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S01E06 4


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Kurt,put him down this instant!

He started it!

I don't care. I'm finishing it.Put him down!


You're one lucky little leprechaun.

He's a hobbit!

I got your back.

Leonard,are you okay?

Yeah,I'm fine.

It's good,it's a good party,thanks for having us.

It's just getting a little late,so...


All right,well,thank you for coming.

Happy Halloween.

If it's any consolation,

I thought that homo habilis line really put him in his place.

What's that?


When people are upset,

the cultural convention is to bring them hot beverages.


You want to talk about it?

- No. - Good.

"There,there" was really all I had.

Good night,Sheldon.

Good night,Leonard.



Hey,I just wanted to make sure you were okay.

I'm fine.

I am so sorry about what happened.

It's not your fault.

Yes,it is.

That's why I broke up with him.

He always does stuff like that.

So why was he at your party?

Well,I ran into him last week and he was just all apologetic about how he's changed.

And he was just going on and on and...

I believed him and I'm an idiot

because I always believe guys like that.

And I can't go back to my party because he's there.

And know you don't want to hear this and I'm upset

and I'm really drunk and I just want to...


God,what is wrong with me?

Nothing,you're perfect.

I'm not perfect.

Yes,you are.

You really think so,don't you?



How much have you had to drink tonight?

Just... a lot.

Are you sure that your being drunk and your being angry with Kurt

doesn't have something to do with what's going on here?

It might.

Boy,you're really smart.

Yeah,I'm a frickin' genius.

Leonard,you are so great.

Why can't all guys be like you?

Because if all guys were like me,

the human race couldn't survive.

I should probably go.


Thank you.

That's right,you saw what you saw.

That's how we roll in the Shire.


Hey,have you seen Koothrappali?

He's not here.

Maybe the Avengers summoned him.

He's not the Marvel Comics Thor,he's the original Norse god.

Thank you for the clarification.

I'm supposed to give him a ride home.

Well,I'm sure he'll be fine.

He has his hammer.

I have to say,you are an amazing man.

You're gentle,and passionate.

And,my God,you are such a good listener.


consolation [ˌkɒnsəˈleɪʃn] n. 安慰;慰问;起安慰作用的人或事物 { :7614}

marvel [ˈmɑ:vl] n. 奇迹 vt. 对…感到惊异 vi. 感到惊讶 n. (Marvel)人名;(英)马弗尔;漫威漫画 {cet6 toefl ielts gre :7805}

clarification [ˌklærəfɪ'keɪʃn] n. 澄清,说明;净化 {toefl :8909}

shire [ˈʃaɪə(r)] n. 郡 休息 { :10157}

kurt [kə:t] 库尔特(男名) { :12674}

apologetic [əˌpɒləˈdʒetɪk] adj. 道歉的;赔罪的 {ielts :14252}

HOMO ['hәumәu] n. 人,人类;同性恋者 n. (Homo)人名;(日)保母(姓);(法)奥莫 { :20144}

avengers [ ] 复仇者(avenger的复数) { :22887}

norse [nɔ:s] adj. 挪威人的;挪威的;斯堪的纳维亚语的 n. 挪威人;挪威语 { :23418}

hobbit ['hɑbət] n. 霍毕特人(英国作家托尔金笔下的矮人族) { :23767}

leprechaun [ˈleprəkɔ:n] n. (爱尔兰民间传说中的)小妖精 { :25457}

Thor [θɒ:] n. 托尔(北欧神话中司雷、战争及农业的神) { :27779}

habilis [ ] [网络] 巧手;巧人种;比利斯

a good listener [ ] n. 虚心听取意见的人;听觉灵敏着 [网络] 一个好的听众;倾听;好的倾诉对象

an idiot [æn ˈidiət] [网络] 白痴;个白痴

good listener [ ] 善于倾听别人意见的人;留神听别人说话的人;听觉灵敏的人

happy Halloween [ ] [网络] 万圣节快乐;快乐万圣节;快乐的万圣节

Homo habilis [ ] n. 能人(能用手准确抓握器物的早期人科成员) [网络] 人属能人种;智人;直立人

if it's any consolation [ ] [网络] 也许你听了会好受些

marvel comics [ ] [网络] 惊奇漫画;漫威漫画;惊奇漫画公司

this instant [ ] na. 立刻 [网络] 即刻;马上

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