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S01E08 2


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Okay,I know you're texting about me and I'd really like you to stop.

oh,dear,I am rightly and truly screwed.

Hey,I thought you were finding new friends.

I've got some feelers out.

In the meantime,listen to this.

Hi,rajesh. This is lalita gupta.

Uh,your mother gave my mother your phone number to give to me.

So,I'm calling you and… call me back. Bye.

Can you believe how pushy she is?

So don't call her.

If I don't call her,I won't hear the end of it from my parents.

So call her.

How can I call her? You know I can't talk to women.

I'm done. Anybody else?

- Give me the phone. - Why?

Just give it to me.

What are you doing?

Don't worry. You'll thank me.

Hello,lalita?Raj koothrappali here.

Yes,it is good to talk to you,too.

So what are you wearing?

Oh,not important.

Uh,so,anyhow,when would you like to meet?

Friday works for me!

I'll call you with a time and place.

But in the meantime,keep it real,babe.

You may now thank me.

For what? Making me sound like a simpsons character?

Fine. Next time make your own date.

I didn't want to make this one!

Look on the bright side,she might turn out to be a nice,beautiful girl.

Great,then we'll get married,

I won't be able to talk to her

and we'll spend the rest of our lives in total silence.

It worked for my parents.

- hi,guys. - Oh,hey.

I need some guinea pigs.

Okay,there's a lab animal supply company in reseda you could try.

But if your research is going to have human applications,

may I suggest white mice instead?

Their brain chemistry is far closer to ours.

I swear to god,sheldon,one day,

I'm going to get the hang of talking to you.

His mom's been saying that for years.

What's up?

Well,I finally convinced the restaurant to give me a bartending shift,

so I need to practice mixing drinks.


Well,the key to acquiring proficiency in any task is repetition.

With certain obvious exceptions.

Suicide,for example.

So,leonard,how about it?

You know,penny,we'd love to help you,

and besides,he doesn't drink,so...


Um,raj is going through some stuff right now and he'd like to take up drinking.

Okay,here you go,leonard.

One tequila sunrise.

Thank you.

You know,this drink is a wonderful example of

how liquids with different specific gravities

interact in a cylindrical container.

Thank you.

Okay,raj,what'll it be?

Whatever you recommend.

Uh,how about a grasshopper?

I make a mean grasshopper.

Okay? Good.Coming up.

Sheldon,what are you going to have?

I'll have a diet coke.

Okay,can you please order a cocktail?

I need to practice mixing drinks.


I'll have a virgin cuba libre.

That's,um,rum and coke without the rum.


- So...coke. - Yes.

And would you make it diet?

There's a can in the fridge.

A cuba libre traditionally comes in a tall glass with a lime wedge.

Then swim to cuba.

Bartenders are supposed to have people skills.


Raj,here you go.

All right. Who's next?

I'd like to try a slippery nipple.

Okay,you're cut off.

Anybody need a refill?

Where did my life go,penny?

One day I'm a carefree bachelor,

and the next I'm married and driving a minivan

to peewee cricket matches in suburban new delhi.

Are you talking to me?

Is there another penny here?

I had such plans.

I had dreams.

I was going to be the indira gandhi of particle astrophysics.

But with a penis,of course.


Ever since I was a little boy,


sunrise [ˈsʌnraɪz] n. 日出;黎明 n. (Sunrise)人名;(德)松里泽 {gk cet4 cet6 ky toefl :7313}

um [ʌm, əm] n. (Um)人名;(柬)温;(阿拉伯)乌姆 int. 嗯(表示迟疑) { :7325}

Cuba ['kju:bә] n. 古巴(拉丁美洲国家) { :7366}

Gandhi ['gændi:] n. 甘地(印度政府、社会和宗教领袖) { :7449}

slippery [ˈslɪpəri] adj. 滑的;狡猾的;不稳定的 {cet4 cet6 ky toefl ielts gre :7707}

coke [kəʊk] n. 可口可乐(等于Coca-Cola) {zk gk :7803}

penis [ˈpi:nɪs] n. 阳物;[解剖] 阴茎 { :7804}

guinea [ˈgɪni] n. 几内亚;基尼(英国旧时金币名) { :7818}

bartenders [ˈbɑ:tendəz] n. 酒吧间销售酒精饮料的人,酒吧间男招待( bartender的名词复数 ) { :7886}

delhi [ˈdeli] n. 德里(印度城市名) { :8248}

nipple [ˈnɪpl] n. 乳头,奶头;奶嘴 { :8851}

babe [beɪb] n. 婴儿,小孩;女孩;天真幼稚的人 n. (Babe)人名;(西)巴韦;(罗)巴贝;(法)巴布 { :8951}

anyhow [ˈenihaʊ] adv. 总之;无论如何;不管怎样 {gk cet4 ky ielts :9090}

rum [rʌm] n. 朗姆酒 adj. 古怪的;奇特的 n. (Rum)人名;(葡、印尼)鲁姆 { :9529}

minivan [ˈmɪnivæn] n. 小型货车 { :9671}

proficiency [prə'fɪʃnsɪ] n. 精通,熟练 {cet6 ky toefl ielts :10195}

refill [ˌri:ˈfɪl] n. 替换物;再注满 vt. 再装满;再充满 vi. 被再注满 { :12907}

tequila [təˈki:lə] n. 龙舌兰酒;蒸馏酒 { :13787}

carefree [ˈkeəfri:] adj. 无忧无虑的;不负责的 { :14017}

cylindrical [səˈlɪndrɪkl] adj. 圆柱形的;圆柱体的 { :14895}

grasshopper [ˈgrɑ:shɒpə(r)] n. 蚱蜢;[植保] 蝗虫;小型侦察机 vi. 见异思迁;蚱蜢似地跳 {cet6 toefl :15296}

pushy [ˈpʊʃi] adj. 有进取心的;爱出风头的;有冲劲的;固执己见的 { :18848}

astrophysics [ˌæstrəʊˈfɪzɪks] n. 天体物理学 { :20187}

feelers [ˈfi:ləz] n. (昆虫的)触须,对他人观点或反应的试探( feeler的名词复数 ) { :24142}

Indira [ ] n. (Indira)人名;(印、毛里求)英迪拉 { :39117}

Gupta [ ] n. (Gupta)人名;(德、意、印、孟、尼)古普塔 笈多 { :41190}

libre [ ] n. (西)自由;(法)自由泳 { :46553}

bartending [ˈbɑ:tendɪŋ] v. <美口>(尤指从业)当酒吧侍者,在酒吧掌柜( bartend的现在分词 )

lalita [ləu'li:tə] 洛莉塔(女子名)

peewee ['pi:wi:] n. (美口)矮小的人或东西;小东西;美洲小燕(等于pewee) adj. 矮小的

rajesh [ ] n. 拉杰什(印度出口公司)

reseda [rɪ'si:də] n. 木犀草属植物,浅绿色

texting [ ] n. [计] 文本;课文;主题 vt. 发短信

a grasshopper [ ] [网络] 蚱蜢;蚂蚱;一只蚂蚱

a virgin [ ] [网络] 处女;一个处女;处女的慾望

brain chemistry [brein ˈkemistri] [网络] 脑化学;脑部化学;脑化学变化

cricket match [ ] 板球比赛

cricket matches [ ] 板球比赛

Cuba libre [ ] [网络] 自由古巴;古巴自由;古巴自由军

cylindrical container [ ] n.圆筒形容器

Diet Coke [ ] [网络] 健怡可乐;无糖可乐;健怡可口可乐

guinea pig ['ɡɪnɪ pɪɡ] n. 实验对象;【动】豚鼠;天竺鼠 [网络] 几内亚猪;实验品;荷兰猪

guinea pigs [ ] n. 实验对象;【动】豚鼠;天竺鼠 [网络] 几内亚猪;试验品;天竺鼠们

i swear [ ] [网络] 我发誓;我宣誓;誓言

in the meantime [ ] na. 在这期间 [网络] 与此同时;在此期间;其间

Indira Gandhi [ ] [网络] 甘地夫人;英迪拉·甘地;英迪拉甘地夫人

lime wedge [laɪm wedʒ] [网络] 莱姆角;龙舌兰酒一杯

New Delhi [nju:'deli] n. 【城】新德里 [网络] 印度新德里;首都新德里;印度的新德里

particle astrophysics [ ] 粒子天体物理学; 研究天体和其它宇宙物质中基本粒子过程的学科。

proficiency in [ ] [网络] 熟练;精通;熟练精通

slippery nipple [ ] [网络] 湿滑;乳汁;滑奶之旅

specific gravity [spiˈsifik ˈɡræviti] na. 【物】比重 [网络] 密度;尿比重;相对密度

swear to [ ] na. “swear”的变体 [网络] 断言;发誓;保证某事

swear to god [ ] [网络] 对天发誓;我发誓;向我发誓

tequila sunrise [ ] 龙舌兰日出(用龙舌兰酒和橙汁、石榴汁调制而成的鸡尾酒)

white mouse [ ] [网络] 小白鼠;小白鼠图片;白色的老鼠

zk/中考 gk/中考 ky/考研 cet4/四级 cet6/六级 ielts/雅思 toefl/托福 gre/GRE
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