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"I know we counted the fruit correctly," said one priest.

"But we'll count again anyway."

The two angry priests went outside and gasped.

The ginseng tree was lying on the ground.

It was gray, and all its leaves were gone.

"The tree is dead!" cried one priest.

"That monkey must have done this."

"But the monkey was inside the whole time," said the other priest.

"How could he have been out here also?"

"He's a spirit," said the first priest.

"He must have used magic."

He looked at the tree and shook his head.

"This tree was older than Heaven and Earth.

The monkey must be very powerful."

"It would be dangerous for us to fight him," said the other priest.

"Let's wait for our master, the Great Immortal, to return."

Inside the abbey the Tang Monk was scolding his companions.

"We are guests here," he said.

"I am very upset you stole fruit from our hosts."

The priests came back in.

"We owe you an apology," said one.

"None of the ginseng fruit is missing after all."

"Oh," said the Tang Monk. "I'm glad to hear that."

"Thank you for your apology," said Bajie.

Wukong gave the priests a suspicious look.

He knew they were lying.

But he didn't know why.

"You're all welcome to spend the night," [n@said one of the priests. "Follow us."

The priests led the group to a small room in the abbey.

The Tang Monk and his companions went inside.

"This is a nice room," said Bajie.

Wukong noticed that the priests didn't come in.

He was about to say something when one priest slammed the door shut.

A lock clicked.

"Wait!" cried Bajie. "What kind of hosts are you?

You locked us in!"

[i@Bam!@i] He kicked the door. "Ow! My foot!"

Bajie fell to the floor, rubbing his foot.

"Why did they lock us in here?" asked the Tang Monk.

"They're afraid of us," said Wukong.

"I knocked down their ginseng tree."

"What?" cried the Tang Monk.

"I was angry at them," said Wukong.

"They're probably planning to keep us locked [n@in here until their master comes back."

The Tang Monk glared at his companions.

"How will I ever reach the Western Paradise [n@with companions like you?" he asked.

Bajie stood up.

"It's not my fault. I was hungry."

Wujing looked at the ground.

"Master, don't worry," said Wukong.

"I'll get us out of here.

When the priests go to sleep, I'll use my lock-picking magic.

Then we'll be on our way."

The four travelers escaped that night and headed west.

The next day they saw an old man on the road.

"Excuse me," said the man.

"Did you come from the abbey?"

The Tang Monk glanced nervously at his companions.

"Um, yes," he said.

"I thought so," said the man.

He suddenly stood much taller.

"I am the Great Immortal!

You destroyed my ginseng tree.

You're not going any farther until you give me a new one!"

Wukong pulled out his iron bar.

Bajie and Wujing raised their weapons.

The Great Immortal rose into the air and landed on a cloud.

Wukong laughed. "You think you're special just because you can fly?

We can do that too!"

The Great Immortal raised an eyebrow.

"Can you do this?

It's called Magic of the Cosmos in the Sleeve."

The Great Immortal waved his arm.

His sleeve swooped down toward Wukong and his companions.

Instantly they were all swept up in it.


companions [kəmˈpænjənz] n. 同伴;同事(companion的复数);伴随物 v. 陪伴;伴随(companion的三单形式) { :3024}

hungry [ˈhʌŋgri] adj. 饥饿的;渴望的;荒年的;不毛的 {zk gk :3181}

excuse [ɪkˈskju:s] n. 借口;理由 vt. 原谅;为…申辩;给…免去 vi. 作为借口;请求宽恕;表示宽恕 {zk gk toefl ielts :3182}

upset [ʌpˈset] n. 混乱;翻倒;颠覆 adj. 心烦的;混乱的;弄翻的 vt. 使心烦;颠覆;扰乱 vi. 翻倒 {gk cet4 cet6 ky toefl ielts :3388}

magic [ˈmædʒɪk] n. 巫术;魔法;戏法 adj. 不可思议的;有魔力的;魔术的 n. (Magic)人名;(英)马吉克 {zk gk cet4 cet6 ky toefl ielts :3411}

slammed [slæmd] v. 猛烈抨击(slam的过去分词);猛撞 adj. 猛烈抨击的;猛砸的 { :3458}

abbey [ˈæbi] n. 大修道院,大寺院;修道院中全体修士或修女 n. (Abbey)人名;(法)阿贝;(英)阿比(教名Abigail的昵称) { :3572}

correctly [kə'rektlɪ] adv. 正确地;得体地 {cet6 :3624}

clicked [klikt] v. 使发出咔哒声,使咔哒(或咔嚓)响( click的过去式和过去分词 ); 突然明白; 配合默契; 在计算机荧光屏上用鼠标器)咔嗒一按 { :3794}

travelers [t'rævlərz] n. 旅行支票( traveler的名词复数 ); 旅行信用卡; (常)出远门的人; 巡回推销员 {ielts :3795}

instantly [ˈɪnstəntli] conj. 一…就… adv. 立即地;马上地;即刻地 {cet4 cet6 :4123}

sleeve [sli:v] n. [机] 套筒,[机] 套管;袖子,[服装] 袖套 vt. 给……装袖子;给……装套筒 {gk cet4 cet6 ky :4169}

suspicious [səˈspɪʃəs] adj. 可疑的;怀疑的;多疑的 {cet4 cet6 ky toefl ielts gre :4462}

eyebrow [ˈaɪbraʊ] n. 眉毛 v. 为…描眉;用皱眉蹙额迫使 {ky :4465}

monkey [ˈmʌŋki] n. 猴子;顽童 vi. 胡闹;捣蛋 vt. 嘲弄 {zk gk cet4 ky :4558}

monk [mʌŋk] n. 僧侣,修道士;和尚 n. (Monk)人名;(柬)蒙;(德、法、英)蒙克 {cet6 :4817}

apology [əˈpɒlədʒi] n. 道歉;谢罪;辩护;勉强的替代物 {gk cet4 ky toefl :4944}

gasped [ɡɑ:spt] 喘息 喘气 { :5196}

glared [ɡlɛəd] v. 怒目而视( glare的过去式和过去分词 ); 发强光 { :5510}

paradise [ˈpærədaɪs] n. 天堂 至福境地 {cet4 cet6 ielts :5567}

nervously ['nɜ:vəslɪ] adv. 神经质地;焦急地;提心吊胆地 { :7093}

cosmos [ˈkɒzmɒs] n. 宇宙;和谐;秩序;大波斯菊 n. (Cosmos)人名;(法)科斯莫斯 {cet6 gre :8156}

swooped [swu:pt] v. 俯冲,猛冲( swoop的过去式和过去分词 ) { :9667}

farther [ˈfɑ:ðə(r)] adj. 进一步的;更远的(far的比较级) adv. 更远地;此外;更进一步地 {cet4 cet6 ky :10052}

scolding [skəʊldɪŋ] n. 责骂,斥责 v. 责骂;训斥(scold的ing形式) adj. 责骂的 { :10246}

immortal [ɪˈmɔ:tl] n. 神仙;不朽人物 adj. 不朽的;神仙的;长生的 {cet6 toefl gre :11365}

tang [tæŋ] n. 特性;强烈的味道;柄脚 vt. 使声尖锐;装刀柄于 vi. 发出铿锵声;发出当的一声 n. (Tang)人名;(柬、缅)当 { :15960}

ginseng [ˈdʒɪnseŋ] n. 高丽参,人参 { :20738}

bam [bæm] n. 哄骗 n. (Bam)人名;(英、莱、尼)巴姆;(缅)班;(越)禀 vt. 欺骗 vi. 欺骗 { :40168}

priests [pri:sts] n. 祭司;牧师;神父;教士(priest的复数) { :2293}

Wujing [ ] 物境

a lock [ ] [网络] 一把锁;隐藏式门锁

any farther [ ] [网络] 更远

Bam I. [ ] [地名] 巴姆岛 ( 巴布 )

excuse me [ ] un. 请原谅;对不起 [网络] 劳驾;打扰一下;打扰了

excuse me! [ ] un. 请原谅;对不起 [网络] 劳驾;打扰一下;打扰了

ginseng fruit [ ] 人参果

glare at [ ] v. 怒目而视 [网络] 怒视;向人瞪眼;瞪着

great immortal [ ] 《英汉医学词典》great immortal 大仙

heaven and earth [ ] [网络] 天与地;天地;天上人间

iron bar [ ] un. 铁棒;铁条;钢条 [网络] 铁棍;铁锭;铁棍子

knock ... down [ ] na. 打倒;拆除;拆卸;(拍卖时)敲槌卖出 [网络] 撞倒;击倒;击落

knock down [nɔk daun] na. 打倒;拆除;拆卸;(拍卖时)敲槌卖出 [网络] 撞倒;击倒;击落

on a cloud [ ] na. 满心欢喜 [网络] 兴高采烈;很高兴;兴奋得飘飘然

raise an eyebrow [ ] 引起怀疑,使惊讶

slam the door [ ] na. 砰地一声关上门;〔比喻〕断然拒绝[考虑,商讨] [网络] 关门;摒弃;砰的关上门

sweep up [swi:p ʌp] v. 打扫干净 [网络] 横扫;清扫;扫除

swoop down [ ] [网络] 猛扑下;从上往下俯冲;向…突然袭击

the cosmos [ ] [网络] 宇宙;从那和谐宇宙;誉峰

the Monkey [ ] [网络] 猴子;西游记;猕猴猴趣

said wukong

zk/中考 gk/中考 ky/考研 cet4/四级 cet6/六级 ielts/雅思 toefl/托福 gre/GRE
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