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S01E02 1


████    重点词汇
████    难点词汇
████    生僻词
████    词组 & 惯用语

[学习本文需要基础词汇量:6,000 ]
[本次分析采用基础词汇量:7,000 ]

Here we go. pad thai,no peanuts.

But does it have peanut oil?

I'm not sure.

Everyone keep an eye on howard in case he starts to swell up.

Since it's not bee season,you can have my epinephrine.

- are there any chopsticks. - no need. this is thai food.

Here we go.

Thailand has had the fork since the latter half of the 19th century.

Interestingly they don't put the fork in their mouth--

They use it to put the food on a spoon which then goes into their mouth.

Ask him for a napkin. I dare you.

I'll get it.

Do I look puffy? I feel puffy.

- hey,leonard. - oh,hi,penny.

- am I interrupting? - no.

you're not swelling,howard.

Look at my fingers. they're like vienna sausages.

- sounds like you have company. - they're not going anywhere.

So,you're coming home from work. that's great. how was work?

You know,it's a cheesecake factory.

People order cheesecake and I bring it to them.

So you kind of act like a carbohydrate delivery system.

Yeah. call it whatever you want,I get minimum wage.

I was wondering if you could help me out with something.


Great. I'm having some furniture delivered tomorrow

and I may not be here,so...


- i'm sorry? - haven't you ever been told

How beautiful you are in flawless russian?

No,I haven't.

Get used to it.

Yeah. I probably won't.

- hey,sheldon. - hi.


Still not talking to me,huh?

Don't take it personally,it's his pathology.

He can't talk to women.

He can't talk to atractive woman,or in your case,

A cheesecake-scented goddess.

So there's gonna be some furniture delivered?

Yeah. If it gets here and I'm not here,could you sign

And have them put it in my apartment?

No problem.

Great. here's my spare key. thank you.


If you don't have any other plans,do you want to join us

For thai food and a superman movie marathon?

A marathon? how many superman movies are there?

You're kidding,right?

I do like the one where lois lane falls from the helicopter

And superman swooshes down and catches her. which one was that?


You realize that scene was rife with scientific inaccuracy.

Yes,I know,men can't fly.

No. let's assume that they can.

Lois lane is falling,

Accelerating at an initial rate of 32 feet per second per second.

Superman swoops down to save her by reaching out two arms of steel.

Miss lane,who is now traveling At approximately 120 miles an hour

Hits them and is immediately sliced into three equal pieces.

Unless superman matches her speed and decelerates.

In what space,sir? she's two feet above the ground.

Frankly,if he really loved her,he'd let her hit the pavement.

It'd be a more merciful death.

Excuse me,your entire argument is predicated on the assumption

That superman's flight is a feat of strength.

Are you listening to yourself? it is well established

That his flight is a feat of strength.

It is an extension of his ability to leap tall buildings,

An ability he derives from exposure to earth's yellow sun.

And how does he fly at night?

A combination of the moon's solar reflection

And the energy-storage capacity of kryptonian skin cells.

I'm just gonna go wash up.

I have 2,600 comic books in there. I challenge you

To find a single reference to kryptonian skin cells.

Challenge accepted.

We're locked out.

Also,the pretty girl left.


ok.Her apartment's on the fourth floor but the elevator's broken,so...

You're just gonna be done? okay. cool. thanks

We'll just bring it up ourselves.

I hardly think so.

Why not?

Well,we don't have a dolly,

Or lifting belts or any measurable upper-body strength.

We don't need strength-- we're physicists.

We are the intellectual descendants of archimedes.

Give me a fulcrum and a lever and I can move the earth.

It's just a matter of... I don't have this.

Archimedes would be so proud.

Do you have any ideas?

Yes,but they all involve a green lantern and a power ring.

Easy... easy.


Now we've got an inclined plane. the force required to lift

Is reduced by the sine of the angle of the stairs,

Call it 30 degrees,so,about half.

Exactly half.


napkin [ˈnæpkɪn] n. 餐巾;餐巾纸;尿布 {cet6 ky :7155}

feat [fi:t] n. 功绩,壮举;技艺表演 adj. 合适的;灵巧的 {ky toefl ielts gre :7177}

lantern [ˈlæntən] n. 灯笼;提灯;灯笼式天窗 {gk cet4 cet6 ky :8338}

Thai [tai] n. 泰国人;泰国语 adj. 泰国的;泰国人的 { :8458}

dolly [ˈdɒli] n. 洋娃娃;手推车;移动式摄影车;洗衣搅棒 vt. 用移动车移动 vi. 移动摄影车 { :9382}

traveling ['trævlɪŋ] adj. 旅行(用)的;移动的 v. 旅行(travel的现在分词形式) n. 走步(等于walking) {ielts :9505}

swoops [swu:ps] n. 猛扑,突然下降( swoop的名词复数 ) v. 俯冲,猛冲( swoop的第三人称单数 ) { :9667}

pathology [pəˈθɒlədʒi] n. 病理(学); 〈比喻〉异常状态 {gre :10141}

measurable [ˈmeʒərəbl] adj. 可测量的;重要的;重大的 {cet4 cet6 :11403}

puffy [ˈpʌfi] adj. 一阵阵吹的;胀大的;喘气的 { :11594}

flawless [ˈflɔ:ləs] adj. 完美的;无瑕疵的;无裂缝的 { :11661}

cheesecake [ˈtʃi:zkeɪk] n. 奶酪蛋糕;半裸体的女人照片 { :13628}

predicated ['predikeitid] v. 断言;断定(predicate的过去式) adj. 断言的,断定的 { :13700}

rife [raɪf] adj. 普遍的;流行的;盛传的 n. (Rife)人名;(西)里费;(英)赖夫 {gre :13754}

bran [bræn] n. 麸,糠 n. (Bran)人名;(西、俄、意、罗、瑞典)布兰;(法)布朗 { :13762}

inaccuracy [ɪn'ækjərəsɪ] n. 错误;不精确 { :14136}

chopsticks ['tʃɒp.stɪk] n. 筷子 {zk gk :17509}

merciful [ˈmɜ:sɪfl] adj. 仁慈的;慈悲的;宽容的 {gk cet6 toefl :17622}

sine [saɪn] n. 正弦 prep. (拉)无(等于without) n. (Sine)人名;(土)西内 { :20093}

superman [ˈsu:pəmæn] n. 超人,能力非凡的 {gk :20120}

decelerates [di:ˈseləˌreɪts] v. (使)减速( decelerate的第三人称单数 ) { :22875}

fulcrum [ˈfʊlkrəm] n. [机][力] 支点;叶附属物 {gre :24825}

Archimedes [.ɑ:ki'mi:di:z] n. 阿基米德(古希腊数学家、物理学家、发明家、学者);阿基米德月面圆谷 { :25108}

lois [ˈləuis] n. 洛伊斯(女子名) { :26933}

epinephrine [ˌepɪ'nefrɪn] n. [生化][药] 肾上腺素 { :27691}

swooshes [swu:ʃiz] v. 哗哗响,作嗖嗖声,嗖地发射( swoosh的第三人称单数 ) { :29140}

energy-storage [ ] [网络] 储能

gonna [ˈgənə] abbr. (美)将要(等于going to)

upper-body [ ] un. 上身;物体上部 [网络] 上半身

a spoon [ ] [网络] 匙;汤匙;一个勺子

a superman [ ] None

comic book [ˈkɔmik buk] n. 漫画书 [网络] 连环漫画册;连环画;连环漫画书

comic books [ ] na. 〈美〉连环漫画杂志 [网络] 漫画书;连环漫画书;连环画

excuse me [ ] un. 请原谅;对不起 [网络] 劳驾;打扰一下;打扰了

feat of strength [ ] [网络] 成就;丰功伟绩;气功

green lantern [ ] [网络] 绿灯侠;绿光战警;绿幻灯侠

hit the pavement [ ] [俚语](从酒店、饭店等)被推出门外; 被开除、被解雇

i dare you [ ] [网络] 我谅你也不敢;你敢不敢;我打赌你不敢

incline plane [ ] n. 斜面 [网络] 斜面板

Lois Lane [ ] [网络] 莱恩;露意丝莲恩;露薏丝莲恩

merciful death [ ] [网络] 仁慈的死神

minimum wage [ˈminiməm weidʒ] n. (法定的)最低工资 [网络] 保底工资;法定最工资;基本工资

pad thai [ ] [网络] 泰式炒河粉;泰式炒面;泰式炒粉

peanut oil [ˈpi:nʌt ɔil] na. 花生油 [网络] 花生油的特点与用途;进口花生油;花生沙拉油

predicate on [ ] un. 使基于 [网络] 以…为基础

rife with [ ] [网络] 充满;充斥著;充满的

slice into [slais ˈɪntuː] [网络] 切一个口子

spare key [ ] [网络] 备用钥匙;备份钥匙;备有钥匙

swell up [swel ʌp] v. 隆起 [网络] 膨胀;肿胀;肿起

swoop down [ ] [网络] 猛扑下;从上往下俯冲;向…突然袭击

take it personally [ ] [网络] 别介意;就是往心里去,计较,对么;针对个人的

thai food [ ] [网络] 泰国菜;泰国料理;泰餐

the intellectual [ ] [网络] 知识分子;知识份子

to leap [ ] [网络] 跳;跳跃;飞跃

to swell [ ] [网络] 肿胀;介;肿起

Vienna sausage [ ] 维也纳香肠(等于vienna sausage, 欧美国家的大众化食品)

Vienna sausages [ ] [网络] 维也纳香肠

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