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S01E04 3


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Mum's the word.

Sheldon,are you sure you don't want to

just apologize to gablehauser and get your job back?

Oh,no,no,no,I have too much to do.

Like luminous fish.

I'm sorry. I didn'T...

that's just the beginning.

I also have an idea for a bulk mail-order feminine hygiene company.

Oh,glow-in-the-dark tampons!

Leonard,we're gonna be rich.

Thanks for coming on such short notice.

Well,you did the right thing calling.

I didn't know what else to do.

He's lost all focus.

Every day he's got a new obsession.

This is a particularly disturbing one.



Oh,you got yourself a loom? How nice!

Thank you.

Honey,why'd you get a loom?

I was working with luminous fish,and I thought,hey...


Mom,what are you doing here?

Leonard called me.

I know,but why?

Because one of the great minds of the 21st century

is raising glow-in-the-dark fish and weaving serapes.

This is not a serape,this is a poncho.

A serape is open at the sides; a poncho is closed.

This is a poncho.

And neither is a reason to call someone's mother.

Really? When was the last time you left the house?

I went to the market with penny.

Yeah,that was three weeks ago.

Well,then buckle up-- in the next four to eight days she's going to get very crabby.

Sweetheart,your little friend is concerned about you.

Yes,well,I'm not a child-- I'm a grown man,capable of living my life as I see fit.

And I certainly don't need someone telling on me to my mother!

Wait,where are you going?

To my room-- and no one's allowed in!

oh,he gets his temper from his daddy.

- He's got my eyes. - I see.

All that science stuff,that comes from jesus.

Sheldon,your mom made dinner.

I'm not hungry!

Oh,leonard,don't trouble yourself. He's stubborn.

He may stay in there till the rapture.

We so sure that's a bad thing?

I tell you,I love the boy to death,but he has been difficult

since he fell out of me at the k-mart.

Excuse me for being so bold,but I now see where sheldon gets his smoldering good looks.

Honey,that ain't gonna work,but you keep tryin'.

I made chicken.

I hope that isn't one of the animals that you people think is magic.

You know,we have an indian gentleman at our church,

a dr.Patel-- it's a beautiful story.

The lord spoke to him and moved him to give us all 20% off on lasik--

you know,those that needed it.

That is a lovely story.

Um,are we gonna do anything about sheldon?

Oh,we will.

You have to take your time with sheldon.

His father,god rest his soul,used to always say to me,

"mary,you have to take your time with sheldon."

Sounds like a wise man.

Oh,not so wise.

He once tried to fight a bobcat for some licorice.

So,everybody grab a plate and a pretty place mat that shelly wove.

Has shelly ever freaked out like this before?

Oh,all the time.

I remember one summer when he was 13,

he built a small nuclear reactor in the shed

and told everybody he was gonna provide free electricity for the whole town.

Well,the only problem was,he had no what you call "fissionable" materials.

Anyway,when he went on the internets to get some,

a man from the government came by and sat him down real gentle,

and told him it's against the law to have yellow-cake uranium in a shed.

Well,what happened?

Well,poor boy had a fit.

Locked himself in his room and built a sonic death ray.

A death ray?

Well,that's what he called it.

Didn't even slow down the neighbor kids.

It pissed our dog off to no end.

You know,you two make a cute couple.

uh,no. We're not...

we're not-not a couple. We're singles.

- Two singles. - Yeah.

Like those... individually wrapped slices of cheese that...

we're friends.

Did I pluck a nerve there?

- Oh,yeah. - Okay.

All right,everybody,it's time to eat.


sweetheart [ˈswi:thɑ:t] n. 爱人;心上人 vt. 向…求爱;与…恋爱 vi. 爱慕;恋爱 adj. 私下签订的;私下达成的 n. (Sweetheart)人名;(英)斯威特哈特 { :7213}

um [ʌm, əm] n. (Um)人名;(柬)温;(阿拉伯)乌姆 int. 嗯(表示迟疑) { :7325}

stubborn [ˈstʌbən] adj. 顽固的;顽强的;难处理的 {gk cet6 ky toefl ielts gre :7548}

uranium [juˈreɪniəm] n. [化学] 铀 {cet6 :7797}

pissed [pɪst] adj. 愤怒的;喝醉的 v. 撒尿;下大雨(piss的过去分词) { :8297}

buckle [ˈbʌkl] n. 皮带扣,带扣 vi. 扣住;变弯曲 vt. 扣住;使弯曲 n. (Buckle)人名;(英)巴克尔 {toefl ielts gre :8961}

freaked [fri:kt] v. (使)强烈反应,震惊,畏惧( freak的过去式和过去分词 ) { :8971}

luminous [ˈlu:mɪnəs] adj. 发光的;明亮的;清楚的 {cet6 toefl ielts :9593}

mommy [ˈmɒmi] n. 妈咪 { :9690}

sonic [ˈsɒnɪk] adj. 音速的;声音的;音波的 { :13305}

rapture [ˈræptʃə(r)] n. 兴高采烈 vt. 使…狂喜 {cet6 toefl :16318}

poncho [ˈpɒntʃəʊ] n. 雨披;南美披风 {gre :18895}

smoldering ['sməʊdərɪŋ] n. 闷烧,阴燃 adj. (情绪)郁积的 (smoder的变形) { :19197}

bobcat [ˈbɒbkæt] n. 山猫之类 { :20546}

licorice [ˈlikəris] n. 欧亚甘草;甘草汁;甘草糖(等于liquorice) { :20961}

tampons [ˈtæmpənz] n. (妇女月经时用的)卫生棉塞( tampon的名词复数 ) v. (妇女月经时用的)卫生棉塞( tampon的第三人称单数 ) { :23763}

crabby [ˈkræbi] adj. 易怒的;脾气坏的 { :27084}

fissionable ['fɪʃənəbl] n. 可裂变物质 adj. 可分裂的;可作核裂变的 { :33499}

serapes [ ] n. 一种华丽的毛织布( serape的名词复数 ) { :38083}

serape [se'rɑ:pɪ] n. 塞拉普毛毯披肩(一种华丽的毛织布,等于sarape) { :38083}

shelly ['ʃelɪ] n. (Shelly)人名;(英)谢利,谢莉(女名);(英)谢利;(阿拉伯)谢利 adj. 多壳的;有壳的,壳一般的 { :42485}

glow-in-the-dark [ ] [网络] 夜光设计;发光色;在黑暗中发光的

gonna [ˈgənə] abbr. (美)将要(等于going to)

k-mart [ ] adj. 朴实无华的 [网络] 凯马特;凯玛特;零售商凯玛特

mail-order [ˌmeɪl'ɔ:də] vi. 邮购;函购 adj. 邮购的

a shed [ ] adj. 灰化了的 v. 烧成灰烬(ash的过去分词)

a wise man [ ] [网络] 智者苏格拉底;有见识的人;聪明的人

apologize to [əˈpɔlədʒaiz tu:] v. 向…道歉 [网络] 向某人道歉;向……道歉;认错

death ray [deθ rei] na. 死光 [网络] 死亡射线;无线电死光;死亡光线

excuse me [ ] un. 请原谅;对不起 [网络] 劳驾;打扰一下;打扰了

feminine hygiene [ ] [网络] 妇女卫生巾;女性卫生用品;首创女性卫生保健

freak out [fri:k aut] na. 成为颓废派;使处于极度兴奋中;行动反常 [网络] 崩溃;大发脾气;吓坏了

NOT HUNGRY [ ] [网络] 不怎麽饿

nuclear reactor [ˈnju:kliə ri:ˈæktə] na. (原子)核反应堆 [网络] 核子反应炉;核反应器;核反应炉

place mat [pleis mæt] n. 餐具垫 [网络] 餐垫;餐垫系列;椭圆餐垫

the rapture [ ] [网络] 被提;狂喜;着迷

wise man [ ] 哲人, 贤人 [法] 明智之士, 智囊

you know

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