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"Wukong is right," said Bajie.

"We should all go home and forget about reaching the Western Paradise.

I'll return to my cave and take a nice long nap."

Bajie started to walk away.

Wujing grabbed him.

"Are you crazy?"

He looked at Wukong.

"We can't go home!"

"I know that," said the monkey.

"I wasn't serious about going home.

But I'm angry with Master.

How many times have I warned him about demons?

He never believes me!

If he had listened to me earlier, he wouldn't have been kidnapped."

Wukong sighed. "We need to figure out where the demon took him.

I'll summon a local spirit."

The monkey closed his eyes and muttered some words.

A soft breeze blew, and then a spirit appeared.

"Hello, Sun Wukong," said the spirit.

"I am the spirit of this mountain."

"Our master was kidnapped by a demon," said Wukong.

"We think the demon lives near here, but we don't know where."

"Oh dear," said the spirit.

He looked nervous.

"Your master was probably kidnapped by Red Boy, a very nasty demon.

His cave is near the peak of that mountain."

The spirit pointed to a nearby mountain.

"You shouldn't go there though," the spirit continued.

"Red Boy is very powerful.

His father is the Bull Demon King, one of the most horrible demons ever."

A smile spread across Wukong's face, and he began to laugh.

"That is good news!"

Everyone looked at the monkey in surprise.

"Why is that good news?" asked Wujing.

"The Bull Demon King is an old friend of mine!" said Wukong.

"Before I caused trouble in Heaven, I was friends [n@with a group of demon kings.

The Bull Demon King was one of them.

When I tell Red Boy who I am, he'll release the Tang Monk right away!"

The three travelers said good-bye to the spirit and headed up the mountain.

They came to a cave near the peak.

The door was closed.

Wukong knocked. "Open up, Red Boy.

I need to speak with you!"

The door flew open, and Red Boy stepped out.

"Who are you?" demanded Red Boy.

"What do you want?"

"You kidnapped our master, the Tang Monk," said the monkey.

"Please return him to us."

Red Boy snorted. "I'm not going to return the Tang Monk to you.

I'm going to eat him and live forever.

Now go away before I get very angry!"

Wukong laughed. "My dear boy, you don't realize whom you're talking to.

I am Sun Wukong—the Monkey King.

Your father and I are old friends."

"I don't care who you are!" said Red Boy.

"Now all of you, get off my mountain!"

Wukong shook his head, pretending to be disappointed.

"I was hoping we could solve this problem nicely."

He removed the iron bar from his ear.

Red Boy laughed. "Do you think I'm scared of your little weapon?"

"This iron bar is a treasure from Heaven," said Wukong.

"It was used to measure the oceans and rivers.

It is very powerful and can do whatever I tell it to do."

The monkey puffed out his chest.

"Now return the Tang Monk at once, or I'll destroy your entire mountain!"

"I also have a powerful weapon," said Red Boy.

"I'll show it to you."

The demon punched himself in the nose.

Smoke poured from his nostrils, and fire shot from his mouth.

A moment later flames covered the entire mountainside!


sighed [said] 叹息 { :3085}

flames [fleɪmz] n. [化工] 火焰;火苗(flame的复数形式) { :3195}

disappointed [ˌdɪsəˈpɔɪntɪd] adj. 失望的,沮丧的;受挫折的 { :3371}

muttered [ˈmʌtəd] vi. 咕哝;喃喃自语 vt. 咕哝;抱怨地说;低声含糊地说 n. 咕哝;喃喃低语 n. (Mutter)人名;(法)米泰;(德、匈、西)穆特;(英)马特 { :3481}

cave [keɪv] n. 洞穴,窑洞 vi. 凹陷,塌落;投降 vt. 使凹陷,使塌落;在…挖洞穴 n. (Cave)人名;(西)卡韦;(英)凯夫;(法)卡夫 {gk cet4 cet6 ky ielts :3562}

nasty [ˈnɑ:sti] adj. 下流的;肮脏的;脾气不好的;险恶的 n. 令人不快的事物 性的吸引力 {cet4 cet6 ky ielts :3646}

horrible [ˈhɒrəbl] adj. 可怕的;极讨厌的 {gk cet4 cet6 ky ielts :3750}

travelers [t'rævlərz] n. 旅行支票( traveler的名词复数 ); 旅行信用卡; (常)出远门的人; 巡回推销员 {ielts :3795}

treasure [ˈtreʒə(r)] n. 财富,财产;财宝;珍品 vt. 珍爱;珍藏 n. (Treasure)人名;(英)特雷热 {zk gk cet4 cet6 ky toefl :4074}

bull [bʊl] n. 公牛;看好股市者;粗壮如牛的人;胡说八道;印玺 adj. 大型的;公牛似的;雄性的 vt. 企图抬高证券价格;吓唬;强力实现 vi. 价格上涨;走运;猛推;吹牛 n. (Bull)人名;(英、葡、瑞典、芬、挪、德)布尔 {cet4 cet6 ky ielts :4207}

breeze [bri:z] n. 微风;轻而易举的事;煤屑;焦炭渣;小风波 vi. 吹微风;逃走 n. (Breeze)人名;(法)布雷兹 {cet4 cet6 ky toefl ielts :4284}

punched [pʌntʃt] v. 戳;用拳猛击;用力推进(punch的过去分词) adj. 穿孔,无孔的 { :4348}

summon [ˈsʌmən] vt. 召唤;召集;鼓起;振作 {cet6 ky toefl ielts gre :4505}

monkey [ˈmʌŋki] n. 猴子;顽童 vi. 胡闹;捣蛋 vt. 嘲弄 {zk gk cet4 ky :4558}

monk [mʌŋk] n. 僧侣,修道士;和尚 n. (Monk)人名;(柬)蒙;(德、法、英)蒙克 {cet6 :4817}

demon [ˈdi:mən] n. 恶魔;魔鬼;精力充沛的人;邪恶的事物 n. (Demon)人名;(塞)德蒙 { :5407}

demons ['di:mənz] n. 魔族,恶魔;[计] 守护程序 n. (Demons)人名;(法)德蒙 { :5407}

paradise [ˈpærədaɪs] n. 天堂 至福境地 {cet4 cet6 ielts :5567}

nicely [ˈnaɪsli] adv. 漂亮地;恰好地;精细地 n. (Nicely)人名;(英)奈斯利 { :5587}

kidnapped [ ] v. 诱拐,绑架(kidnap过去时形式) { :6993}

nap [næp] n. 小睡,打盹儿;细毛;孤注一掷 vt. 使拉毛 vi. 小睡;疏忽 n. (Nap)人名;(朝、越)纳 {cet4 cet6 ky ielts :7438}

puffed [pʌft] adj. 疏松的 { :8283}

snorted [snɔ:tid] v. 喷鼻息(以表示不耐烦,轻蔑等)( snort的过去式和过去分词 ); (俚) 用鼻子吸(毒品) { :8284}

nostrils ['nɒstrəlz] n. [解剖] 鼻孔(nostril的复数) { :8649}

mountainside [ˈmaʊntənsaɪd] n. 山腰;山坡 { :14290}

tang [tæŋ] n. 特性;强烈的味道;柄脚 vt. 使声尖锐;装刀柄于 vi. 发出铿锵声;发出当的一声 n. (Tang)人名;(柬、缅)当 { :15960}

spirit [ˈspɪrɪt] n. 精神;心灵;情绪;志气;烈酒 vt. 鼓励;鼓舞;诱拐 {zk gk cet4 cet6 ky toefl :1180}

Wujing [ ] 物境

friend of mine [ ] [网络] 我的朋友;指我朋友;为我真正的朋友我心动不已

in heaven [ ] na. 在天上的;已死的;究竟 [网络] 在天堂;本义在天堂;到底

iron bar [ ] un. 铁棒;铁条;钢条 [网络] 铁棍;铁锭;铁棍子

monkey king [ ] [网络] 美猴王;孙悟空;西游记

of mine [ ] [网络] 名词性所有格

pretend to [priˈtend tu:] v. 假装;妄想 [网络] 假装做;自称具有;他总是装聋

pretend to be [priˈtend tu: bi:] [网络] 冒充;假装是;假充

puff ... out [ ] na. 喘着气说;(烟)噗噗噗地喷 [网络] 使膨胀;使肿胀;吹灭

puff out [pʌf aut] na. 喘着气说;(烟)噗噗噗地喷 [网络] 使膨胀;使肿胀;吹灭

scare of [ ] vt.害怕

soft breeze [ ] un. 和风 [网络] 温暖的微风;温和的风;清风

the bull [ ] [网络] 公牛;金牛座;斗牛秀

the Monkey [ ] [网络] 猴子;西游记;猕猴猴趣

the monkey king [ ] [网络] 大闹天宫;猴王;美猴王

the peak [ ] [网络] 山顶;太平山顶;最高点

the spirit [ ] [网络] 闪灵侠;鬼魂;精神

said wukong

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