only reason I came tonight was to get my parents off my case.

I certainly don't need to be getting this old world crap from you.

That's exactly the kind of spirit with which princess panchali

led the monkeys to freedom.

Screw princess panchali.

Hey,you can't talk to me like that.

But you're not princess panchali.

Luckily for you-- she could have you beheaded.

Sheldon,are you hungry?

I could eat.

Let's go.

What just happened?

Beats the hell out of me.

I'll tell you what happened.

I just learned how to pick up indian chicks.

What are we supposed to say to lalita's parents?

I play golf with her father.

I won't be able to look at him.

Maybe you should keep your eye on the ball,papa.

Oh,now you're a funny man.

This is not funny,mr.Funny man.

Dr.And mrs.Koothrappali,in all fairness,

it wasn't entirely raj's fault.

This is a family matter,sheldon.

I'm leonard.

Oh,sorry. You all look alike to us.

But he's right,papa.

Listen to him.

You! You are the one who ruined everything.

Who is it? We can't see.

Turn us. Turn us.

Go ahead,tell my parents why they won't have any grandchildren.

How would I know?

Do you have a low sperm count?

This has nothing to do with my sperm count.

You are wearing the boxers that we sent you,aren't you,rajesh?


Because you know what happens to the samosas when you wear tighty-whities.

Can we please stop talking about my testicles?

Sheldon,tell them what you did.

What did I do?

You left with his date.

Friends don't do that to each other.

All right,noted.


Sorry? That's all you can say is sorry?

Take it,raj. It's more than I've ever gotten.

And may I point out,she woavdn't hule asked me to go with her

if you hadn't been drunk and boring.


And boring-- her words.

I knew it.

He moves to america and he becomes an alcoholic.

I'm not an alcoholic.

Then why were you drunk?

It was just this one time,papa,I swear.

Are you in denial?

Do we have to come over and do an intervention?

Don't embarrass him in front of his friends.

All right.

Carry us outside.

We want to talk to you in private.

- But,papa,please... - now,rajesh!

I have to go.

Now,listen to me...

at least wait till I get into the hall.

okay,well,good night.

Hold on.

What happened with you and lalita?

We ate,she lectured me on the link between gum disease and heart attacks--

nothing I didn't already know-- and I came home.

So you're not going to see her again?

Why would I see her again?

I already have a dentist.

I wonder who's going to tell his parents they're not having grandchildren?

To life,to life,l'chaim

l'chaim,l'chaim,to life

life has a way of amusing us blessing and bruising us drink,

l'chaim,to li...fe.

I don't believe it. What's gotten into him?

maybe a couple virgin cuba libres that turned out to be kind of slutty.

You didn'T.

Hey,you do your experiments. I do mine.


crap [kræp] n. 废话;废物;屎;拉屎 vi. 掷骰子;拉屎 n. (Crap)人名;(英)克拉普 { :7117}

embarrass [ɪmˈbærəs] vt. 使局促不安;使困窘;阻碍 {gk cet4 cet6 ky toefl ielts gre :7138}

chicks [t'ʃɪks] n. 小鸡(chick的复数形式);雏鸡 {ielts :7269}

Cuba ['kju:bә] n. 古巴(拉丁美洲国家) { :7366}

bruising [ˈbru:zɪŋ] n. 挫伤 adj. 殊死的;十分激烈的 v. 擦伤(bruise的ing形式) { :7621}

alcoholic [ˌælkəˈhɒlɪk] n. 酒鬼,酗酒者 adj. 酒精的,含酒精的 {gk :7755}

boxers ['bɒksəz] n. 拳击短裤;四角裤 { :7907}

papa [pəˈpɑ:] n. 爸爸(儿语,等于poppa) n. (Papa)人名;(俄、意、葡、罗、几)帕帕 { :9280}

wrath [rɒθ] n. 愤怒;激怒 {cet6 toefl gre :9893}

embodiment [ɪmˈbɒdimənt] n. 体现;化身;具体化 {gre :10972}

ruby [ˈru:bi] n. 红宝石;红宝石色 adj. 红宝石色的 vt. 使带红宝石色 n. (Ruby)人名;(法)吕比;(英、西、德、匈、瑞典)鲁比 {cet6 ky :12800}

ebony [ˈebəni] n. 乌木,黑檀 n. (Ebony)人名;(英)埃博妮 adj. 乌木制的,黑檀木制的;似木的,黑檀木色的 { :15149}

testicles ['testɪkəlz] n. [解剖] 睾丸(testicle的复数) { :15754}

Fe [ ] abbr. 成人教育(further education);远东(Far East);灭火器(Fire Extinguisher);外汇(foreign exchange) { :17097}

beheaded [bɪ'hedɪd] adj. 身首异处的 v. 砍头(behead的过去分词) { :18382}

folktale ['fəʊkteɪl] n. 民间故事;民间传说 { :23619}

slutty [slʌtɪ] 淫荡的 { :33231}

samosas [səˈməʊsəz] n. 萨莫萨三角饺( samosa的名词复数 ) { :40112}

libres [ ] [地名] [墨西哥] 利夫雷斯 { :46553}

hule [ ] [网络] 质料;质料因

lalita [ləu'li:tə] 洛莉塔(女子名)

Mumi [ ] [地名] 穆米 ( 印尼 )

panchali [ ] [网络] 美丽的公主潘查理

rajesh [ ] n. 拉杰什(印度出口公司)

tighty-whities [ ] [网络] 轻薄棉制成;紧身三角裤;比较廉价的

Cuba libre [ ] [网络] 自由古巴;古巴自由;古巴自由军

Cuba libres [ ] [网络] 古巴自由

gum disease [ ] [网络] 牙龈疾病;牙周病;牙龈病

hook up [ ] n. 【无线】试验线路;联播电台;联合 [网络] 接洽妥当;连接;上钩拳

i swear [ ] [网络] 我发誓;我宣誓;誓言

in all fairness [in ɔ:l ˈfeənɪs] [网络] 平心而论;说句公道话;平心静气地评论

in denial [ ] 否认;拒绝接受现实;拒绝承认出了问题

living embodiment [ ] [网络] 真身

look alike [ ] na. 〈美俚〉面貌很相似的人 [网络] 看起来一样;看起来相似;面貌相似

sperm count [spɜ:m kaunt] na. 【医】(一次射出的)精子计数 [网络] 精子数;精虫计数;精子密度

the Monkey [ ] [网络] 猴子;西游记;猕猴猴趣

wait till [weit til] [网络] 等到……时候

weave into [ ] 把…织成…; 把…织进…里; 把…编撰成…

to life

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