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S01E01 2


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[学习本文需要基础词汇量:4,000 ]
[本次分析采用基础词汇量:7,000 ]

One less thing to worry about.

I'm no expert,but I believe in the context of a luncheon invitation,

You might want to skip the reference to bowel movements.

You're inviting me over to eat?


Oh,that's so nice. I'd love to.


So,what do you guys do for fun around here?

Today we tried masturbating for money.


Okay,make yourself at home.

Thank you.

You're very welcome.

This looks like some serious stuff.

- leonard,did you do this? - actually,that's my work.

Yeah. well,it's just some quantum mechanics

With a little string theory doodling around the edges.

That part there,that's just a joke.

It's a spoof of the born-oppenheimer approximation.

So you're like one of those beautiful mind genius guys.


- this is really impressive. - i have a board.

If you like boards,this is my board.

Holy smokes.

If by "holy smokes",you mean

A derivative restatement of the kind of stuff

You can find scribbled on the wall of any men's room at mit,sure.

- what? - come on.

Who hasn't seen this differential below "here I sit,broken-hearted"?

At least I didn't have to invent 26 dimensions

Just to make the math come out.

I didn't invent them. they're there.

- in what universe? - in all of them... that is the point.

Do you guys mind if I start?


That's where l sit.

So,sit next to me.

No... I sit there.

What's the difference?

- what's the difference? - here we go.

In the winter,that seat is close enough to the radiator

To remain warm,and yet not so close as to cause perspiration

In the summer,it's directly in the path of a cross-breeze

Created by opening windows there and there.

It faces the television at an angle

That is neither direct,thus discouraging conversation,

Nor so far wide as to create a parallax distortion.

I could go on,but I think I've made my point.

Do you want me to move?

- well... - just sit somewhere else.



Well,this is nice.

We don't have a lot of company over.

That's not true. koothrappali and wolowitz come over all the time.

- yes i know,but... - tuesday night,

We played klingon boggle till 1:00 a.m.

Yeah,I remember.

- don't say we don't have company. - sorry.

- that has negative social implications. - i said I'm sorry!

Klingon boggle?

Yeah. it's like regular boggle,but...

In klingon.

That's probably enough about us. so,tell us about you.

Me? okay.

I'm a sagittarius,

Which probably tells you way more than you need to know.

Yes. it tells us that you participate in the mass cultural delusion

That the sun's apparent position

Relative to arbitrarily defined constellations at the time of your birth

Somehow affects your personality.

Participate in the what?

I think what sheldon's trying to say

Is that sagittarius wouldn't have been our first guess.

Yeah,a lot of people think I'm a water sign.

Okay,let's see,what else.

I'm a vegetarian. except for fish.

And the occasional steak. I love steak!

Well,that's interesting.

Leonard can't process corn.

Well... do you have some sort of a job?

Yeah. I'm a waitress at the cheesecake factory.

I love cheesecake.

You're lactose-intolerant.

I don't eat it... I just think it's a good idea.

Anyways,I'm also writing a screenplay.

It's about this sensitive girl who comes to l.a. from lincoln,nebraska,

To be an actress and winds up a waitress at the cheesecake factory.

So,it's based on your life.

No,I'm from omaha.

If that was movie,I would go see it.

I know,right?

Okay,let's see,what else...

Guess that's about it.

That's the story of penny.

It sounds wonderful.

It was.

Until I fell in love with a jerk!

What's happening?

God,you know,4 years I lived with him.

4 years... that's like as long as high school.

It took you 4 years to get through high school?

It just... I can't believe I trusted him.

Should I say something? I feel like I should say something.


constellations [kɒnstə'leɪʃnz] n. [天] 星座(constellation的复数) { :7195}

radiator [ˈreɪdieɪtə(r)] n. 散热器;暖气片;辐射体 {cet6 :7281}

differential [ˌdɪfəˈrenʃl] n. 微分;差别 adj. 微分的;差别的;特异的 { :8147}

vegetarian [ˌvedʒəˈteəriən] n. 素食者;食草动物 adj. 素食的 {ky toefl ielts :9054}

derivative [dɪˈrɪvətɪv] n. [化学] 衍生物,派生物;导数 adj. 派生的;引出的 {toefl gre :9140}

screenplay [ˈskri:npleɪ] n. 编剧,剧本;电影剧本 { :9412}

luncheon [ˈlʌntʃən] n. 午宴;正式的午餐会 {cet6 :9818}

scribbled [ˈskrɪbəld] n. 混纺纱线 v. 乱画;潦草地书写(scribble的过去分词) { :9854}

approximation [əˌprɒksɪˈmeɪʃn] n. [数] 近似法;接近;[数] 近似值 { :10242}

delusion [dɪˈlu:ʒn] n. 迷惑,欺骗;错觉;幻想 {cet6 gre :10894}

cheesecake [ˈtʃi:zkeɪk] n. 奶酪蛋糕;半裸体的女人照片 { :13628}

perspiration [ˌpɜ:spəˈreɪʃn] n. 汗水;流汗;努力 {cet6 toefl :14005}

arbitrarily ['ɑ:bɪtrəlɪ] adv. 武断地;反复无常地;专横地 { :14306}

masturbating [ˈmæstəbeitɪŋ] (对……)进行手淫( masturbate的现在分词 ) { :17500}

spoof [spu:f] n. 诳骗;愚弄;戏弄;讽刺性文章 vi. 行骗;开玩笑 vt. 哄骗;戏弄;对…作幽默讽刺 adj. 哄骗的 n. (Spoof)人名;(芬、瑞典)斯波夫 {gre :21227}

boggle [ˈbɒgl] n. 犹豫,退缩;惊奇 vt. 搞糟,弄坏;使……惊奇;使……困惑 vi. 犹豫,退缩;惊恐 {gre :21558}

doodling ['du:dlɪŋ] n. 乱画之物 v. 涂鸦(doodle的ing形式) { :21799}

restatement [ˌri:'steɪtmənt] n. 重述;再次声明 { :22440}

Klingon [ ] n. 克林贡语 { :22778}

Sagittarius [,sædʒi'teәriәs] n. [天] 人马座,射手座 { :25446}

Nebraska [ni'bræskә] n. 内布拉斯加州 { :26212}

mit [mit] abbr. 麻省理工学院(Massachu-setts Institute of Technology);制造完整性试验(Manufacturing Integrity Test);主指令带, 主程序带, 主控带(Master Instruction Tape) n. (Mit)人名;(柬)米;(泰)密 { :26347}

parallax [ˈpærəlæks] n. 视差;著名的影视编辑软件 { :31361}

omaha ['әumәhɑ:] n. 奥马哈;奥马哈市(美国内布拉斯加州);美国奥马哈族印第安人 { :45577}

broken-hearted ['brəʊkən 'hɑ:tɪd] adj. 悲哀的;极度伤心的;绝望的

cross-breeze [krɔs bri:z] n. 穿堂风

lactose-intolerant [ ] [网络] 乳糖过敏;乳糖不耐的

a jerk [ ] [网络] 猝然一动;自私的人;讨厌的人

a joke [ ] [网络] 玩笑;一个笑话;笑话一则

at an angle [æt æn ˈæŋɡl] [网络] 成一个角度;倾斜地;成一定角度

Born-Oppenheimer approximation [ ] un. 玻恩-奥本海默近似 [网络] 波恩-奥本海默近似值;奥本海姆近似;玻-欧近似法

bowel movement [ˈbauəl ˈmu:vmənt] n. 解大便;粪便 [网络] 排便;肠运动;排粪

bowel movements [ ] n. 排便;粪 [网络] 大溲;肠部运动;正常的通便

holy smoke [ ] [网络] 圣烟;性烟;圣烟烈情

holy smokes [ ] [网络] 天啊;我的妈呀;上帝啊

I'm a vegetarian [ ] [网络] 我是吃素的;我吃素;我吃素的

quantum mechanics [ˈkwɔntəm mɪˈkænɪks] n. 量子力学 [网络] 量子力学方法;量子力学世界;量子力学简介

relative to [ ] adj. 有关 [网络] 相对于;与…有关;相对於

string theory [ ] n. 弦理论 [网络] 弦论;超弦理论;理论像弦论

to invent [ ] [网络] 发明;去发明;未然

to skip [ ] [网络] 略过;跳越;跳过

with a jerk [ ] [网络] 急抽动

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