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"Princess Hundred Flowers tricked me!" said the monster.

He stamped his foot.

Then he sighed. "I can't be angry with her.

I love her too much.

But that pig got away.

He'll go back to the king, and troops will come."

The monster thought for a minute.

Finally he had a plan.

He went to the princess' room.

"My sweet," said the monster.

"I'm going to visit your father."

"What?" said Princess Hundred Flowers in shock.

"I'm going to tell him what a nice fellow I am," said the monster.

"We can all be a happy family."

Before the princess could say another word, the monster left the room.

"I need a disguise," he said to himself.

He recited a quick spell.

Light sparkled. Now the monster looked like a handsome young man.

"Ha-ha!" he laughed.

Bajie ran back to the Precious Image Kingdom.

He told the king that he and Wujing couldn't save Princess Hundred Flowers.

The pig hung his head.

"As I ran away, Wujing was captured."

"We must save my daughter," said the king.

He turned to his general.

"Gather the troops!"

A messenger ran into the court.

"Your Majesty, your son-in-law is here to see you," said the messenger.

The king was confused.

"I don't have a son-in-law!"

A handsome young man walked into the hall.

"Hello, Father. I'm sorry I haven't visited you until now."

"Who are you?" asked the king.

"I married Princess Hundred Flowers 13 years ago," said the young man.

"I found her in a forest just as a tiger was about to attack her.

I saved her life and chased away the tiger."

The king relaxed a little.

"That was very brave."

"Yes, it [i@was@i] very brave," said the young man.

"However, that tiger has wanted revenge ever since.

Sometime ago it became a spirit.

Now it disguises itself as a monk."

The young man narrowed his eyes at the Tang Monk and pointed. "That monk!"

"What!" cried the Tang Monk.

The king frowned. "I don't believe you."

"I'll prove it," said the young man.

He pointed at the monk again and recited a spell. Light sparkled.

Everybody gasped. Now a tiger sat in the Tang Monk's spot!

Later, in the stable, a boy was giving hay to the Tang Monk's horse.

"Did you hear about the Tang Monk?" asked another boy.

"He was really a tiger spirit.

A handsome young man changed him back into his true form."

"Wow," said the first boy. "Where is the tiger now?"

"He's locked up in a cage," said the other boy.

That night Bajie was sitting alone outside when he heard a voice.

"Psst!" said the voice. "Bajie!"

Bajie looked around.

"Who's calling me?"

He saw the horse peeking from behind a wall.

"You're talking!" cried Bajie.

"Shh," said the horse. "We have a problem.

A young man turned the Tang Monk into a tiger.

The monk is locked in a cage now."

"Oh, I know!" cried Bajie. "It's terrible!

Master is now a tiger, and Wujing was captured by a monster."

He sighed. "The journey is over.

Let's just go home."

The horse bit Bajie on the leg.

"Ouch!" cried the pig. "Why did you do that?"

"We're not going home!" said the horse.

"The young man is probably just the monster in disguise.

We need to defeat him and save our companions."

"But how?" asked Bajie.

The horse thought for a minute.

"You must find Wukong.

He can help us."

Bajie shook his head.

"He won't help us."


pig [pɪg] n. 猪;猪肉 vi. 生小猪;像猪一样过活 n. 警察(俚语,带有攻击性) {zk gk cet4 ky :3014}

companions [kəmˈpænjənz] n. 同伴;同事(companion的复数);伴随物 v. 陪伴;伴随(companion的三单形式) { :3024}

tricked [trikt] n. 诡计;恶作剧;窍门;花招;骗局;欺诈 vt. 欺骗;哄骗;装饰;打扮 vi. 哄骗;戏弄 adj. 特技的;欺诈的;有决窍的 n. (Trick)人名;(英)特里克 { :3068}

sighed [said] 叹息 { :3085}

chased [ ] v. vt.追捕(chase的过去式与过去分词形式) { :3312}

spell [spel] n. 符咒;一段时间;魅力 vi. 拼字;轮替 vt. 拼,拼写;意味着;招致;拼成;迷住;轮值 n. (Spell)人名;(英)斯佩尔 {zk gk cet4 cet6 ky gre :3382}

confused [kənˈfju:zd] v. 困惑(confuse的过去式) adj. 困惑的;混乱的;糊涂的 { :3518}

monster [ˈmɒnstə(r)] n. 怪物;巨人,巨兽;残忍的人 adj. 巨大的,庞大的 {cet6 ky toefl ielts :3565}

frowned [fraund] v. 皱眉;用皱眉蹙额表示不满(frown的过去分词) { :3759}

wow [waʊ] n. 极大的成功;一鸣惊人之举;魔兽世界(World of Warcraft);失真 int. (表示极大的惊奇或钦佩)哇,呀 { :3774}

brave [breɪv] n. 勇士 adj. 勇敢的;华丽的 vt. 勇敢地面对 n. (Brave)人名;(英)布雷夫;(俄)布拉韦 {zk gk cet4 ky :3800}

handsome [ˈhænsəm] adj. (男子)英俊的;可观的;大方的,慷慨的;健美而端庄的 {zk gk cet4 cet6 ky ielts :3838}

stamped [stæmpt] v. 贴上邮票(stamp的过去式);顿足 adj. 铭刻的;盖上邮戳的;顿足的 { :3923}

precious [ˈpreʃəs] adj. 宝贵的;珍贵的;矫揉造作的 n. (Precious)人名;(英)普雷舍斯,普雷舍丝(女名) {gk cet4 cet6 ky toefl ielts :3989}

cage [keɪdʒ] n. 笼,兽笼;牢房,监狱 vt. 把…关进笼子;把…囚禁起来 n. (Cage)人名;(法)卡热;(英)凯奇 {gk cet4 cet6 ky :4143}

tiger [ˈtaɪgə(r)] n. 老虎;凶暴的人 n. (Tiger)人名;(英)泰格;(法)蒂热;(瑞典)蒂格 {zk gk cet4 cet6 ky :4773}

monk [mʌŋk] n. 僧侣,修道士;和尚 n. (Monk)人名;(柬)蒙;(德、法、英)蒙克 {cet6 :4817}

sometime [ˈsʌmtaɪm] adj. 以前的;某一时间的 adv. 改天;来日;在某一时候 {cet4 cet6 ky :4914}

gasped [ɡɑ:spt] 喘息 喘气 { :5196}

revenge [rɪˈvendʒ] n. 报复;复仇 vt. 报复;替…报仇;洗雪 vi. 报仇;雪耻 {cet4 cet6 ky ielts gre :5280}

majesty [ˈmædʒəsti] n. 威严;最高权威,王权;雄伟;权威 {cet6 ky toefl :5294}

disguise [dɪsˈgaɪz] n. 伪装;假装;用作伪装的东西 vt. 掩饰;假装;隐瞒 {cet4 cet6 ky ielts gre :5545}

disguises [disˈɡaiziz] n. 伪装( disguise的名词复数 ); 伪装品 v. 假扮( disguise的第三人称单数 ); 化装; 伪装; 掩盖 { :5545}

recited [riˈsaitid] vt. 背诵;叙述;列举 vi. 背诵;叙述 { :6397}

hay [heɪ] n. 干草 vt. 把晒干 vi. 割草晒干 {gk cet4 cet6 ky toefl :6529}

messenger [ˈmesɪndʒə(r)] n. 报信者,送信者;先驱 n. (Messenger)人名;(德)梅森格;(英)梅辛杰 {cet4 cet6 ky :6537}

peeking [pi:kɪŋ] v. 窥视(peek的ing形式);瞥 { :7431}

sparkled [ˈspɑ:kld] v. 发火花,闪耀( sparkle的过去式和过去分词 ); (饮料)发泡; 生气勃勃,热情奔放,神采飞扬 { :8882}

ouch [aʊtʃ] n. 扣环 int. 哎哟(突然疼痛时发出的声音) n. (Ouch)人名;(柬)乌 {gk :15065}

tang [tæŋ] n. 特性;强烈的味道;柄脚 vt. 使声尖锐;装刀柄于 vi. 发出铿锵声;发出当的一声 n. (Tang)人名;(柬、缅)当 { :15960}

Wujing [ ] 物境

a cage [ ] [网络] 一个笼子

a monster [ ] [网络] 魔鬼;一个妖怪;一只怪兽

a spell [ ] [网络] 一阵子;一段不确定的时间;一段时光

a tiger [ ] [网络] 老虎;一只老虎;一支老虎

chase away [tʃeis əˈwei] na. 赶走 [网络] 驱逐;追逐;赶开

in disguise [ ] na. 假装的;伪装的 [网络] 乔装;假象;假扮

in shock [ ] [网络] 震惊;震惊地;处于极度震惊状态

lock ... in [ ] na. 关起来;锁在里面 [网络] 锁定;锁住;锁入

lock ... up [ ] na. 上锁;监禁;收藏(文件等);固定(资本) [网络] 破茧威龙;锁上;锁住

lock in [lɔk in] na. 关起来;锁在里面 [网络] 锁定;锁住;锁入

lock up [lɔk ʌp] na. 上锁;监禁;收藏(文件等);固定(资本) [网络] 破茧威龙;锁上;锁住

the monster [ ] [网络] 怪物;妖怪;魔鬼音乐家

the princess [ ] [网络] 出逃的公主;摇摆公主;公主的抉择

Your Majesty [ ] na. 陛下;“Your/His/Her Majesty”的变体 [网络] 主公;尊敬的女王陛下;女王称陛下

said the monster
said the young man

zk/中考 gk/中考 ky/考研 cet4/四级 cet6/六级 ielts/雅思 toefl/托福 gre/GRE
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