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S01E04 2


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[学习本文需要基础词汇量:8,000 ]
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people unfamiliar with the law of large numbers would call a coincidence.

I'm sorry?

I need eggs.

Four dozen should suffice.

Four dozen?

Yes,and evenly distributed amongst brown,white,

free-range,large,extra large and jumbo.

Okay,one more time.

Never mind. You won't get it right.

I'd better come with you.


How come you didn't go into work today?

I'm taking a sabbatical because I won't kowtow to mediocre minds.

So you got canned,huh?

Theoretical physicists do not get canned...

but yeah.

Well,maybe it's all for the best.

You know,I always say when one door closes,another one opens.

No,it doesn'T.

Not unless the two doors are connected by relays

or there are motion sensors involved.

No,no,I meant...

or if the first door closing creates a change of air pressure

that acts upon the second door.

Never mind.

Slow down.

Slow down. Please,slow down!

We're fine!

You're not leaving yourself enough space between cars.

Oh,sure,I am.

No,no,let me do the math for you.

This car weighs,let's say 4,000 pounds.

Now add 140 for me,120 for you...

- 120? - Oh,I'm sorry.

Did I insult you?

Is your body mass somehow tied into your self-worth?



Anyway,that gives us a total weight of,let's say 4,400 pounds.

Let's say 4,390.


We're traveling forward at-- good lord-- 51 miles an hour.

Now let's assume that your brakes are new and the calipers are aligned.

Still,by the time we come to a stop,

we'll be occupying the same space as that buick in front of us,

an impossibility that nature will quickly resolve into death,mutilation...

oh,look,they built a new putt-putt course.

This is great.

Look at me.

I'm in the real world of ordinary people

just living their ordinary,colorless workaday lives.

Thank you.

No,thank you.

And thank you,ordinary person.

Hey,you want to hear an interesting thing about tomatoes?

Uh,no,no,not really.

Listen,didn't you say you needed some eggs?

Yes,but anyone who knows anything about the dynamics of bacterial growth

knows to pick up their refrigerated foods on the way out of the supermarket.

Oh,okay,well,then maybe you should start heading on out then.

No,this is fun.

Oh,the thing about tomatoes-- and I think you'll really enjoy this--

is they're shelved with the vegetables,but they're technically a fruit.

- Oh,interesting. - Isn't it?

No,I mean what you find enjoyable.


What now?

Well,there's some value to taking a multivitamin,

but the human body can only absorb so much.

What you're buying here are the ingredients for very expensive urine.

Well,maybe that's what I was going for.

Well,then you'll want some manganese.

Well,that was fun.

Maybe tomorrow we can go to one of those big warehouse stores.

Oh,I don't know,sheldon.

It's going to take me a while to recover from all the fun I had today.

Are you sure?

There are a lot of advantages to buying in bulk.

For example,I noticed that you purchase your tampons one-month supply at a time.


Think about it.

It's a product that doesn't spoil

and you're going to be needing them for at least the next 30 years.

You want me to buy 30 years worth of tampons?

Well,30,35. When did your mother go into menopause?


I'm not talking about this with you.

Oh,penny,this is a natural human process

and we're talking about statistically significant savings.

Now,if you assume 15 tampons per cycle and a 28-day cycle...

are you fairly regular?

Okay,no warehouse store,but we're still on for putt-putt golf,right?

Hey,I just ran into penny.

She seemed upset about something.

I think it's her time of the month.

I marked the calendar for future reference.

What's with the fish?

It's an experiment.

What happened to your scrambled egg research?

Oh,that was a dead end.

Scrambled eggs are as good as they're ever going to be.

So... fish?

I read an article about japanese scientists

who inserted dna from luminous jellyfish into other animals

and I thought,"hey,fish nightlights.

Fish nightlights?

It's a billion-dollar idea.

Mum's the word.


canned [kænd] adj. 罐装的;录音的 v. 装于罐头(can的过去分词) { :7006}

bacterial [bæk'tɪərɪəl] adj. [微] 细菌的 { :8310}

relays [ˈri:leiz] n. [电] 继电器(relay的复数形式) v. 分程传递;转述(relay的第三人称单数) { :8326}

refrigerated [rɪf'rɪdʒəreɪtɪd] adj. 冷冻的,冷却的 v. 冷藏(refrigerate的过去分词);使冷却 { :8533}

traveling ['trævlɪŋ] adj. 旅行(用)的;移动的 v. 旅行(travel的现在分词形式) n. 走步(等于walking) {ielts :9505}

impossibility [ɪmˌpɒsə'bɪlətɪ] n. 不可能;不可能的事 { :9546}

luminous [ˈlu:mɪnəs] adj. 发光的;明亮的;清楚的 {cet6 toefl ielts :9593}

mediocre [ˌmi:diˈəʊkə(r)] adj. 普通的;平凡的;中等的 {toefl ielts gre :10434}

menopause [ˈmenəpɔ:z] n. 更年期;活动终止期 { :10584}

shelved [felvd] v. 搁置(shelve的过去分词);逐渐倾斜;使上架 adj. 搁置的;废置不用的 { :13808}

jumbo [ˈdʒʌmbəʊ] adj. 巨大的;特大的 n. 庞然大物;巨型喷气式飞机;体大而笨拙的人或物 { :15512}

sabbatical [sә'bætikl] n. 休假(美国某些大学给大学教师每七年一次的) adj. 安息日的 { :15752}

colorless ['kʌləlɪs] adj. 无色的;苍白的;无趣味的 { :16173}

mutilation [ˌmju:tɪ'leɪʃn] n. 毁损;残缺;切断 { :17127}

jellyfish [ˈdʒelifɪʃ] n. 水母;[无脊椎] 海蜇;软弱无能的人 {toefl :18731}

multivitamin [ˌmʌltiˈvɪtəmɪn] adj. 多种维他命的 n. 多种维他命剂 { :21624}

manganese [ˈmæŋgəni:z] n. [化学] 锰 { :21755}

calipers ['kælɪpəz] n. 卡钳;卡尺(caliper的复数形式);测径器;弯脚器 v. 用测径规测量;用卡钳测量(caliper的第三人称单数形式) {gre :22257}

tampons [ˈtæmpənz] n. (妇女月经时用的)卫生棉塞( tampon的名词复数 ) v. (妇女月经时用的)卫生棉塞( tampon的第三人称单数 ) { :23763}

kowtow [ˌkaʊˈtaʊ] vi. 叩头;卑躬屈膝 n. 叩头 { :27978}

workaday [ˈwɜ:kədeɪ] adj. 工作日的;日常的;普通的,平凡的 { :32818}

buick [ ] n. 别克(汽车品牌) { :40111}

-day [deɪ] n. 一天;时期;白昼 adv. 每天;经常在白天地 adj. 日间的;逐日的 n. (Day)人名;(英、法、西)戴;(越)岱;(阿拉伯、土)达伊

billion-dollar [ ] 十亿美元的

free-range [ˈfri:ˌreɪndʒ] adj. (家禽)自由放养的;在农场自由放养的(鸡)

nightlights ['naɪt.laɪt] [网络] 夜间照明灯具;小夜灯;夜灯图片

one-month [ ] [网络] 一个月

putt-putt ['pʌtpʌt] n. [美国英语];汽船(或摩托车)发动机的砰砰声 vi. 发砰砰声;砰砰作响;发出砰砰声前进

self-worth [selfˈwə:θ] n. 自我价值;自尊;自负

yay [ ] int. 哇(因高兴而欢呼) adv. 这么;非常

bacterial growth [ ] [网络] 细菌滋长;细菌生长;细菌生殖

buy in bulk [ ] v. 成批买 [网络] 大量购买;批量购买;成批购买

do the math [ ] [网络] 你好好算算;你自己算算;盘算一下

evenly distributed [ ] un. 均匀分配的 [网络] 均匀分布的

Get Canned [ ] [网络] 被解雇了;被开除;失业

in bulk [in bʌlk] na. 大批;不加包装 [网络] 散装;不散装的;大量

kowtow to [ ] 向…点头哈腰,向…卑躬屈膝,向…低三下四; 向…叩头;行叩头礼

motion sensor [ ] [网络] 运动传感器;运动感测器;动作感应器

scramble egg [ ] [网络] 炒蛋;西式炒蛋;滑蛋或炒蛋

scramble eggs [ ] [网络] 炒蛋;牛奶炒蛋;三牛奶炒蛋

statistically significant [ ] un. 统计显著 [网络] 统计上显著;有统计学意义;统计上显着

unfamiliar with [ˌʌnfəˈmɪljə wið] [网络] 不熟悉;对……不熟悉;没有养成习惯

warehouse store [ ] [网络] 仓储式商店;仓库式商店;仓储式商场

let's say 4
slow down

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