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S01E04 4


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All right,everybody,it's time to eat.

Oh,lord,we thank you for this meal and all of your bounty.

And we pray that you help sheldon get back on his rocker.

Now,after a moment of silent meditation,I'm gonna end with "in jesus' name,"

but you two don't feel any obligation to join in.

Unless,of course,the holy spirit moves you.

Oh,my god,this is the best cobbler I've ever had.

It was always sheldon's favorite.

You know w thathe secret ingredient is?

- Love? - Lard.

Hey,look who's come...

You'll spook him.

He's like a baby deer-- you got to let him come to you.

This is ridiculous.

Damn it,sheldon,snap out of it!

You're a physicist--

you belong at the university doing research,not hiding in your room!

you don't hunt,do you?

good morning,snickerdoodle.


Oh,well,that looks awful fancy. What is that?

It's my idea of what dna would look like in a silicon-based life-form.

But intelligently designed by a creator,right?

What do you want,mom?

You know how your daddy used to say that

you can only fish for so long

before you got to throw a stick of dynamite in the water?


Well,I'm done fishing.

You put those on.

What for?

Because you're gonna go down to your office,

you're gonna apologize to your boss and get your job back.


I'm sorry,did I start that sentence with the words,"if it please your highness"?

I'm not going to apologize-- I didn't say anything that wasn't true.

Now,you listen here.

I have been telling you since you were four years old,

it's okay to be smarter than everybody,but you can't go around pointing it out.

Why not?

Because people don't like it!

Remember all the ass-kickings you got from the neighbor kids?

now,let's get crackin'.

Shower,shirt,shoes,and let's shove off.

There wouldn't have been any ass-kickings if that stupid death ray had worked.

Problem solved.


That's impressive.

Leonard,the lord never gives us more than we can handle.

Thankfully,he blessed me with two other children who are dumb as soup.

Excuse me,dr.Gablehauser,are you busy?


sheldon,he's just doodlin'.

Get in here.



Let's go,baby-- we're losing daylight.

as you know,several weeks ago in our first encounter,

we may have gotten off on the wrong foot when I called you an idiot.

And I just wanted to say that I was wrong...

to point it out.

I'm sorry,we haven't been introduced.

Dr.Eric gablehauser.

Mary cooper,sheldon's mom.

Now,that's impossible--

you must have had him when you were a teenager.

Oh,aren't you sweet.

His father's dead.

- Recently? - Long enough.


sheldon,shouldn't you be working?


Hey,how did it go?

I got my job back.

Really? What happened?

I'm not quite sure.

It involves a part of the human experience that has always eluded me.

Well,that narrows it down.

I'm very proud of you,honey.

You showed a lot of courage today.



Is dr.Gablehauser going to be my new daddy?

We'll see.

Sleep tight.


thankfully [ˈθæŋkfəli] adv. 感谢地;感激地 { :8647}

bounty [ˈbaʊnti] n. 慷慨;丰富;奖励金;赠款 vt. 发给…奖金等;为…而发给赏金 vi. 以赏金等形式发放 {ielts :9150}

rocker [ˈrɒkə(r)] n. 摇杆;摇的人;镰刀弯;套钩;摇轴 n. (Rocker)人名;(英、德、法)罗克 { :9154}

eluded [ɪˈlu:did] v. (尤指机敏地)避开( elude的过去式和过去分词 ); 逃避; 躲避; 使达不到 { :9267}

dynamite [ˈdaɪnəmaɪt] n. 炸药;具有潜在危险的人(或物) vt. 炸毁 adj. 极好的 { :12133}

highness ['haɪnəs] n. 殿下,阁下;高度,高位;高尚,高贵 { :12870}

spook [spu:k] n. 鬼;幽灵 vt. 惊吓;鬼怪般地出没 vi. 受惊 { :12870}

cobbler [ˈkɒblə(r)] n. 补鞋匠;工匠;冷饮料;脆皮水果馅饼 {gre :15318}

intelligently [ɪn'telɪdʒəntlɪ] adv. 聪明地,明智地 { :17447}

lard [lɑ:d] vt. 润色,点缀;涂加猪油 n. 猪油 n. (Lard)人名;(瑞典)拉德 { :18167}

gonna [ˈgənə] abbr. (美)将要(等于going to)

life-form ['laɪff'ɔ:m] n. 生物

silicon-based [ ] 硅基

snickerdoodle [ ] [网络] 饼乾;小傻瓜;一种饼干

thathe [ ] [网络] 以致他

an idiot [æn ˈidiət] [网络] 白痴;个白痴

apologize to [əˈpɔlədʒaiz tu:] v. 向…道歉 [网络] 向某人道歉;向……道歉;认错

Bless me [ ] 天啊,哎呀,好哇!

damn it [dæm it] [网络] 该死;可恶;该死的

death ray [deθ rei] na. 死光 [网络] 死亡射线;无线电死光;死亡光线

excuse me [ ] un. 请原谅;对不起 [网络] 劳驾;打扰一下;打扰了

Holy Spirit [ ] abbr. (=H- Ghost)【宗】圣灵 [网络] 圣神;大地圣灵;亲爱圣灵

look awful [ ] [网络] 看起来糟糕

obligation to [ ] n.对...的义务

proud of [ ] [网络] 骄傲;自豪的;为…而自豪

proud of you [ ] [网络] 我的骄傲;挥着翅膀的女孩;为你骄傲

shove off [ʃʌv ɔf] na. (拿篙子)把船撑开;〔美俚〕乘船离开;走掉 [网络] 动身;出发;动身离开

sleep tight [sli:p tait] n. 睡得香; 睡个好觉; 睡安稳; 安眠

snap out [ ] na. 起来精明地干;【火箭】排出 [网络] 快速脱离;放出;掐灭

snap out of [snæp aut ɔv] un. 怒气冲冲;震飞 [网络] 迅速从…中恢复过来;从……当中摆脱出来;使迅速从…中恢复过来

snap out of it [snæp aut ɔv it] na. 突然摆脱某种不好的状态;变更办法;(尤指)停止抱怨而迅速振作起来 [网络] 重新振作起来;突然改变情绪;尽快摆脱局面

The Holy Spirit [ ] 圣灵

Your Highness [ ] na. “His Highness”的变体 [网络] 王子殿下;国王殿下;我的殿下

zk/中考 gk/中考 ky/考研 cet4/四级 cet6/六级 ielts/雅思 toefl/托福 gre/GRE
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