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S01E03 2


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████    生僻词
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Hang on.

I'm trying to see how long it takes a 500 - kilowatt oxygen iodine laser

to heat up my cup a' noodles.

I've done it. About two seconds. 2. 6 for minestrone.

anyway,I was thinking more of a bio- social exploration

with a neuro- chemical overlay.

Wait,are you asking me out?

I was going to characterize it as the modification

of our colleague- slash- friendship paradigm

with the addition of a date like component,

but we don't need to quibble over terminology.

What sort of experiment would you propose?

There's a generally accepted pattern in this area.

I would pick you up,take you to a restaurant.

Then we would see a movie,

probably a romantic comedy featuring the talents

of hugh grant or sandra bullock.


And would you agree that the primary way

we would evaluate either the success or failure of the date would be based

on the biochemical reaction during the good night kiss?

Heart rate,pheromones,etc. Yes.

Why don't we just stipulate that the date goes well and move to the key variable?

You mean kiss you now?


Can you define the parameters of the kiss?

Close - mouthed but romantic. Mint?

Thank you.

shall I count down from three?

No,I think it needs to be spontaneous.

What do you think?

You proposed the experiment. I think you should present your findings first.

Fair enough.

On the plus side,it was a good kiss.

Reasonable technique,no extraneous spittle.

On the other hand,no arousal.

- None? - None.

Well,thank you for your time.

Thank U.

None at all?

Sheldon,if you were a robot,and I knew and you didn'T... ...

would you want me to tell you?

That depends.

When I learn that I'm a robot...

will I be able to handle it?

Maybe- - although the history of science fiction is not on your side.

Okay,uh,let me ask you this- -

when I learn that I'm a robot,

would I be bound by asimov's three laws of robotics?

You might be bound by them right now.

That's true.

Have you ever harmed a human being

or through inaction allowed a human being to come to harm?

Of course not.

Have you ever harmed yourself or allowed yourself to be harmed except in cases

where a human being would have been endangered?


I smell robot.

Hey,what's going on?

Internet's been down for half an hour.

Also,sheldon may be a robot.

So how'd it go with leslie?

Oh,we tried kissing,but the earth didn't move.

I mean,any more than the 383 miles that it was going to move anyway.

Oh,I've seen that look before.

This is just going to be two weeks of moping

and tedious emo songs

and calling me to come down to pet stores to look at cats.

I don't know if I can take it.

You could power down.

Well,as usual,wolowitz has the solution.

I happen to know a place where there are plenty of eligible women

and leonard could have his pick.

remember the latin hips.

Shoulders stay still,and... we sway.

One,two,three... ...


I think mrs. Tishman's got her eye on you.

I've been there. You're in for a treat.

She said,"you don't know me"

"you don't even care"


oh,good lord.

She said,"you don't know me"

"you don't wear my chains"

oh,yeah. God,that's a good song.

If you're compiling a mix cd for a double suicide.

Oh,I hope that scratching post is for you.

I know what you're thinking. I've taken your asthma into account.

There's a feline geneticist in san diego

who's developed the cutest little hypoallergenic calicos.

Leonard,listen to me...

I've been thinking about names.

I'm kind of torn between einstein,newton and sergeant fuzzy boots.


terminology [ˌtɜ:mɪˈnɒlədʒi] n. 术语,术语学;用辞 {cet6 toefl gre :7169}

sandra ['sɑ:ndrə] n. 桑德拉(女子名) { :7304}

fuzzy [ˈfʌzi] adj. 模糊的;失真的;有绒毛的 n. (Fuzzy)人名;(英)富齐 { :7326}

noodles ['nu:dlz] n. 面条,挂面(noodle的复数形式) { :7939}

tedious [ˈti:diəs] adj. 沉闷的;冗长乏味的 {cet4 cet6 ky toefl ielts gre :8426}

mint [mɪnt] n. 薄荷;[金融] 造币厂,巨款 vt. 铸造,铸币 adj. 完美的 n. (Mint)人名;(毛里塔)明特 {cet6 toefl ielts gre :8674}

stipulate [ˈstɪpjuleɪt] adj. 有托叶的 vi. 规定;保证 vt. 规定;保证 {toefl ielts gre :8713}

arousal [ə'raʊzl] n. 觉醒;激励 { :9686}

robotics [rəʊˈbɒtɪks] n. 机器人学 { :10115}

Einstein ['ainstain] n. 爱因斯坦(著名物理学家) { :10469}

diego [di'eɪɡo] n. 迭戈(男子名) { :10658}

biochemical [ˌbaɪəʊ'kemɪkl] adj. 生物化学的 { :10822}

overlay [ˌəʊvəˈleɪ] n. 覆盖图;覆盖物 vt. 在表面上铺一薄层,镀 { :11456}

geneticist [dʒəˈnetɪsɪst] n. 遗传学者 { :13239}

inaction [ɪnˈækʃn] n. 不活动;迟钝 { :14391}

iodine [ˈaɪədi:n] n. 碘;碘酒 {gre :15564}

bullock [ˈbʊlək] n. 小公牛;阉牛 n. (Bullock)人名;(西、英、葡)布洛克 { :16261}

extraneous [ɪkˈstreɪniəs] adj. 外来的;没有关联的;来自体外的 {toefl gre :17572}

feline [ˈfi:laɪn] n. 猫科动物 n. (Feline)人名;(法)弗利纳 adj. 猫科的;猫一样的;狡猾的 {gre :19465}

quibble [ˈkwɪbl] n. 谬论;双关语;遁辞 vi. 诡辩;挑剔;说模棱两可的话 vt. 对…诡辩 {toefl gre :19608}

pheromones ['ferəʊməʊnz] n. [生化] 信息素(pheromone的复数形式) { :21185}

calicos [ ] (calico 的复数) n. 印花棉布, 白棉布 { :23048}

moping [məʊpɪŋ] v. <贬>忧郁地闲荡( mope的现在分词 ) { :23885}

spittle [ˈspɪtl] n. 唾沫;吐出的泡沫 n. (Spittle)人名;(英)斯皮特尔 { :24826}

kilowatt [ˈkɪləwɒt] n. [电] 千瓦(功率单位) {cet6 :26802}

minestrone [ˌmɪnəˈstrəʊni] n. 蔬菜通心粉汤(意大利美食);蔬菜面条汤 { :31136}

CD [si:ˈdi:] abbr. 光盘,激光唱片(Compact Disc);呼叫设备(Calling Device);中央地区(Central District);商务部(Commerce Department) {zk gk ielts :32141}

hypoallergenic [ˌhaɪpəʊˌælə'dʒenɪk] n. 低变应的药物 adj. 低变应原的 { :34136}

emo ['i:məʊ] n. (Emo)人名;(德、法、意)埃莫;(日)绘面 (姓) abbr. 应急措施组织(Emergency Measures Organization);爱立信移动办公邮件系统(Ericsson Mobile Office) { :35408}

bio- [ˈbaɪəʊ] pref. 表示“生命、生物”之义

neuro- [ˈnjʊərəʊ] comb. 表示“神经”的意思

this- [ðɪs] pron. 这;这个;这里 adj. 这;本;这个;今 adv. 这样地;这么 n. (This)人名;(法)蒂斯

a robot [ ] [网络] 一个机器人;到机器人

biochemical reaction [ ] un. 生化反应 [网络] 生物化学反应;生化作用;生物反应

come to harm [ ] na. 受害;受伤 [网络] 遭不幸;受到伤害;受到损害

double suicide [ˈdʌbl ˈsjuisaid] [网络] 心中天网岛;情死天网岛;结伴自杀

Hugh Grant [ ] [网络] 休·格兰特;休葛兰;晓格兰特

iodine laser [ ] 碘激光器

kiss you [ ] [网络] 亲吻你;亲你;亲亲你

oxygen iodine laser [ ] 氧碘雷射

pet store [ ] [网络] 宠物店;宠物商店;宠物店员穿搭

quibble over [ ] [网络] 诡辩;争辩琐事;在某事上纠结

romantic comedy [ ] [网络] 浪漫喜剧;爱情喜剧;浪漫爱情喜剧

San Diego [,sændi(:)'ei^әu] n. 圣地亚哥(或译圣迭戈,圣地牙哥) [网络] 圣迭哥;加州圣迭戈;美国圣地亚哥

sandra bullock [ ] [网络] 桑德拉·布洛克;珊卓布拉克;珊迪娜布洛

science fiction [ˈsaiəns ˈfikʃən] n. 科幻小说;科幻电影 [网络] 科幻机械类的作品;科幻片;科学幻想

to harm [ ] [网络] 伤害;危害;损伤

zk/中考 gk/中考 ky/考研 cet4/四级 cet6/六级 ielts/雅思 toefl/托福 gre/GRE
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