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S01E07 1


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[学习本文需要基础词汇量:7,000 ]
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Watch this,it's really cool.

Call leonard hofstadter.

Did you say: "Call helen boxleitner"?


Call leonard hofstadter.

Did you say: "Call temple beth seder"?

- No. - Here,let me try it.

Call mcflono mcfIlooloon

calling rajesh koothrappali.

oh,it's very impressive.

And a little racist.

If we're all through playing "mock the flawed technology,"

can we get on with halo night?

We were supposed to start at 8:00. It is now 8:06.

So we'll start now.

Yes,first we have to decide

if those lost six minutes will be coming out of game time, bathroom time or the pizza break.

We could split it two,two and two.

If we're having anchovies on the pizza,we can't take it out of bathroom time.

oh,what fresh hell is this?

Oh,hey,penny. Come on in.


See a penny,pick her up,and all the day you'll have good luck.

No,you won'T.

Uh,can I hide out here for a while?

Sure. What's going on?

Well,there's this girl I know from back in nebraska,christy.

Anyway,she called me up,and she's like,"hey,how's california?"

And I'm like,"awesome,"'cause,you know,it's not nebraska.

And the next thing I know she's invited herself out here to stay with me.


Anyway,she got here today and she's just been in my apartment yakity yakking about every guy she slept with in omaha,

which is basically every guy in omaha,

and washing the sluttiest collection of underwear you have ever seen in my bathroom sink.

Is she doing it one thong at a time,or does she throw it all in...

like some sort of erotic bouillabaisse?

- He really needs to dial it down. - I know.

So if you don't like this christy,why are you letting her stay?

Well,she was engaged to my cousin while she was sleeping with my brother,

so she's kind of family.

I apologize for my earlier outburst.

Who needs halo,when we can be regaled with the delightfully folksy tale of the whore of omaha?

Oh,I don't think she's a whore.

No,yeah,she's definitely a whore.

I mean,she has absolutely no standards.

This one time she was at...

where's howard?


I understand you're new in town.

Oh,good grief.


Aw,I cannot believe christy let howard into my apartment.

And I cannot believe people pay for horoscopes,

but on a more serious note, it's 8:13 and we're still not playing halo.

Okay,fine. We'll just play one-on-one until he gets back.

One-on-one? We don't play one-on-one.

We play teams,not one-on-one. One-on-one.

Well,the only way we can play teams at this point is if we cut raj in half.

Oh sure,cut the foreigner in half. There's a billion more where he came from.

Hey,if you guys need a fourth,I'll play.

Great idea.


The wheel was a great idea,relativity was a great idea.

This is a notion,and a rather sucky one at that.





This is a complex battle simulation with a steep learning curve.

There are myriad weapons,vehicles and strategies to master,

not to mention an extremely intricate backstory.

oh cool. Whose head did I just blow off?


Okay,I got this. Lock and load,boys.

It's the only way we can play teams.

Yes,but whoever's her partner will be hamstrung by her lack of experience,

and not to mention the fact...

there goes your head again.

Okay,it's not good sportsmanship to shoot somebody who's just re-spawned.

You need to to give them a chance to... now,come on!

Raj,raj! She's got me cornered.Cover me!

Cover this,suckers!

Penny,you are on fire!

Yes,and so is sheldon.

Okay,that's it.

I don't know how,but she is cheating.

No one can be that attractive and this skilled at a video game.

Wait,wait,sheldon,come back.

You forgot something.


This plasma grenade.

look,it's raining you.

You laugh now-- you just wait until you need tech support.

Gosh,he's kind of a sore loser,isn't he?

Well,to be fair,he's also a rather unpleasant winner.

Well,it's been fun.

You know,penny,we make such a good team.


myriad [ˈmɪriəd] adj. 无数的;种种的 n. 无数,极大数量;无数的人或物 {toefl ielts gre :7106}

intricate [ˈɪntrɪkət] adj. 复杂的;错综的,缠结的 {cet6 ky toefl ielts gre :7255}

mock [mɒk] n. 英国模拟考试(mocks) vt. 愚弄,嘲弄 adj. 仿制的,模拟的,虚假的,不诚实的 vt. 不尊重,蔑视 {cet6 ky toefl ielts gre :7541}

gosh [gɒʃ] int. 天啊;唉;糟了;必定 { :7644}

erotic [ɪˈrɒtɪk] n. 好色之徒 adj. 色情的;性爱的;性欲的 { :7874}

grenade [grəˈneɪd] n. 手榴弹;灭火弹 vt. 扔手榴弹;用催泪弹攻击 n. (Grenade)人名;(西、法)格雷纳德 {gre :7899}

Beth [beiθ,beθ] n. 希伯来文的第二个字母 { :8332}

outburst [ˈaʊtbɜ:st] n. (火山、情感等的)爆发;破裂 { :8541}

whore [hɔ:(r)] n. 娼妓,淫妇 vi. 卖淫,娼妓 { :8725}

halo [ˈheɪləʊ] n. 光环;荣光 vt. 使有晕轮;围以光环 vi. 成晕轮 {gre :9536}

suckers [ˈsʌkəz] n. (动物的)吸盘( sucker的名词复数 ); <美,俚>(泛指人或物,尤表示强调)家伙; 吸根; <非正>不由得对…入迷的人 v. 蒙骗某人使(做某事),诱使(做某事)( sucker的第三人称单数 ) { :9958}

hamstrung [ˈhæmstrʌŋ] v. 残废(hamstring的过去分词) { :11057}

aw [ɔ:] int. 哦!噢!(表示抗议, 厌恶, 讨厌等) n. (Aw)人名;(马里、塞内)阿乌;(中)胡(广东话·威妥玛);(东南亚国家华语)胡 { :11390}

relativity [ˌreləˈtɪvəti] n. 相对论;相关性;相对性 {cet4 cet6 ky :11500}

delightfully [dɪ'laɪtfəlɪ] adv. 欣然地,快乐地 { :14077}

dumpling [ˈdʌmplɪŋ] n. 饺子,汤团;面团布丁 {zk gk :14302}

anchovies [ˈæntʃəviz] n. 凤尾鱼,鳀鱼;小银鱼(anchovy的复数形式) { :15854}

thong [θɒŋ] n. 皮带;皮鞭;人字拖鞋 n. (Thong)人名;(中)唐(广东话·威妥玛);(泰、老、柬)通 vt. 鞭打;给…装上皮带 { :16448}

Mademoiselle [ˌmædəmwə'zel] n. 小姐;法国女家庭教师 { :17490}

sportsmanship [ˈspɔ:tsmənʃɪp] n. 运动员精神,运动道德 { :18660}

regaled [rɪ'geɪl] vt. 盛情款待 vi. 享用;享受 n. 款待 { :19018}

horoscopes [ˈhɔ:rəˌskəʊps] n. 星座(horoscope的复数);占星术 { :20073}

folksy [ˈfəʊksi] adj. 有民间风味的;和气的;无拘束的 { :20899}

yakking ['jækkɪŋ] v. <非正,贬>没完没了地谈些无关要紧的事,喋喋不休,唠叨( yak的现在分词 ) { :21408}

Nebraska [ni'bræskә] n. 内布拉斯加州 { :26212}

Christy [ ] n. (Christy)人名;(英)克里斯蒂,克丽丝蒂(女名) (教名Christian、Christabel的昵称) 挪威式转弯 { :26939}

bouillabaisse [ˈbu:jəbeɪs] n. 浓味鱼肉汤;法式海产什烩 { :31283}

backstory [ ] 背景故事 { :33892}

Bonjour [bɔnzhur] n. (法)你好;苹果电脑公司的服务器搜索协议商标名 { :40545}

sucky ['sʌki] adj. [俚语]令人不快的,让人讨厌的 { :44625}

omaha ['әumәhɑ:] n. 奥马哈;奥马哈市(美国内布拉斯加州);美国奥马哈族印第安人 { :45577}

one-on-one [wʌn ɔn wʌn] adj. 一对一的;直接对立的 adv. 一对一;面对面 n. 一对一的比赛

rajesh [ ] n. 拉杰什(印度出口公司)

seder ['seidə] n. 逾越节家宴

sluttiest [ ] [网络] 变形

a sore loser [ ] na. 一输就恼火的人 [网络] 输不起的人;输不起的失败者;一个输不起的人

a whore [ ] None

apologize for [ ] v. 为…道歉 [网络] 为……而道歉;因…而道歉;因……而表示道歉

battle simulation [ ] [军] 作战模拟

dial it down [ ] [网络] 降低;控制;不切实际的幻想

good grief [ɡud ɡri:f] (表示诧异,吃惊,恐惧的感叹语)哎呀! 天哪!

i apologize [ ] [网络] 我很抱歉;我道歉;我向你道歉

regale with [ ] v. 以…款待;使享受

sore loser [ ] un. 生…的气;输不起的人 [网络] 一输就恼火的人;气急败坏的失败者

tech support [tek səˈpɔ:t] n. 技术支持部门; (引申)技术支持部门人员

to dial [ ] [网络] 拨打;打邮戳;拨号

zk/中考 gk/中考 ky/考研 cet4/四级 cet6/六级 ielts/雅思 toefl/托福 gre/GRE
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