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Wukong landed on Mount Potalaka.

A young man was meditating in the garden.

"Where's Guanyin?" asked the monkey.

"She's making a basket," said the man.

He glanced up at the monkey.

"It's good to see you again, Wukong."

Wukong was puzzled.

"How do you know my name?"

"Don't you recognize me?" said the man.

Wukong stared for a moment and then gasped.

"You're Red Boy!

You look like a kind spirit now."

"Yes," said Red Boy.

"I'm not an evil demon anymore.

And I have you to thank for that.

You brought Guanyin to me.

She has taught me all about Buddhism, and now I'm very happy."

"You're welcome," said Wukong.

"You and I have a lot in common.

We were both evil, causing all sorts of problems.

Now we're both Buddhists."

Guanyin came over holding a basket.

"Hello, Wukong," said the bodhisattva.

"I knew you would come here today.

I've been working on this basket all morning."

A look of confusion spread across the monkey's face.

"That's a nice basket, Bodhisattva.

But what is it for?"

"This basket has magical powers," said Guanyin.

"I will catch the demon with it. Let's go."

Wukong returned to the river with Guanyin.

The bodhisattva used a rope to lower the basket into the river.

She recited a spell and then waited.

After a moment she pulled the basket out of the water.

Wukong looked in the basket.

A small goldfish was flopping around in it.

The monkey laughed.

"I guess you need to try again, Bodhisattva.

That's not the demon."

"This is my goldfish," said Guanyin.

"It usually lives in my lotus pond.

The pond is near my garden, where I teach my students.

After years of listening to my lessons, the fish became a spirit.

It escaped to Earth a few days ago.

I had been wondering where it was."

"A few days ago," repeated Wukong.

"That means it's been on Earth for a few years."

"Correct," said Guanyin.

"The Tang Monk is safe now.

You may go free him and continue your journey to the Western Paradise."

Guanyin flew off, and Wukong swam down to the palace.

Now that the goldfish was gone, so was its magic.

The monkey smashed the rocks with his iron bar and went inside.

"Master, I'm here!" he cried.

He got the monk out of the box and carried him out of the river.

By now all the villagers had heard that Wukong had saved Chen's son.

When the travelers returned, the villagers cheered.

"Please stay in our village!" said a man.

"Yes," said an old woman.

"There's no rush to leave.

Stay for as long as you like."

"Thank you," said the Tang Monk.

"But we can stay only one more night, to rest.

In the morning we must leave.

We still have far to travel."

The villagers held a feast for the travelers that evening.

By the time everyone went to sleep, it was late.

The next morning the travelers woke to the sound of chopping.

"What's going on?" asked the Tang Monk.

They went to the river and found a very busy scene.

Several men were chopping down trees.

Other people carried tools.

"We're building a boat for you!" said a smiling man.

"Thank you," said the monk.

He and his companions sat down by the water to wait.

Suddenly there was a rumble, and waves splashed onto the shore.

Everyone stared in fear as a large creature rose from the waves.


companions [kəmˈpænjənz] n. 同伴;同事(companion的复数);伴随物 v. 陪伴;伴随(companion的三单形式) { :3024}

shore [ʃɔ:(r)] n. 海滨;支柱 vt. 支撑,使稳住;用支柱撑住 n. (Shore)人名;(英)肖尔 {gk cet4 cet6 ky toefl :3244}

basket [ˈbɑ:skɪt] n. 篮子;(篮球比赛的)得分;一篮之量;篮筐 vt. 装入篮 {zk gk :3255}

rope [rəʊp] n. 绳,绳索 vt. 捆,绑 vi. 拧成绳状 n. (Rope)人名;(英)罗普;(芬)罗佩 {zk gk cet4 cet6 ky toefl :3309}

pond [pɒnd] n. 池塘 vt. 筑成池塘 vi. 筑成池塘 n. (Pond)人名;(英、法)庞德 {zk gk cet4 cet6 ky :3344}

spell [spel] n. 符咒;一段时间;魅力 vi. 拼字;轮替 vt. 拼,拼写;意味着;招致;拼成;迷住;轮值 n. (Spell)人名;(英)斯佩尔 {zk gk cet4 cet6 ky gre :3382}

magic [ˈmædʒɪk] n. 巫术;魔法;戏法 adj. 不可思议的;有魔力的;魔术的 n. (Magic)人名;(英)马吉克 {zk gk cet4 cet6 ky toefl ielts :3411}

evil [ˈi:vl] n. 罪恶,邪恶;不幸 adj. 邪恶的;不幸的;有害的;讨厌的 {cet4 cet6 ky :3447}

travelers [t'rævlərz] n. 旅行支票( traveler的名词复数 ); 旅行信用卡; (常)出远门的人; 巡回推销员 {ielts :3795}

chopping [tʃɒpɪŋ] n. 截断 adj. 波浪汹涌的 { :3964}

puzzled [ˈpʌzld] adj. 困惑的;茫然的;搞糊涂的 {gk :4255}

smashed [smæʃt] v. 粉碎(smash的过去式和过去分词) adj. 破碎的;喝醉酒的 { :4350}

monkey [ˈmʌŋki] n. 猴子;顽童 vi. 胡闹;捣蛋 vt. 嘲弄 {zk gk cet4 ky :4558}

cheered [tʃɪəd] v. 欢呼(cheer的过去分词) { :4621}

monk [mʌŋk] n. 僧侣,修道士;和尚 n. (Monk)人名;(柬)蒙;(德、法、英)蒙克 {cet6 :4817}

gasped [ɡɑ:spt] 喘息 喘气 { :5196}

demon [ˈdi:mən] n. 恶魔;魔鬼;精力充沛的人;邪恶的事物 n. (Demon)人名;(塞)德蒙 { :5407}

paradise [ˈpærədaɪs] n. 天堂 至福境地 {cet4 cet6 ielts :5567}

magical [ˈmædʒɪkl] adj. 魔术的;有魔力的 {toefl :5584}

feast [fi:st] n. 筵席,宴会;节日 vt. 享受;款待,宴请 vi. 享受;参加宴会 {gk cet4 cet6 ky ielts :5626}

villagers ['vɪlɪdʒəz] n. 村民;乡下人(villager的复数) { :6100}

lotus [ˈləʊtəs] n. 莲花(汽车品牌) { :6269}

recited [riˈsaitid] vt. 背诵;叙述;列举 vi. 背诵;叙述 { :6397}

splashed [sp'læʃt] 散点 { :6624}

rumble [ˈrʌmbl] n. 隆隆声;抱怨声 vi. 隆隆作响 vt. 使隆隆响;低沉地说 n. (Rumble)人名;(英)朗布尔 {toefl gre :8741}

Buddhists [ ] n. 佛教徒( Buddhist的名词复数 ) { :8787}

flopping ['flɒpɪŋ] n. 贬调 v. (指书、戏剧等)彻底失败( flop的现在分词 ); (因疲惫而)猛然坐下; (笨拙地、不由自主地或松弛地)移动或落下; 砸锅 { :9863}

Buddhism ['bʊdɪz(ə)m] n. 佛教 {gk cet6 :10473}

goldfish [ˈgəʊldfɪʃ] n. 金鱼 {gk :10625}

meditating ['medɪteɪtɪŋ] v. 深思,沉思,冥想( meditate的现在分词 ); 内心策划,考虑 { :12380}

tang [tæŋ] n. 特性;强烈的味道;柄脚 vt. 使声尖锐;装刀柄于 vi. 发出铿锵声;发出当的一声 n. (Tang)人名;(柬、缅)当 { :15960}

Bodhisattva [ˌbɒdɪ'sɑ:tvə] n. 菩萨 { :43176}

guanyin [ ] 观世音;观音

a basket [ ] [网络] 篮;篮子;一篮子

a spell [ ] [网络] 一阵子;一段不确定的时间;一段时光

chop ... down [ ] na. 砍倒 [网络] 砍下;砍伐;砍到

chop down [tʃɔp daun] na. 砍倒 [网络] 砍下;砍伐;砍到

escape to [ ] [网络] 逃进

flop around [ ] =flop about

glance up [ ] v. 抬眼一瞥 [网络] 朝下一看;抬头看见;抬头瞥见

in the basket [ ] [网络] 在篮子里;花篮中的小熊;在篮子里面

iron bar [ ] un. 铁棒;铁条;钢条 [网络] 铁棍;铁锭;铁棍子

lotus pond [ˈləutəs pɔnd] un. 荷花池 [网络] 莲花池;荷塘;莲池

magical power [ˈmædʒɪkəl ˈpauə] 魔力

magical powers [ ] 魔力

make a basket [ ] na. (篮球)投中一球 [网络] 投篮;制作礼物篮

rush to [rʌʃ tu:] un. 掠过;奔到;抢救 [网络] 冲向;奔赴;急着做

the Monkey [ ] [网络] 猴子;西游记;猕猴猴趣

the palace [ ] na. 宫廷显贵;水晶宫 [网络] 皇宫;宫殿;沙皇宫殿

the pond [ ] [网络] 池塘;东南隅这水池;池塘四周绿树环抱

the shore [ ] [网络] 海岸;海滩;海岸图片

very busy [ˈveri ˈbizi] [网络] 很忙;非常忙;忙进忙出

wake to [weik tu:] na. 发觉 [网络] 意识到;认识到;察觉到

said guanyin

zk/中考 gk/中考 ky/考研 cet4/四级 cet6/六级 ielts/雅思 toefl/托福 gre/GRE
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