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S01E07 4


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[学习本文需要基础词汇量:5,000 ]
[本次分析采用基础词汇量:7,000 ]

We don't order egg rolls.

Exactly,but we'd have to if she was here!

Can we please make a decision?

Not only are there children starving in india,

there's an indian starving right here.

There's an idea. Why don't we just go out for indian food?

You're nice boys.

Tell you what I'm going to do.

I'm going to bring you the four dumplings.

When I'm walking over to the table,

maybe I get bumped,one of the dumplings fall to the floor.

No one has to know.

I'll know.

how about soup?

Yeah,we can always divide soup.

What about the wontons?

Hey,guys,what's up?

It's halo night.

Yeah? Okay.


Well,with wolowitz spending all of his time with your friend christy...

she's not my friend.

Friends do not get their friends' care bears all sweaty.

Right. Anyway,uh,with wolowitz occupied elsewhere,

we had something we wanted to ask you.

- Sheldon? - Yes.


we would very much appreciate

it if you would be the fourth member of our halo team.

I don't think I need to tell you what an honor this is.

Oh,that's so sweet,but I'm going out dancing with a girlfriend.

You can't go out; it's halo night.

Well,for penny,it's dancing night.

You go dancing every wednesday?

No. Then that's not "dancing night."

Look,why don't I play with you guys tomorrow?

Tonight is halo night.

It's like talking to a wall.

All right,now,sheldon,you and I are about to have a problem.

Sheldon,remember,we role-played this.

Yes,but you didn't portray her as completely irrational.

All right,fellas,I gotta go.

But good luck.

Maybe we should've asked if we could go dancing with her and her girlfriend.

Okay,assuming we could dance-- which we can't--

there are three of us and two of them.


It's the chinese restaurant all over again.

I assure you that cutting a dumpling in thirds is child's play

compared with three men each attempting to dance with 67% of a woman.

Oh,for god's sakes,sheldon,you're driving me crazy!

Your anger is not with me,sir,but with basic mathematics.

No. I'm pretty sure my anger is with you.

What's happening to us? We're falling apart.

Who are you calling?

The only man who can restore any semblance of balance to our universe.

Hi,this is howard wolowitz.

And this is christy vanderbelt.

We can't get to the phone right now because we're having sex!

You're not going to put that on your message,are you?

Nah,I'm just kidding. I'll re-record it.

sheldon,think this through.

You're going to ask howard to choose between sex and halo.

No,I'm going to ask him to choose between sex and halo three.

As far as I know,sex has not been upgraded

to include hi-def graphics and enhanced weapon systems.

You're right,all sex has is nudity,orgasms and human contact.

My point.

I'm just saying,you can take the damn plastic off the couch once in a while!

Why,so you and howard can hump on it?

Ladies,ladies,I'm sure there's a middle ground.

Shut up,howard!

You know what,you guys talk.

I'm gonna take my scooter out for a little spin.

You happy? You drove your own son out of the house.

hey,what are you guys doing here?

It's halo night.

He's not a man,he's a putz!

And don't you take that tone with me,you gold digger!

What'd you call me?

You heard me!

And I'll tell you something else,you're barking up the wrong tree.

'Cause as long as you're around,howard is out of the will!

You know what? I got better offers.

I'm outta here.

that's right.

Go back to babylon,you whore!

So,halo night,huh?

I thought she was the whore of omaha.

sheldon,you got him in your sights! Fire!

He's charging his plasma rifle!

I can't shoot now.

I'm cloaking!

Now,raj! Kill sheldon!

I can't see him!

That's why they call it cloaking,dead man!

Start throwing grenades!

I'm all out!

Hey,guys. My friends and I got tired of dancing,

so we came over to have sex with you.

Raj,hop in the tank!

We said no tanks!

There are no rules in hell!

Son of a bitch. Med pack!

I need a med pack!

Told ya.

There's a sniper. Use your rocket launcher!

All I've got is a needler and I'm all out of ammo!

And now you're out of life.

why'd you hit pause?

I thought I heard... something.


No,n-never mind. Sorry.Go.


starving ['stɑ:vɪŋ] v. 挨饿(starve的ing形式);使饿死 adj. 饥饿的;挨饿的 { :7450}

grenades [grəˈneɪdz] n. 手榴弹(grenade的复数) v. 扔手榴弹;用催泪弹攻击(grenade的第三人称单数形式) { :7899}

sniper [ˈsnaɪpə(r)] n. 狙击兵 { :8073}

irrational [ɪˈræʃənl] n. [数] 无理数 adj. 不合理的;无理性的;荒谬的 { :8231}

whore [hɔ:(r)] n. 娼妓,淫妇 vi. 卖淫,娼妓 { :8725}

sweaty [ˈsweti] adj. 出汗的;吃力的;使人出汗的 { :8900}

halo [ˈheɪləʊ] n. 光环;荣光 vt. 使有晕轮;围以光环 vi. 成晕轮 {gre :9536}

orgasms [ˈɔ:ˌgæzəmz] n. 性高潮( orgasm的名词复数 ) { :10463}

fellas [ˈfeləz] n. 伙计们,小伙子们; <俚>伙伴,伙计,小伙子( fella的名词复数 ) { :10720}

dumplings ['dʌmplɪŋz] n. 饺子(dumpling的复数) { :12528}

launcher [ˈlɔ:ntʃə(r)] n. 发射器;发射台;发射者 { :12690}

scooter [ˈsku:tə(r)] n. 小轮摩托车;速可达;单脚滑行车;小孩滑板车 {gre :13066}

semblance [ˈsembləns] n. 外貌;假装;类似 {toefl ielts gre :13183}

nah [nɑ:] adj. 没有;很少, 很小 n. (Nah)人名;(利比)纳赫 { :13244}

nudity [ˈnju:dəti] n. 裸露;裸体像 { :13839}

hump [hʌmp] n. 驼峰;驼背;圆形隆起物 vt. 使隆起;使烦恼 vi. 隆起;弓起;努力;急速行进 {toefl :13883}

dumpling [ˈdʌmplɪŋ] n. 饺子,汤团;面团布丁 {zk gk :14302}

ammo [ˈæməʊ] n. 弹药;军火 n. (Ammo)人名;(阿拉伯)阿穆 { :15515}

digger [ˈdɪgə(r)] n. 挖掘机;挖掘者;矿工;以色相骗钱的女人;扒手 { :16058}

Babylon ['bæbilәn] n. 巴比伦(古代巴比伦王国Babylonia的首都);繁华的都市,罪恶之都 { :20665}

Christy [ ] n. (Christy)人名;(英)克里斯蒂,克丽丝蒂(女名) (教名Christian、Christabel的昵称) 挪威式转弯 { :26939}

wontons [ ] (wonton 的复数) n. 馄饨 { :30131}

outta [ˈaʊtə] prep. “out of”的简写体 { :36737}

omaha ['әumәhɑ:] n. 奥马哈;奥马哈市(美国内布拉斯加州);美国奥马哈族印第安人 { :45577}

gonna [ˈgənə] abbr. (美)将要(等于going to)

gotta [ˈgɒtə] n. (Gotta)人名;(意)戈塔 adv. 必须(等于have got to)

Hi-Def [ ]

needler ['ni:dlə] n. 刺激别人者,揶揄别人者

putz [pʌts] n. 笨蛋;阴茎 n. (Putz)人名;(德、捷、瑞典)普茨 vi. 磨蹭

re-record ['reɪrek'ɔ:d] vt. 再录,重录

role-played [ ] n. 角色扮演 v. 扮演…角色 [网络] 角色表演;扮演角色;进行角色扮演

a bitch [ ] [网络] 母狗

a girlfriend [ ] [网络] 女朋友;一个女朋友

bark up the wrong tree [bɑ:k ʌp ðə rɔŋ tri:] na. 弄错 [网络] 错怪人;认错目标;精力用在不该用的地方

for God's sake [ ] na. 看在上帝面上 [网络] 看在上帝的份上;看在上帝的面上;看在上帝份上,拜托

gold digger [ɡəuld ˈdiɡə] na. 金矿工人;淘金者;〈口〉以美色骗取男人钱财的女子 [网络] 掘金女郎;掘金者;拜金女

good luck [ɡud lʌk] na. 幸运 [网络] 祝你好运;祝好运;好运气

hop in [ ] [网络] 上车;快上车啦;上车,快进来

i assure you [ ] [网络] 我向你保证;我向你们保证;你觉得我很好笑

outta here [ ] [网络] 离开这里;失控于此;快跑啊

plasma rifle [ ] [网络] 电浆步枪;电浆枪;等离子步枪

rocket launcher [ˈrɔkit ˈlɔ:ntʃə] na. 火箭发射装置[发射筒] [网络] 火箭发射器;火箭筒;得到火箭发射器

son of a bitch [sʌn ɔv ə bɪtʃ] n. 狗娘养的;王八蛋;浑蛋 [网络] 婊子养的;混蛋;狗崽子

it's halo night

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