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S01E02 4


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maybe my parents are right. Maybe I'd be better off with an indian girl.

We'd have the same cultural background

And my wife could sing to my children the same lullabies my mother sang

To me.

It's obvious that they meant well,but...

I'm having a really rough time. like i said I broke up with my boyfriend


i mean Just because most of the men I've known in my life happen to be jerks,

Doesn't mean I should just assume leonard and sheldon are.


She asked me a question. I should probably nod.

That's exactly what I thought.

Thank you for listening. you're a doll.

Turn your pelvis.

Grab a napkin,homie. you just got served.

It's win.

What's his problem?

His imaginary girlfriend broke up with him.

Been there.

Hello. Sorry I'm late,

But I was in the hallway,chatting up penny.

Really? you,rajesh koothrappali,spoke to penny?

Actually,I was less the chatter than the chat-ee.

What did she say? is she still mad at me?

Well,she was upset at first,

But probably because her sister shot somebody.

But then there was something about you,

And then she hugged me.

She hugged you? how'd she hug you?

Is that her perfume I smell?

Intoxicating,isn't it?


What's going on?

Here's the thing.

"penny,just as oppenheimer came to regret his contributions

"to the first atomic bomb,

"so too I regret my participation in what was,

"at the very least,an error in judgment.

"the hallmark of the great human experiment

"is the willingness to recognize one's mistakes.

"some mistakes,such as madam curie's discovery of radium,

"turned out to have great scientific potential,

"even though she would later die a slow,

Painful death "from radiation poisoning.

Another example,from the field of ebola research..."

Leonard,we're okay.

- six two inch dowels. - check.

- one package phillips head screws. - check.

You guys,seriously,I grew up on a farm,okay?

I rebuilt a tractor engine when I was,like,12.

I think I can put together a cheap,swedish media center.

No,please. we insist. it's the least we can do,considering.

Considering what?

How great this place looks?

- oh,boy. I was afraid of this. - what?

These instructions are a pictographic representation

Of the least imaginative way to assemble these components.

This,right here is why sweden has no space program.

Well,it looked pretty good in the store.

It is an inefficient design. for example,she has a flat screen tv,

Which means all the space behind it is wasted.

- we could put her stereo back there. - and control it how?

Run an infrared repeater.

Photo cell here,emitter here,easy-peasy.

Good point.How are you gonna cool it?

- hey,guys,I got this. - hang on,penny.

How about fans? here and here.

Also inefficient,and might be loud.

How about liquid coolant? maybe a little aquarium pump here,

Run some quarter-inch pvc...

Guys,this is actually really simple.

Hold on,honey. men at work.

The pvc comes down here.

Maybe a little corrugated sheet metal as a radiator here.

Yeah? show me where we put a drip tray,a sluice,

And an overflow reservoir.

If water's involved,we're gonna have to ground the crap out of the thing.

It's hot in here. I think I'll just take off all my clothes.

Oh,I've got it.

What about if we replace

Panels a,b and f and crossbar h with aircraft-grade aluminum?

Right. then the entire thing is one heat sink.

You and sheldon go to the junkyard and pick up

6 square meters of scrap aluminum?

Raj and I will get the oxyacetylene torch.

- meet back here in an hour? - done.

Okay,this place does look pretty good.


infrared [ˌɪnfrəˈred] n. 红外线 adj. 红外线的 {ky :7095}

crap [kræp] n. 废话;废物;屎;拉屎 vi. 掷骰子;拉屎 n. (Crap)人名;(英)克拉普 { :7117}

napkin [ˈnæpkɪn] n. 餐巾;餐巾纸;尿布 {cet6 ky :7155}

radiator [ˈreɪdieɪtə(r)] n. 散热器;暖气片;辐射体 {cet6 :7281}

inefficient [ˌɪnɪˈfɪʃnt] adj. 无效率的,效率低的;无能的 {cet4 cet6 :7777}

hallmark [ˈhɔ:lmɑ:k] n. 特点;品质证明 vt. 给…盖上品质证明印记;使具有…标志 n. (Hallmark)人名;(英)霍尔马克 {toefl gre :8292}

overflow [ˌəʊvəˈfləʊ] vi. 溢出;泛滥;充溢 n. 充满,洋溢;泛滥;超值;溢值 vt. 使溢出;使泛滥;使充溢 {cet6 ky toefl ielts gre :9278}

chatter [ˈtʃætə(r)] n. 唠叨;饶舌;(动物的)啁啾声;潺潺流水声 vt. 喋喋不休地说;使卡嗒卡嗒作声 vi. 唠叨;喋喋不休;(动物等)吱吱叫 {cet6 :10403}

pelvis [ˈpelvɪs] n. 骨盆 { :13634}

corrugated [ˈkɒrəgeɪtɪd] adj. 波纹的;缩成皱纹的;有瓦楞的 v. (使)起皱纹(corrugate的过去式) {gre :14387}

PVC [ ] abbr. 聚氯乙烯(polyvinyl chloride);心室早期收缩(premature ventricular contraction) { :14477}

intoxicating [ɪnˈtɒksɪkeɪtɪŋ] adj. 醉人的;令人陶醉的;使兴奋的 v. 使陶醉;醉酒;使中毒(intoxicate的ing形式) { :16545}

lullabies [ ] n. 摇篮曲(lullaby 的复数) v. 哼摇篮曲(lullaby 的单数第三人称) { :17512}

junkyard [ˈdʒʌŋkjɑ:d] n. 废品旧货栈;废物堆积场;旧汽车丢弃的地方 { :18530}

coolant [ˈku:lənt] n. 冷却剂 { :21189}

sluice [slu:s] n. 水闸;蓄水;洗矿槽 vt. 冲洗;开闸放水 vi. 奔流 {gre :21555}

crossbar [ˈkrɒsbɑ:(r)] n. 闩,横木;球门的横木 { :23674}

emitter [ɪ'mɪtə] n. 发射器,发射体 { :24041}

repeater [rɪˈpi:tə(r)] n. [通信] 中继器;[通信] 转发器;重复者 { :24347}

dowels ['daʊəlz] n. 木钉,销子( dowel的名词复数 ) { :24544}

radium [ˈreɪdiəm] n. [化学] 镭(88号元素符号Ra) {gk cet4 cet6 :30174}

Oppenheimer ['ɔpәnhaimә] n. 奥本海默(姓氏,可指美国物理学家罗伯特·奥本海默) { :37451}

pictographic [ˌpɪktə'græfɪk] adj. 象形文字的,绘画文字的 { :40286}

homie [ˈhəumi] n. [美国俚语]死党,哥们,闺蜜 { :45559}

aircraft-grade [ ] [网络] 飞机级

easy-peasy [ ] 小菜一碟

ebola [i'bəulə] n. 埃博拉病毒

gonna [ˈgənə] abbr. (美)将要(等于going to)

oxyacetylene [ˌɒksiəˈsetəli:n] adj. 氧乙炔的 n. 氧乙炔

rajesh [ ] n. 拉杰什(印度出口公司)

a doll [ ] [网络] 玩偶;一个洋娃娃;一只娃娃

a drip [ ] [网络] 一滴水;意指软弱或是无聊的人;一颗水珠

atomic bomb [əˈtɔmik bɔm] na. 原子弹 [网络] 原子弹又称裂变弹;核弹;原子火焰

be loud [ ] [网络] 声音洪亮;大声喧哗;大声说话

chat up [tʃæt ʌp] na. 〈非正式〉搭讪 [网络] 与异性搭讪;跟女人攀谈;与某人搭讪

crap out [kræp aut] un. 输掉;放弃计划 [网络] 输得屁滚尿流;退出;参赌者永远也不可能赢

drip tray [ ] 化霜水盘

liquid coolant [ ] un. 液体冷却剂;冷却液 [网络] 液态冷却剂;液体冷冻剂;水冷液

oxyacetylene torch [ɔksiəˈsetili:n tɔ:tʃ] un. 氧乙炔焊炬;氧炔喷焊器;氧炔焊枪 [网络] 氧乙炔炬;氧炔焊炬;氧乙炔火炬

Phillips head [ ] [网络] 十字槽螺丝帽

radiation poison [ ] 辐射毒害(物)

radiation poisoning [ ] un. 辐射中毒;辐射病 [网络] 处理辐射毒害;释辐射中毒;辐射毒性

square meter [skwɛə ˈmi:tə] n. 平方米 [网络] 平方公尺;平米;平方米的简称

to assemble [ ] [网络] 安装;集合;拼装

tractor engine [ˈtræktə ˈendʒin] un. 拉进式发动机;拖拉机 [网络] 拖拉机发动机;拖拉机策动机;拖拉机用内燃机

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