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"You cannot go back to that cave," said Guanyin.

"But we must go back!" said Wukong.

"That woman kidnapped the Tang Monk."

Guanyin shook her head.

"That woman is a scorpion spirit.

She is very dangerous."

"She sure is!" cried Bajie.

"What did she stab us with anyway?"

"It was her stinger that stabbed you," said Guanyin.

Wukong shuddered, thinking about the pain he'd felt.

"I won't go near her," said Guanyin.

"Even Buddha is afraid of her.

He was teaching his students one day and saw [n@that scorpion creeping toward him.

He tried to move it away, but it stung him.

The pain was horrible!

He told his guards to capture the scorpion.

But it escaped to Earth."

Wukong started pacing.

"What are we going to do then?

We must save the Tang Monk."

"Go to Heaven and ask the Star Lord for help," said Guanyin.

The bodhisattva then disappeared in a flash of light.

A little while later, Wukong stood at the southern gate of Heaven.

"Greetings, Wukong," said the guard.

"I must speak with the Star Lord," said the monkey.

The guard told Wukong the way to the Star Lord's palace.

A few minutes later, the monkey knocked on the palace door.

"Wukong," said the Star Lord. "What can I do for you?"

"I need your help," said Wukong.

"I'm traveling to the Western Paradise with the Tang Monk.

But he was captured by a demon.

Guanyin said you can help me."

The Star Lord looked confused.

"I don't know why you need my help.

I've heard you're quite strong.

What kind of demon is it?"

"It's a scorpion spirit," said the monkey.

"Oh," said the Star Lord, nodding. "I understand now.

Lead the way. We must hurry!"

Wukong led the Star Lord out of Heaven and down to Earth.

They landed on the mountain, where Bajie was still rubbing his nose.

"The Star Lord is here to help us," said Wukong.

The Star Lord looked at Bajie's nose.

"I can heal that for you."

Bajie walked over to the Star Lord, who then blew on the pig's nose.

The injury healed instantly.

"Thank you," said the pig, smiling.

"I was stabbed too," said Wukong.

"But the stinger didn't leave a mark on me."

He grinned at Bajie.

"I'm much more powerful than the pig."

Bajie frowned.

"I have special magic that I'll use to defeat [n@the scorpion," said the Star Lord.

"You just need to get her to come outside."

Everyone went up to the cave.

Bajie and Wujing hid behind some rocks.

Wukong stood in front of the cave entrance and shouted, [n@"Release our master right now!"

Then he ran as fast as he could away from the cave.

The woman rushed out of the cave, spinning wildly.

Suddenly the Star Lord turned into an enormous rooster.

The rooster crowed, and the sound echoed through the mountains.

The woman screamed and held her hands over her ears.

The rooster crowed again, and the woman disappeared in a puff of smoke.

In her place was a dead scorpion.

Wukong ran into the cave.

He found the Tang Monk sitting at a table.

The monk's eyes lit up.

"Wukong! Thank you for saving me!"

The monkey smiled.

"As long as I'm protecting you, no demon will ever harm you."

The Tang Monk shook his head.

"That woman didn't want to harm me—she wanted to marry me!"

The monk sighed.

"But I told her that I'm a Buddhist monk and I will never marry.

My only goal is to reach the Western Paradise."


pig [pɪg] n. 猪;猪肉 vi. 生小猪;像猪一样过活 n. 警察(俚语,带有攻击性) {zk gk cet4 ky :3014}

hurry [ˈhʌri] n. 匆忙,急忙 v. 仓促(做某事);催促;(朝某方向)迅速移动;迅速处理 n. (英)赫里(人名) {zk gk :3065}

sighed [said] 叹息 { :3085}

grinned [ ] vi. 露齿而笑(grin的过去分词) { :3169}

harm [hɑ:m] n. 伤害;损害 vt. 伤害;危害;损害 n. (Harm)人名;(德)哈尔姆 {gk cet4 cet6 ky toefl :3189}

magic [ˈmædʒɪk] n. 巫术;魔法;戏法 adj. 不可思议的;有魔力的;魔术的 n. (Magic)人名;(英)马吉克 {zk gk cet4 cet6 ky toefl ielts :3411}

echoed [ˈekəud] 重复 { :3424}

flash [flæʃ] n. 闪光,闪现;一瞬间 adj. 闪光的,火速的 vt. 使闪光;反射 vi. 闪光,闪现;反射 n. (Flash)人名;(西)弗拉什 {gk cet4 cet6 ky toefl ielts :3500}

confused [kənˈfju:zd] v. 困惑(confuse的过去式) adj. 困惑的;混乱的;糊涂的 { :3518}

cave [keɪv] n. 洞穴,窑洞 vi. 凹陷,塌落;投降 vt. 使凹陷,使塌落;在…挖洞穴 n. (Cave)人名;(西)卡韦;(英)凯夫;(法)卡夫 {gk cet4 cet6 ky ielts :3562}

horrible [ˈhɒrəbl] adj. 可怕的;极讨厌的 {gk cet4 cet6 ky ielts :3750}

frowned [fraund] v. 皱眉;用皱眉蹙额表示不满(frown的过去分词) { :3759}

instantly [ˈɪnstəntli] conj. 一…就… adv. 立即地;马上地;即刻地 {cet4 cet6 :4123}

creeping [ˈkri:pɪŋ] n. 爬行 v. 爬行;慢慢地移动(creep的现在分词) adj. 爬行的;迟缓的;毛骨悚然的;奉承的 { :4156}

healed [hi:ld] 恢复 { :4371}

heal [hi:l] vt. 治愈,痊愈;和解 vi. 痊愈 n. (Heal)人名;(英)希尔 {cet4 cet6 ky toefl ielts gre :4371}

monkey [ˈmʌŋki] n. 猴子;顽童 vi. 胡闹;捣蛋 vt. 嘲弄 {zk gk cet4 ky :4558}

monk [mʌŋk] n. 僧侣,修道士;和尚 n. (Monk)人名;(柬)蒙;(德、法、英)蒙克 {cet6 :4817}

demon [ˈdi:mən] n. 恶魔;魔鬼;精力充沛的人;邪恶的事物 n. (Demon)人名;(塞)德蒙 { :5407}

stabbed [stæbd] v. 刺伤(stab的过去式和过去分词);刺穿 { :5408}

stab [stæb] n. 刺;戳;尝试;突发的一阵 vt. 刺;刺伤;戳;刺穿;直入 vi. 刺;刺伤;戳;刺痛 n. (Stab)人名;(泰)萨达 {cet4 cet6 ky toefl gre :5408}

paradise [ˈpærədaɪs] n. 天堂 至福境地 {cet4 cet6 ielts :5567}

wildly [ˈwaɪldli] adv. 野生地;野蛮地;狂暴地;鲁莽地 { :5596}

greetings [ɡ'ri:tɪŋz] n. 问候;打招呼;问候语(greeting的复数) { :6324}

shuddered [ˈʃʌdəd] v. 战栗( shudder的过去式和过去分词 ); 发抖; (机器、车辆等)突然震动; 颤动 { :6762}

kidnapped [ ] v. 诱拐,绑架(kidnap过去时形式) { :6993}

stung [stʌŋ] v. 刺;螫;使疼痛(sting的过去式及过去分词) { :8139}

puff [pʌf] n. 粉扑;泡芙;蓬松;一阵喷烟;肿块;吹嘘,宣传广告 vt. 喷出,张开;使膨胀;夸张;使骄傲自满 vi. 膨胀;张开;鼓吹;夸张 n. (Puff)人名;(德)普夫 {cet4 cet6 ky :8283}

crowed [krəʊd] 公鸡啼鸣 报晓 欢呼( crow的过去式和过去分词 ) { :8402}

Buddhist ['budist] n. 佛教徒 adj. 佛教的 {gk :8787}

traveling ['trævlɪŋ] adj. 旅行(用)的;移动的 v. 旅行(travel的现在分词形式) n. 走步(等于walking) {ielts :9505}

rooster [ˈru:stə(r)] n. 公鸡;狂妄自负的人 {gk cet6 toefl :11564}

scorpion [ˈskɔ:piən] n. 蝎子;蝎尾鞭;心黑的人 n. (Scorpion)人名;(英)斯科皮恩 {gre :15484}

tang [tæŋ] n. 特性;强烈的味道;柄脚 vt. 使声尖锐;装刀柄于 vi. 发出铿锵声;发出当的一声 n. (Tang)人名;(柬、缅)当 { :15960}

stinger ['stiŋә] n. 讽刺者;好讽刺人的人;针,刺;有刺的动物;鸡尾酒 { :22442}

Buddha [ˈbʊdə] n. 佛陀;佛像 { :22661}

Bodhisattva [ˌbɒdɪ'sɑ:tvə] n. 菩萨 { :43176}

guanyin [ ] 观世音;观音

Wujing [ ] 物境

a puff [ei pʌf] 一阵

buddhist monk [ˈbʊdɪst mʌŋk] un. 和尚;僧 [网络] 禅师;佛教中出家修行的男教徒;沙门

echo through [ ] 回响,回荡,响彻

escape to [ ] [网络] 逃进

flash of light [ ] [网络] 圣光闪现;闪光;光辉闪现

go to heaven [ ] na. 升天 [网络] 上天堂;死;去天堂

grin at [ ] 对…露齿而笑,因…而笑

in a flash [in ə flæʃ] na. 刹那间;瞬间;一下子 [网络] 一瞬间;一刹那间;转瞬间

knock on [nɔk ɔn] 敲击; <非正>(使)增加; 不停地工作; 取消

rush ... out [ ] na. 赶制出来 [网络] 冲出去;突然出现;涌出

rush out [rʌʃ aut] na. 赶制出来 [网络] 冲出去;突然出现;涌出

rush out of [ ] [网络] 冲出;奔出;冲出…地方

the Monkey [ ] [网络] 猴子;西游记;猕猴猴趣

the palace [ ] na. 宫廷显贵;水晶宫 [网络] 皇宫;宫殿;沙皇宫殿

the scorpion [ ] [网络] 天蝎座;蝎子;金刚机械蝎子火神直刀

to harm [ ] [网络] 伤害;危害;损伤

to Heaven [ ] na. 极度地 [网络] 寄给天堂的心;天堂之歌;寄给天国

said guanyin
said the star lord
said wukong

zk/中考 gk/中考 ky/考研 cet4/四级 cet6/六级 ielts/雅思 toefl/托福 gre/GRE
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