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S01E03 3


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[学习本文需要基础词汇量:5,000 ]
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I'm kind of torn between einstein,newton and sergeant fuzzy boots.

Leonard,do you really think you can satisfy your need

for a relationshh witip a genetically altered cat?


If it's a cute,little,cuddly cat.

Oh,come on. Leonard...

this is obviously about penny.

It doesn't matter.

The woman's not interested in me. The woman rejected me.


I think that you have as much of a chance of having a sexual relationship with penny

as the hubble telescope does of discovering at the center of every black hole

is a little man with a flashlight searching for a circuit breaker.


I do feel obligated to point out to you that she did not reject you.

You did not ask her out.

You're right.

I didn't ask her out. I should ask her out.

No,no,now that was not my point.

My point was don't buy a cat.

No,but you're right.

I should march over there and ask her out.

Oh,goody,we're getting a cat.

Uh... no.


Good afternoon,penny. So,hi... hey.


I was wondering if you had plans for dinner.

Uh,you mean dinner tonight?

There is an inherent ambiguity in the word "dinner.

" Technically it refers to the largest meal of the day whenever it's consumed.

So to clarify here,by dinner I mean supper.

- Supper? - Or dinner.

I was thinking 6:30 if you can go. Or a different time.

Uh,6:30's great.



Yeah,I like hanging out with you guys.

Us guys?

Yeah,you know,sheldon,howard,raj. Who all's coming?

They... might all be there.

Or a subset of them might be there.

Algebraically speaking,there are too many unknowns.

For example,sheldon had quiznos for lunch.

Sometimes he finds that filling,other times he doesn'T.

It's no fault of quiznos- - they have a varied menu.

Okay,whatever. It sounds like fun.

Great. Did we say a time?


- And that's still good for you? - It's fine.

-'Cause it's not carved in stone. - No,6:30's great.

I'll get my chisel.


To... carve the... I'll see you at 6:30.

How do I look?

Could you be more specific?

Can you tell I'm perspiring a little?


The dark crescent shaped patterns under your arms conceal it nicely.

What time is your date?


Perfect. That gives you two hours and 15 minutes for

that dense molecular cloud of aramis to dissipate.

Is it too much?

Not if you're a rugby team.

By the way,if it should ever come up,you didn't join us

because you stuffed yourself with a chicken carbonara sub at quiznos.

Why would I join you?

No reason.

Oh,you know what,maybe this isn't such a good idea.

Oh,no,well,now there's always the possibility that alcohol and poor judgment

on her part might lead to a nice romantic evening.

You're right. Alcohol,poor judgment- - it could go well.

Of course there is the other possibility,

that this date kicks off a rather unpleasant six months

of the two of you passing awkwardly in the hall,

until one of you breaks down and moves to another zip code.

You could've stopped at "it could go well.

" If I could've,I would've.

I mean,I'm a perfectly nice guy.

There's no reason we couldn't go to the restaurant,and have a lovely dinner,

maybe take a walk afterwards,talk about things we have in common.

You love pottery? I love pottery!

There's a pause,we both know what's happening.

I lean in,we kiss.

It's a little tentative at first,but then I realize she's kissing me back.

She's biting my lower lip! She wants me!

This thing is going the distance! We're going to have sex!

Oh,god,oh,my god!

Is the sex starting now?

I'm having a panic attack.

Oh,okay. Uh,well then... calm down.

If I could calm down,I wobe having a panic att...

that's why they call it a panic attack.

All right,all right. Uh,s- s- sit down.

Yeah,sit down. Now close your eyes.

- Why? - Just do it.


Now try to increase your alpha wave activity.

What? !

It's a biofeedback technique.

It's relaxation through brain wave manipulation.

I read a paper about it in journal of american neuroscience.

It was a little sparsely sourced,but I think the basic science is valid.

I probably have it here somewher E.

Who am I kidding? I can't go through with this.

You need to call her and cancel.

- Me? - Yes.

- What should I tell her? - I don't know.

- Tell her I'm sick. - Okay.

Not the kind of illness that will make her want to come over and take care of me,

but nothing so critical that she'll feel uncomfortable going out with me in the future


fuzzy [ˈfʌzi] adj. 模糊的;失真的;有绒毛的 n. (Fuzzy)人名;(英)富齐 { :7326}

tentative [ˈtentətɪv] n. 假设,试验 adj. 试验性的,暂定的;踌躇的 {gk cet6 ky toefl ielts gre :7552}

Crescent [ˈkresnt] n. 新月;新月状物;伊斯兰教的标记;土耳其的新月形国徽 adj. 新月形的;逐渐增加的 vt. 以新月形物装饰;使成新月形 n. (Crescent)人名;(法)克雷桑 { :7951}

zip [zɪp] n. 拉链; 精力,活力; 尖啸声; 一种程序压缩格式 vt. 给予…速度; 用拉链拉上或扣上 vt.& vi. 尖啸而过; (使沿某方向)快速移动 {gk ky :8896}

sub [sʌb] n. 潜水艇;地铁;替补队员 vi. 代替 { :9196}

dissipate [ˈdɪsɪpeɪt] vi. 驱散;放荡 vt. 浪费;使…消散 {cet6 ky toefl ielts gre :9775}

awkwardly ['ɔ:kwədlɪ] adv. 笨拙地;无技巧地 {toefl :10344}

Einstein ['ainstain] n. 爱因斯坦(著名物理学家) { :10469}

obligated [ˈɒblɪgeɪtɪd] adj. 有义务的;责无旁贷的 v. 使负义务(obligate的过去式) {toefl :11331}

breaker [ˈbreɪkə(r)] n. [电] 断路器;打破者;碎浪 { :11781}

subset [ˈsʌbset] n. [数] 子集;子设备;小团体 { :11933}

goody [ˈgʊdi] n. 糖果;身份低微之老妇;吸引人的东西;伪君子 n. (Goody)人名;(英)古迪 adj. 感伤的;伪善的;假正经的 int. 太好啦 { :13848}

sparsely [spɑ:slɪ] adv. 稀疏地;贫乏地 {toefl :14377}

cuddly [ˈkʌdli] adj. 令人想拥抱的;喜欢搂搂抱抱的;逗人喜爱的 { :15020}

chisel [ˈtʃɪzl] n. 凿子 vt. 雕,刻;凿;欺骗 vi. 雕,刻;凿;欺骗 {toefl ielts gre :15521}

neuroscience [ˈnjʊərəʊsaɪəns] n. 神经系统科学(指神经病学、 神经化学等) { :19004}

biofeedback [ˌbaɪəʊˈfi:dbæk] n. [生物物理] 生物反馈 { :20470}

perspiring [pəs'paɪərɪŋ] v. 流汗(perspire的ing形式) { :22564}

hubble ['hʌbl] n. 小瘤;小凸起 { :27561}

carbonara [ˌkɑ:bəˈnɑ:rə] n. (意)烤面条加干酪沙司 n. (Carbonara)人名;(意)卡尔博纳拉 { :40106}

algebraically [ældʒəb'reɪklɪ] adv. 用代数方法 { :42209}

ATT [ ] abbr. attach 缚上; attempt 努力; attachment 附着; attenuation 衰减 { :44771}

aramis [ ] n. 阿拉米斯(男子名); 雅男士(男性化妆保养品品牌)

quiznos [ ] 奎兹诺斯(连锁快餐店)

s- [ ] [建] 顺式

a subset of [ ] 《英汉医学词典》a subset of 一组

alpha wave [ˈælfə weiv] na. 脑中每秒钟约十下的波动 [网络] 脑波;行星冲击波;小行星冲击波

calm down [kɑ:m daun] na. 平静下来 [网络] 镇定下来;冷静;冷静下来

circuit breaker [ˈsə:kit ˈbreikə] na. 【电】断路开关 [网络] 断路器;保护断路器;电路断路器

crescent shape [ ] [网络] 新月形;月牙形;月芽形

Hubble Telescope [ ] [网络] 哈勃望远镜;哈伯望远镜;哈勃太空望远镜

inherent ambiguity [ ] [计] 固有二义性, 固有歧义性, 先天歧义性

molecular cloud [məˈlekjələ klaud] n. 分子云

obligate to [ ] vt.对...表示感谢,感激

panic attack [ˈpænik əˈtæk] [网络] 恐慌发作;惊恐发作;恐慌症

zip code [zip kəud] n. 邮政编码;邮编 [网络] 邮递区号;邮区编码;邮政区号

zk/中考 gk/中考 ky/考研 cet4/四级 cet6/六级 ielts/雅思 toefl/托福 gre/GRE
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